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Oct 13

In Concert: Steve Roach & Athan Maroulis’ NOIR

Steve Roach live in Los Angeles

Hey Los Angeles! I’m going to be at all of these shows. See you there. – Sam. Steve’s Oct 25 & 26 Los Angeles Dome Concerts have limited seating and tickets are selling fast. Tickets:


featuring Athan Maroulis of Spahn Ranch & Black Tape For A Blue Girl

NOIR’s album Darkly Near ships in late August (pre-order for $14 at Projekt).

NOIR perform three exclusive East Coast shows:

October 25: PA’s Lounge, Boston Facebook Event Page October 26: Smack! Halloween Ball, New York City Facebook Event Page October 31: 31st Street Pub, Pittsburgh Facebook Event Page

Oct 08

Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s “Forbidden Colours” free

“Forbidden Colours” (ep)

Free at Bandcamp | Last year, for the Ornamental holiday CD, I recorded a lush cover version of the theme from the 1985 David Bowie film, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (written by David Sylvian / Ryuichi Sakamoto). It’s a haunting, neo-classical track in the vein of the Remnants of a Deeper Purity album. A fan wanted a copy, so I put it up at Bandcamp, and added an unreleased early mix, as well as a track named “Forbidden” originally recorded for This Lush Garden Within, but it ended up on the First Pain to Linger book ep. The whole thing is up for a limited time as a free download!

Remnants of a Deeper Purity (2-disc edition)

$10 at Bandcamp | $14 CD at Projekt | Spectrum Culture listed Remnants as the #7 best Goth album of all time: Of all the albums on this list, none are more fragile or beautiful than Black Tape for a Blue Girl’s Remnants of a Deeper Purity. Fronted by Sam Rosenthal, the record is home to a host of long, challenging songs, including 26 minute centerpiece “For You Will Burn Your Wings upon the Sun.” Blending synths with Vicki Richards’ violin and Mera Roberts’ cello, Rosenthal has created something more than rock music. If ethereal had a sound, Remnants would be it. Featuring Oscar and Lucian on vocals, these nine songs are goth to the core: they are darkly beautiful, aching and melancholy. By the time album closer “I Have No More Answers” comes to an end, you feel that Rosenthal has taken you on a journey, floating you through a realm of shadowy sadness and an electronic atmosphere that stretches out forever. 

The Pleasures Everlasting (ep)

$3 at Bandcamp | Black tape for a blue girl interprets the music of Dead Can Dance and Sonic Youth. Blacktape’s version of DCD’s “Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book” first appeared on Projekt’s 2005 Summoning of the Muse compilation, but had never appeared as a legal digital download. Their version of Sonic Youth’s “Shadow of a Doubt” was recorded for 2002′s The Scavenger Bride album. The two additional Sonic Youth interpretations which round out this ep were recorded in the summer of 2008, for this release. They both feature Elysabeth’s passionate reworking of Kim Gordon’s lyrics.

Sep 17

Bands, don’t be scammed by Pascal ALLIOT / Daydream Booking

2022 CW: I am hard on Pascal, and I now believe he has serious mental health problems. Eight years later, I would have used different words then what I wrote. I am not at all discounting that he’s a scammer who has made life miserable for many artists and promoters. Just saying that he’s a sick man.

So, the story begins. In the dark & distant past of…. 2013!

This post is incredibly long, and incredibly stupid. I don’t expect many people to read the whole thing. But it is posted here so Google crawls it, to serve as a warning, so no bands or clubs get burned.

Short story. Black Tape For A Blue Girl was contacted by Pascal ALLIOT about booking shows in Europe. I was about to go on a cross-country move, so I told him and my USA booking agent that I could not reach any decisions for a while. We asked for some proof of who he was, he never sent any. He didn’t even have a website! But anyway, we let him do some research, because… why not? It would help us decide if he was real.

About two weeks later (when I get to Portland), he says he has a club in Berlin ready to pay (for a show 8 months away), and he keeps on asking if I would confirm. When I asked him more questions, his answers were vague and kind of douchebaggy. Then he had a total meltdown and started getting abusive via email. I told him I was not going to work with him. Then a few days later, the club contacts me because he took their money!

I have been contacting bands he claims to represent. Many of them are saying this guy is not their agent. And never was. This page is a warning. Pascal is a slippery fish. My advice is that you do not work with him. This page is long and boring. It is here to warn bands. Be very careful about this guy…

On Aug 14, 2013, at 9:29 AM, pascal ALLIOT wrote:


I am Pascal Alliot from From DayDreamBooking and i or i have worked with bands and/or artists like The Orb, Savage Republic, Tuxedomoon, Arthur Brown, Soul Asylum, Rio en Medio, Franco Battiato, The Reverend Horton Heat, Pigbag, Lene Lovich Band, Millie Jackson, Mike Rimbaud, Little Bob, Wilko Johnson, Front 242, The Zombies, Von Magnet, The Nits, The Outcasts, Dakota Suite, Gruppo Sportivo, The Triffids, The Marshal Tucker Band, Gary Lucas, Arno, Pau Riba, Stackridge, Sex Gang Children, Olaf Hund, Richard Pinhas, Drugstore, The Smithereens, Dwight Twilley, The Vibrators, The Diodes, High Llamas, Soul Asylum, Mark Olson, Clem Snide…) and we want to have you for one or two weeks tour in France, Spain, Great-Britain, Scandinavia, swisterland, Belgium, Italy, Netherland, Polonia, Germany, Portugal, East Europa with 7 to 10 in 2013. Let me know. A posibility to received a bio and a record to the follow adress may be done? Thanks a lot for this. Pascal Alliot, Ramon LLULL, 28, 3E-1A, 08330 Premia De Mar, Spain. It could be really interesting if we have the posibility to make something out.

Best Regards, Pascal Alliot DayDreamBooking (0034)665 104 283

I find it suspicious that a guy asks for a bio and a “record” when the internet is full of bios and music he can stream for free. We communicate some more…

August 15, 2013 7:40:42 AM PDT Hello Sam

I thought about 2/3 weeks tour duration, April/May 2014. Maybe i could offered 1200 to 1500 euros net by gig+rider+meal+acomodations by date. Below, an exemple of tour i have recently built, to give you an idea.

Some questions:

– How many peoples on the road? – How many hotels rooms each evening? – could yo have a van with your own backlines? – Could you sent me by email: rider, backlines (if necesary), technical form? – Could you sent me by mail (Pascal Alliot, Ramon Llull, 28, 3-1, 08330 Premia De Mar, Spain), some records?

Thanks for all of this.

Best regards


Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. “Last Tour 2012 in UK & Europe”

thu 18 Oct. Glasgow (UK) @ Mono fri 19 Oct. Liverpool (UK) @ Mello Mello Club sat 20 Oct. Brighton (UK) @ The Blind Tiger Club sun 21 Oct. Manchester (UK) @ Night & Day Cafe mon 22 Oct. London (UK) @ Corsica Studio tue 23 Oct. London (UK) @ Cafe Oto wed 24 Oct. day off thu 25 Oct. Copenhague (Denmark) @ Kødboderne 18 fri 26 Oct. Stokholm (Sweden) @ Debaser Slussen sat 27 Oct. Goteborg (Sweden) @ Truckstop Alaska sun 28 Oct. Malmo (Sweden) @ Debaser Malmo mon 29 Oct. travel day tue 30 Oct. Helsinki (Finland) @ Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo wed 31 Oct. Tampere (Finland) @ Klubi thu 01 Nov. Jyvaskyla (Finland) @ Lutakko fir 02 Nov. North of Europa sat 03 Nov. Trondheim (Norway) @ BlĂŚst sun 04 Nov. travel day mon 05 Nov. Aarus (Danemark) @ Atlas tue 06 Nov. Berlin (Germany) @ Marie Antoinette wed 07 Nov. Prague (Czech) @ “Stimul Festival” Archa Theatre thu 08 Nov. Antwerpen (Belgium) @ KavKa fri 09 Nov. Bern (Switzerland) @ Dachstock sat 10 Nov. Zug (Switzerland) @ Chollerhalle sun 11 Nov. Koln (Germany) @ Stadtrarten mon 12 Nov. Nantes (France) @ Stereolux tue 13 Nov. wed 14 Nov. Pau (France) @ La centrifugeuse thu 15 Nov. Toulouse (France) @ Connexxion CafĂŠ fri 16 Nov. CANCELLED!! Vitoria (Spain) @ Helldorado sat 17 Nov. Lyon (France ) @ NTH8 sun 18 Nov. Metz (TBC) mon 19 Nov. Roma (Italy) @ Sinister Noise tue 20 Nov. wed 21 Nov. Amsterdam (Netherland) @ OCCII thu 22 Nov. Nancy (France) @ Hall des Chars fri 23 Nov. Vevey (Switzerland) @ Rocking Chair sat 24 Nov. Neuchatel sun 25 Nov. Geneve (Switzerland) @ Le Bateau

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. – at the time of this tour are : Tsuyama Atsushi : bass, voice, cosmic joker Tabata Mitsuru : guitar, guitar-synthesizer, voice, maratab Higashi Hiroshi : synthesizer, voice, dancin’king Shimura Koji : drums, latino cool Kawabata Makoto : guitar, voice, speed guru

booking by : daydream booking ([at]

Note that this is a different email address from the one he is using to communicate

From Black Tape’s US Agent, Athan Fri, 16 Aug 2013 10:21:53 -0700

Pascal, If you could CC Sam on all of these that would be helpful. I am curious if you have a website? Have you ever worked with other Gothic or Industrial bands before? If you would like to do some research and see what you can come up with both Sam and I are fine with that. Many Thanks, A (Black Tape’s US Agent)

There is no response to these questions about a website. We ask another time, no reply. I skip some “businesslike” emails here, because they are normal and don’t relate to the story…

From pascal Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 19:18:58 +0200

hello Athan. i have this offer: – The 16t of May, Berlin, (Club name removed): Conditions: 1450 euros net+backlines+rider+meal+acomodations. Let me known if ok. Definitly. Could you resent me all the rider+backlines? Thanks Best regards Pascal

All of this is happening while I am driving a 26′ truck across the country. I am emailing Athan from the road, that I cannot think about a show in May right now in August. And anyway, we need more info before we agree. Info about plane tickets, Visas, vehicle, etc. What if he only books one show? We cannot fly five people to Europe for one show, if nothing else comes through. Etc. etc.

From: Sam Rosenthal Date: September 2, 2013 1:55:06 AM PDT

Hi Pascal, I will have a reply to you in the next day or so. Starting to get to my emails. Sorry for the delay and bother, Sam

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 2, 2013 1:57:42 AM PDT Hi Sam, you are agree with the conditions? Best regards Pascal

From: “Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]” Date: September 3, 2013 2:58:15 AM PDT

Hello Pascal,

I have some questions for you. Please be sure these are NOT rock-star-demanding, but very humble-and-concerned…

1) Who pays for the airfare for 5 people round trip to Europe?

2) How do we get from venue-to-venue? Coach? Van? A and I only speak english; we know nothing about the traffic rules in Europe. I cannot imagine driving around all these countries, not knowing the language, the roads, or the laws.

3) Who is paying for Visas for each country, so we are permitted to perform?

4) Are you providing a tour manager for us?

I am usually the “U.S. Tour Manager” for Blacktape in America. It is easy enough for us to play here, because we speak the same language and have the same laws. But throwing us into Europe sounds sort of daunting…

Thanks for your thoughts


From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 3, 2013 3:04:37 AM PDT

Hello Sam, below, the answer to your questions… Best regards Pascal

1) sent deposit for you (40/50% of the total fee) by bank transfert (i need your bank details for this)

2) i thought the best way is to rent a car or a van. Around 350/400 euros by week

3) You have to have them by yourself…The same for the work permit…

4) You know, a lot of peoples speak english to Europa. Soonest, i have booked 35 dates threw Europa for a japonese band, Acid Mothers Temple, so…

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 6, 2013 1:53:48 AM PDT

hello Sam, i have now some others interests, to book dates around Berlin one… Best regards Pascal

From: “Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]” <></> Date: September 6, 2013 8:18:46 AM PDT


It is exciting you have so much interest.

However, I must say I am concerned about this idea that Athan and I have to drive around 30 countries, with languages we don’t understand. For me, that seems impossible. And that we have to get permits/Visas for 20+ different countries. My feeling is we limit this tour to 10 dates, in Germany – Switzerland – Italy. I think that is more manageable. I am still unpacking, and getting my office set up. I am not ready to commit to any shows.

his answer is one stupid sentence

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 6, 2013 9:07:10 AM PDT

Sam, ok. you don’t speak english?

This is the point I started to think Pascal is a douchebag. He starts to get a bit desperate, pushing us to confirm this show.


From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 6, 2013 10:57:11 AM PDT

the conditions are great. So let’s go for the 3 shows. best regards Pascal

From: “Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]” <></> Date: September 6, 2013 11:22:20 AM PDT

>Sam, ok. you don’t speak english?

I speak English.

(long pause)

But I don’t speak Dutch or Finnish or Swedish or Spanish or French. So getting lost in the middle of France worries me.

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 6, 2013 11:36:54 AM PDT

i speak english…

I do not respond, because I don’t like his attitude.

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 8, 2013 12:39:25 AM PDT

Hello Sam, don’t worry, i’m going to make the best for you. I hope 5/6 shows, more the Berlin one, of course! Something like a 10/11 day tour… Best regards Pascal

without a reply from me, a follow-up email

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 8, 2013 1:16:33 AM PDT

Hello. So, i have read again your email below…So, 10/11 dates seems to be really more realistic (Germany, Swisterland , Italy? A posibility…). Below, so very really important things:

– i don’t pay myself for a van. I just could asked for a litlle bit money to each promotors regarding that. All the bands/artists i have made came to Europa have managed themself all of this. It’s to you to work on this.

– The same for the vivas and work permits.

– Each evening, you are gonna have the backlines you need (could you sent me the backlines list? Thanks)

– Each evening, foods and 3 hotel rooms. A normal way.

– I don’t provide a tour manager.

– 2 months before the show, i sent you a deposit by bank transfert to your bank account. As soon i have recuperate all the money from each promotor.

– Each evening, the balance will been paid in cash to the band representant.

For the moment, i have a nice gig to Berlin. I continue all the researchs. I let you known as soon i have another options.

I need to know imperatly if you want to make this tour happened. As soon as posible. To continue all the job.

Best regards


From: Athan Date: September 8, 2013 5:45:47 AM PDT

Pascal, Sam and I will discuss all of this. Thanks for your all of your work. ~athan

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 8, 2013 5:51:25 AM PDT

Hello Athan, ok. I need an answer as soon as posible, to continue (if you decide to make this tour) or not (if you decide to stop it) the researchs. I think you understand. I really want to book it but this is to you to take a decision now. And i’m gonna respected this one. I hope good news! Best regards Pascal

Pascal is sounding a bit desperate. Like he really wants to get that money from the club in Berlin

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 8, 2013 10:47:43 PM PDT

hello, i really want to make this tour happened. 10/11 days, 8,9 dates. Something in this way. With a great routing. I really like to work on this one. I have a first date, like you known. And i could made something nice around this one. Let me known asap. Thanks! best regards Pascal

I don’t have a copy of the next email. But Athan wrote “Hey P” in the salutation of an email. A likes abbreviating people’s names….

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 9, 2013 5:48:45 AM PDT

hello Sam, all is over, forget this tour. Athan has called me like “P” to an email!!!! So, all is over….My name is Pascal.

And i don’t work with peoples who called me “P”!!! A minimum!

From: Sam Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 08:12:39 -0700

Wow. The drama. Thanks for your assistance. Best of luck. Sam

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 9, 2013 8:14:51 AM PDT

you are not ready to came to Europa. Definitly. If i have get more dates, nothing will been changed: you have not came! Clearly. So it’s a good way to stop now.

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 9, 2013 8:20:05 AM PDT

When do you have came to Europa for the last time and made this tour?

No one apparently. And each time you have cancelled all the dates. So i have made the good decision.

The fact of the matter is Blacktape has never booked a European tour, so we have never cancelled anything. We performed three shows in Leipzig – Prague – Bucharest in 2011, none of which were cancelled

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 9, 2013 8:23:44 AM PDT

could you told me the last time you have made a tour to Europa? Thanks.

From: “Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]” <></> Date: September 9, 2013 9:28:10 AM PDT

Pascal — Please do not email us anymore. I like working with peaceful partners. Good luck. Sam

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 9, 2013 9:33:23 AM PDT


sorry to have found gigs for you to Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Dresden, to Germany…i have now to cancell all this options. thanks a lot for your profesionalism…

Sorry to have made my job. Just this way…

nobody wants to work with you to Europa like i have done.

You are not a real great “tour manager”. so, please, for the future of the band, if you want to came to Europa, take a real one. i have some good adress!

YOU, never written to me again. You are ridiculous. like a poor child.

best regards


From: “Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]” <></> Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 09:35:12 -0700


From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 9, 2013 11:11:05 AM PDT

Goodbye to you. No regret…..

and then, four minutes later

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 9, 2013 11:16:49 AM PDT

are you so stupid? You have no respect. and never i will forget this one.

Thanks to have met lost my time with Black Tape For A blue Girl. Could you explained your way? Because it seems to be a totaly incredible one. I just want to know what happened.

If you continue like this one, nobody wants to make some dates with you, and it’s could been a normal one.

It’s incredible so much imatures peoples….

From: “Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]” Date: September 9, 2013 11:27:01 AM PDT


You have some serious drama issues, my friend.

I am a poor child, yes. I cannot afford the time it takes to read your emails. : )

> I just want to know what happened.

All of this because A shortened your name to “P” which he does with everyone. He calls me “S” — so what. What happened? Easy: this “P” sends you into a passive-aggressive tantrum? Insulting me and my band? Calling me stupid? Well Well Well. Why? Why?

Stop bothering us with this nonsense, seriously.

The next nonsense email you send, and I will forward your messages to the press and all your contacts. We are done with this now, mister Pascal. If you are wise, you will NOT respond to this with many new messages. Facebook, and the world awaits your next move.


From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 9, 2013 11:38:36 AM PDT

2 days ago we are spoken about to made a good tour to Europa….and now this way….

and you read my emails because yo umade some answers to this ones…

I just want to book some dates for black Tape For A Blue Girl, nothing more….why all this stupid story???

At this point I just stopped emailing him. Another wanker. Time to move on. But then I get this email, from the club in Berlin

From: “B.B.” Date: September 12, 2013 6:36:42 AM PDT

Hey Sam,

I’m really sorry to bother you like this but I cannot think of something else to do.

I’m writing on behalf of the XXXXXX Club in Berlin Germany.

A few weeks ago we started the contact with Pascal Alliot who was booking your concerts. Since we really wanted you to play at our club we booked a concert for the 16th of May next year.

On Monday we transferred the deposit for this concert to Pascals bank account and on Tuesday he told us that the concert has to be postponed. This all seemed very strange to me. Now I want to make sure that he really is you booker for European shows and you know about those concerts, because we already had such incidents in the past.

I normally don’t get in touch with the bands like this, especially not, if there is a booker in between, but as I said the cancellation right after the transfer made me a little nervous.

I would really appreciate an answer as soon as possible.

Yikes, so Pascal got paid an €800 deposit for a band that he did not have an agreement to book! I told B.B. we are not working with Pascal, and she should get her money back. Now we fast forward to September 17th. I started asking around about Pascal. band #1

Hello Sam, no mate, he is not our booking agent.. he sent me a similar email (they seem generic!) a couple of years back… I am not sure if he is a scam artist or not, but such things would not surprise I would say..BE ON YOUR GUARD.. contact that berlin club and explain the situation as you think it is. I hope you get it sorted and no damage done..and I hope this message finds you well! Good luck.. best wishes,

I started doing more sleuthing on the internet. I found this posted on a band’s blog with a slightly different list of bands.

“I am Pas­cal Alliot from From Day­Dream­Book­ing and i work with bands and/or artists like X, L’Altra, The Zom­bies, Mas­ter, Lit­tle Axe, Tuxe­do­moon, The Nits, The Trif­fids, Gary Lucas, Kel­ley Deal (Breed­ers), Acid Moth­ers Tem­ple, Arno, Pau Riba, Stack­ridge, Sex Gang Chil­dren, Richard Pin­has, Drug­store, The Smithereens, Dwight Twil­ley, The Pretty Things, The Vibra­tors, The Diodes, L’Enfance Rouge, In The Nurs­ery, High Lla­mas, Soul Asy­lum, Front 242, Mark Olson, Gruppo Sportivo, Clem Snide…) and we want to have you for one or two weeks tour in France, Great-Britain, Scan­di­navia, swis­ter­land, Bel­gium, Italy and Spain, Nether­land, Polo­nia, Ger­many, Por­tu­gal, East Europa with 7 to 10 dates or more in 2013? Let me know. A posi­bil­ity to received a bio and a record to the fol­low adress may be done? Thanks a lot for this. Pas­cal Alliot, Ramon LLULL, 28, 3E-1A, 08330 Pre­mia De Mar, Spain. It could be really inter­est­ing if we have the posi­bil­ity to make some­thing out. Best Regards, Pas­cal Alliot Day­Dream­Book­ing (0034)665 104 283”

And hey! What about that Twisted Sister-fied country known as “swis­ter­land” ??? : ) I found a post elsewhere with a different business name and email:

Daydream Nation //

and a facebook page:

I posted about Pascal on my Facebook page. One of my fans translated a post from Pascal’s Facebook page:

This (french) guy don’t uses so much Facebook. If you see it, last comment on his cronology it’s from a place called “Bar La Goleta” says this on 16th May:

“This guy, Pascal (Supposedly manager from somebody), after to disturb me along a month. When I said to stop to disturb and I don’t want to book a 3,000€ show. He answered me “You’re a fascist! Fuck you!” Cheers for the “good” foreign people, they consider Catalonia it’s a good place for someone to speaks on another language […]”

They’re insulting on his own Facebook and he don’t cares! Possibly Pascal don’t really exists (BTW: His postal adress looks like a fake), anyway I’ll some investigations. Front 242 plays in Barcelona on November and I know the promoter.

And I can confirm this guy not is Clem Snide manager too.

And then I started emailing the bands he claims to work with. And got some interesting replies:

Klive Humberstone, In The Nursery

Hi — Pascal/DayDream Booking contacted ITN in January 2012. We responded with cautious interest, sent some promo CD’s. The emails went cold after 5/6 weeks. Felt maybe he was just scamming us to gather CD’s and promo material etc. The first email is exactly the same, just cut’n’paste to extract the band in question. Thought he was harmless, but if he is extracting guarantees from venues under the premise of representing as a booking agent that’s detrimental to any bands credibility. We will inform our tour agent in Germany (WOD) and anyone else who we think needs to know.

Pieter Nooten

Don’t ever work with this guy Pascal Alliot and his so called daydreambooking!! He is an absolute fraud. My label and I myself had problems with him, can’t believe he is still working in this field.

unnamed band #2

They told me they have a lawyer after Pascal for being threatening.

Tuxedomoon had a less negative experience: Blaine L. Reininger, Tuxedomoon

hi, Our experience with this guy was not good. I hear the same story from many others, gig offers followed by freakouts. my friends in savage republic had a similar experience. pity. the guy seems to get interest where no one else seems to. just not able to follow up on details like the right number of hotel rooms, right items on the backline. he did, however, pay on time. i will give him that much.

as i said, we DID get paid with this guy. that wasn’t the problem. of course, tuxedomoon has toured europe a lot and we all speak 5 or 6 languages besides english so we were able to function as our own tour manager. this guy introduced us to the clubs and we did the rest. still. he’s a geek. everybody knows it. blaine

OMG! The stupidity continues

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 17, 2013 5:34:56 AM PDT

Hello Sam,

a long time…

i have sent you all the details regarding Berlin….You have forget??? You could been an honest one. I have spoken with Sebastian regarding all of this. It’s to you to came to Europa and made the gigs. As well we are agree together regarding the conditions. (the club) is a good people, and, clearly, i’m gonna resent the money, don’t worry about this. But, i just want you to be honest and profesional. Not some childs to the scholl aera!

been honest is a good way…You have some gigs to Europa, to you to accept to make this one.

best regards


From Sam Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 08:08:01 -0700

Pascal & (club person B.B.)

You must immediately send the money back to (the club) berlin!

I have heard from many many bands that you claim to represent, who have told me he does NOT represent them. He does not represent Black Tape For A Blue Girl, there was never a signed contract or even an agreement reached.

This needs to be over with as soon as possible.

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 17, 2013 9:36:04 AM PDT

what kind of war do you made? You know by yourself you have cancelled al this gigs and never you are came back to Europa…So, why are you talking in this way? Be respected, thanks!

From: “Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]” Date: September 17, 2013 9:58:19 AM PDT

Pascal —

>what kind of war do you made? You know by yourself you have cancelled al this gigs

We cancelled nothing. You never signed a contract with us. You never told us your fee. I repeatedly told you I was not ready to confirm shows without more information.

On September 6th, I wrote, “I am not ready to commit to any shows.” On September 9th I ended our work together after your tantrum.

>and never you are came back to Europa…

What does that sentence even mean???

>So, why are you talking in this way? Be respected, thanks!

You must immediately send the money back to (the club) Berlin! You have no right to take money from (the club). Send it back immediately. Sam

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 17, 2013 10:19:31 AM PDT

i am gonna made a justice action against you for difamation. Definitly. As well i am gonna resent the money to (the club). Don’t worry about this. It’s not your story.

disapear. definitly.

From: “Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]” Date: September 17, 2013 10:24:57 AM PDT

You are a very funny man. Just send the money back to (the club). sam

Now this gets even stupider. Emails between Pascal and the Club, where he claims he doesn’t have to give the money back! First we jump back in time 5 days, so you can see the development….

Von: pascal ALLIOT [] To: (Club booking agent B.B.) Gesendet: Donnerstag, 12. September 2013 08:41

as well the deposit for BTFABG has been sent and i don’t have for the moment no news regarding the dates, could you been interested to made Pankow (classic band from Italy) at the date we have seen with the BTFABG (or another one)?? It could been great. Similar conditions but no backlines (exept a video Beamer). 4 peoples on the road. Let me known! It could been a first solution…Thanks! It’s an idea..

I wait for your answer! Best regards Pascal

From: (Club booking manager B.B.) To: Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 11:03:03 +0200 Hello pascal,

sorry, but we are not interested in doing Pankow instead. Please send us the deposit back as fast as you forced us to send it to you and we´ll talk again, when you have news for BTFABG.

So – send the deposit back immediately.

9/20 clarification: I have communicate with Pankow’s manager, and Pascal has never booked the band, nor ever had the rights to book the band, Just another one of his lies!!!

Von: pascal ALLIOT [] Gesendet: Donnerstag, 12. September 2013 11:12

so i prefer to have the deposit again. I resent you this one if i don’t definitly not found a solution with the band. Definitly.

Then, his drugs kick in, he blames the club for canceling the show:

Von: pascal ALLIOT [] Gesendet: Donnerstag, 12. September 2013 12:45

So you cancel the gig? because i could have soon a new day to propose to you. Just let me known.

From: (Club booking manager B.B.) To: Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 12:17:15 +0200

Sorry, but: NO.

If you don´t have a concrete offer NOW, you have to send the money back IMMEDIATELY, otherwise it will entail SERIOUS legal consequences.

From: (Club booking manager B.B.) To: Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 13:25:21 +0200

We CAN´T cancel a gig which has no date! As soon as we have a new date, we can do a new contract and send the deposit for this contract. Meanwhile: Just send the money back. I´m serious.

Von: pascal ALLIOT [] Gesendet: Donnerstag, 12. September 2013 13:38

we have a problem…i don’t have to resent the deposit. As well we have to make a new date, for you to resent the same one, as well the conditions will been the same….. And you make some menaces agaisnt me. (“If you don´t have a concrete offer NOW, you have to send the money back IMMEDIATELY, otherwise it will entail SERIOUS legal consequences” YOu remember?). So, that’s mean clearly you have cancelled the posibility to make a date with the band i have proposed to you. As soon i propose a re-schedule with a promotor, they is no problem. But, you, you ask for your money back. So, it’s clear, you don’t want to make this gig. So, that you cancel…In this way, no money will been returned. Read the contract.

From: (Club booking manager B.B.) To: Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 11:34:09 +0200 Hello Again,

Perhaps, you should better read the contract – and the laws. We have a contract about a specific band playing at a specific date. When you are not able to hold this, you can´t fulfill the contract and so, you are obliged to send all the deposit back as fast as possible.

This is the one point.

The other is: That we are in contact now with Black Tape For A Blue Girl, which informed us, that you never were allowed to book anything for them.

Pascal – send the money back the next 5 days. If you´ll don´t do this, we will give this whole thing to our advocate, never minding that you are in a foreign country. Besides this, we will inform ALL local german promoters about your name and why they should´nt ever work with you..

Von: pascal ALLIOT [] Gesendet: Dienstag, 17. September 2013 11:43

i’m gonna resent you the money the date of the gig. More than clearly. And not sure you have spoken with the band. Yes, this is the truth, we have finaly decided not to work together. Because they don’t know if they want to came to Europa, as well i have found some dartes for them…You want the emails?? You could spoken to all the peoples to Germany, this is not important to my eyes…

From: (Club booking manager B.B.) To: Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 12:21:18 +0200

Of course, this is not legal and also not acceptable for us is any way. In germany and also in spain you have to refund payments already undertaken for services not rendered immediately.

Reasons, why the band does not want to work with you are absolutely irrelevant for this.

Von: pascal ALLIOT [] Gesendet: Dienstag, 17. September 2013 12:46

it’s absolutly legal. You don’t make your own rules, no? To the contract, nothing shows i have to resent the deposit in 5 days…So, i’m gonna refund this one the day of the gig. And if you are more great….and you have lied regarding you have been in touch with the band. So, i’m gonna taken time…

From: (Club booking manager B.B.) To: Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 13:12:34 +0200 Of corse, it is not legal – we don´t make the rules, but we and especially our lawyer knows them really well. You tried to sell something you were never allowed to, so any contract is invalid. You better should also talk to a lawyer, when the money is not back in the next 5 days..

The band itself wrote:

Von: Sam Rosenthal [Projekt] Gesendet: Donnerstag, 12. September 2013 18:43 Betreff: Re: Black Tape For A Blue Girl in Berlin

Hello B.B.

Thank you so much for your email. Black Tape For A Blue Girl would LOVE to play (the Club) someday soon. However, we are no longer working with Pascal. He contacted us out of the blue and said he could book a tour, which is very exciting. But we never had a contract, and when I began discussing details with him, he started acting very strange and sending abusive emails. I don’t have time for that.

Please be sure you get your money back from him.

When Blacktape has a new album out, I would like to have Athan contact you directly, because I would love to play a show at (the Club).



From: pascalalliot@hotmail.frTo: (Club booking manager B.B.) Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 13:21:32 +0200

sent me the adress and contact (email) of your lawer. I’m gonna spoken with him and sent him a letter, or some good friends of mine . Myself, i am a member of FO Culture, a very famous syndicate. My first job was archaeologist, for around 20 years (Inrap, Cnrs, France,…). So i thought i could have a consation with him…Or maybe you don’t have one? In this way, i could made an action against you for difamation?? since the debut you want to make your own rules and you lie to me (regarding thre band). As well i’m agree to resent you the deposit the day of the gig, and i am gonna made it. Definitly.

WTF! He says above he will wait 8 months to return the money?!?:

From: pascalalliot@hotmail.frTo: (Club booking manager B.B.) Gesendet: Dienstag, 17. September 2013 13:26 Betreff: RE: AW: AW: AW: AW: AW: AW: AW: AW: AW: AW: AW: AW: AW: Black Tape For A Blue Girl. URGENTLY!nne

could you sent me the emails you have get with the band (Black Tape for A blue Girl) to show me they have told you i don’t represent them? thanks.

From: (Club booking manager B.B.) To:

Oh – sorry, forgot that you can´t read. Mail with the band was sended – see + READ below!

After reading all that, this is my message to mr. douchebag


I can’t believe you are such a gigantic douchebag asshole. You now blame (the club) for cancelling the show, when you are ripping them off!?!? You never had the rights to take the deposit, because you and Black Tape For A Blue Girl never reached an agreement for booking a tour.

B.B.: My advice is that if Pascal doesn’t have the money in your hands by Wendesday the 25th, you have your lawyers solicit his ass to hell. Every band I have spoken with tells me Pascal is a psychoathic lying RIP OFF ARTIST who fucks everything up, harrasses people, and threatens litigation.

At this point, he is just stalling, hoping you forget about this. Don’t let him get away with it. He is a scam artist.

Pascal, if that money isn’t back very soon, this story is going worldwide. Cut your asshole bullshit, and return the deposit to the club.

This has to end by Wednesday the 25th. Have a nice day, Sam Rosenthal

(I think ending with “Have a nice day” makes it all really classy, don’t you?) : )

5 minutes later, from Sam Rosenthal Dear P, and all. My apologies. I spelled “psychopathic” wrong in my previous message. Corrected, below. Have a great day, S

On my Facebook Page we have been discussing the best possible name for the movie based on this clown. I suggest “Pascal” but others vote for “Waiting for Pascal” or “Pascal and the Giant Pickle.”


From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 18, 2013 10:53:43 PM PDT

Who are you to speak like this?? What kind of idiot people? Your emails are just without interest. And totaly sillies ones….

I’m honest and i’m gonna refund the deposit, as soon the (club) has fordwarded me their bank details… B.B. is on hollidays untill the 23th…So…It’s not because of you but just beacuse this is the normal. Now, you disapear of my life. I have put your email to the spams, definitly. And never i’m gonna answered again to you.

Va te faire voir, imbecile.


From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 19, 2013 2:58:13 AM PDT

Now, time to speak…

So, the depsoit has been refund. I have read your fantastic emails i have received from you, yesterday evening, to my personal computer…You have serious problems, but this is not the but of my words for this moment. So, from now, if i received another news from you, like the ones i have get yesterday, i make an action against you for difamation. Definitly. And never i am gonna hesitate. I know is gonna taken time but i have this one. We have now to stop all this ridiculous story. We have nothing to made together, this is just a normal situation, i thing you understand. So, sorry, but i ask you to totaly disapear of my life. The same for me.

End of this story. Best regards Pascal

From: “Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]” Date: September 19, 2013 7:26:14 AM PDT To: pascal ALLIOT <>, B.B.</>

Hello B.B. — Please inform me when the money from P has returned to the (club) bank account. That is all that matters, Sam

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 19, 2013 7:34:37 AM PDT

Never you have to speak with me again, it’s clear! Disapear. Never i want to received another email from you. I don’t want to know you exist.

From: “Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]” Date: September 19, 2013 8:26:01 AM PDT

Really P, I thought you promised you would stop reading my emails and not answer me anymore. Thanks for sending the money back to (the club), you low-life scam artist. Have a nice day, Sam

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 19, 2013 8:28:42 AM PDT

no, i thought you are amazing…You continue to sent sad words against me. Funny, you don’t have put B.B. to CC…Only when you prefer… Allez, tu degages, tas de merde.

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 19, 2013 8:30:51 AM PDT

ok S….have a good life, mon pauvre petit con

I am thinking that perhaps “Apascalypse now” would be the best film title. Oh no, is this an unpredicted happy ending to the story?

From: “B.B.” (at the club) Date: September 20, 2013 4:34:10 AM PDT To: “‘Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]'”

Hey Sam,

good news. Pascal transferred the money back. Now we can all get back to our life J

Von: Sam Rosenthal [Projekt] Wow! is the money back in your account? I just want to know FOR SURE, so I can add the “happy ending” to my post S

From: “B.B.” (at the club)

Yes, it’s on our account : )

Some people tell me I was too hard on Pascal ALLIOT. But I beg to differ. I was not hard enough. The man is a grifter. He finds ways to scam people out of money, and torments bands mercilessly with his psychotic emails. He’s a stain on society. —– As the screenplay ends, Pascal clutches his receipt from the bank as he takes his own life. He falls into a ditch on the side of the road. A truck drives by. He is splashed with mud. The screen goes black. FIN. A buoy on the Sea of Pascal | Update 9-24-13

A breath of “reality” to clarify something…

From: Pankow’s manager Hi Everybody. This mail is to inform / warn you, that PANKOW have NO agreement with the AGENCY ‘DayDreamBooking.’ The person claiming to work for this agency (Pascal Alliot) recently tried to book shows for a band (BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL – USA). He booked a show for Black Tape For A Blue Girl in a club in Berlin and asked for a 800 Euro deposit from the club, which he received. The only ‘problem’… Pascal Alliot had no agreement with the band to book a show. So he immediately turned back to the club and postponed the show. When the club contacted the band and found out Pascal was decieving them, he offered the promoters Pankow, instead. Problem is, he doesn’t represent Pankow, either.

Very professional… if not to say: Criminal.

For the record, Pankow played a number of bigger festivals this year (Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig, OutofLine Weekender Berlin, Bodybeat Stockholm, Electrostorm Festival Köln… ) which will be followed by selected shows in winter. A regular tour is being prepared for AFTER the release of next Pankow album, in fall 2014. DayDreamBooking / Pascal Alliot has NO rights to book this band. Please stay away from paying deposits or booking the band, with anyone other than myself.

I hoped the “Sam & Pascal Comedy Revue” had come to a smashing conclusion last week, with the man dead in the mud on the side of the road. But no, like a Zombie, he is back. Oh lord, how he is back! Watch closely now. 4:40am, Personality #1 sends me a message. #1 is the soulful man of ennui.

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 23, 2013 4:40:28 AM PDT To: Sam Subject: Some apologies

Hello Sam,

sorry for all this story. I have get a lot of problems with my personal life since two months. One, my mother has get her second chess cancer in 3 years. I have learned this few days before i have been in touch with you. And she begans chimiotherapia next week…It’s a very important one…Second one, i have get a very sad news from Paris, the city where i have livedseveral years…My ex-wife has been commit suicide (out of window one) with my heigh year child…A young man. 3 month ago…I have travelled from Premia (it’s my actual adress), to Paris, to reconize the corpses, Laure and my child, all together..Terrible. You can’t imagine….And never i hope you to make this kind of way.

I am totaly lost. I have decided since this week, with my actual wife to stop the booking for a certain time. To take a new start regarding all of this sad stories…And take some posible hollidays…The time to been necesary. To be an human again.

to stop, why you have written this work against me? Could you, please, put off this blog? thanks. We are just human peoples and read this kind of thing is just incredible. I don’t known you. and the same for you. I pay my prize, i don’t need this kind of way you propose against me. So, thanks to put off this ridiculous blog.

i hope the best for you

Best regards


That had to be the most horrible and dishonest email on the internet. I wonder how many hundreds of time he has sent out that canned email about the suicide of his ex-wife and child, to somehow explain his fraud? And his mother’s cancer? The man has NO SHAME! 6:35 am. #2, mr. ennui is morphing into the angry young man

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 23, 2013 6:35:19 AM PDT Subject: action…

Mister Sam Rosenthal,

to be sure you never made something like you have done against a people, i have definitly made an action for difamation against you. My lay man in CCi are gonna sent you a letter, the same to each people who have been in touch with you to this “blog”.

Yes, my mother has a cancer (brest one) and my ex-wife has comit suicide with my son, but it’s not a posibily to make a defense for you.

Never i could forger your words

I have found a gig, it was cancelled and the money is gonna back to the promotors. And you have made this story.

Definitly, never in my life i am gonna forget this one. And one day i am gonna found a good way.

Best regards Pascal

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 23, 2013 6:54:37 AM PDT Subject: RE: action…

Hello, here the link.

Bands, don’t be scammed by Pascal ALLIOT / Daydream Booking

So, a meeting next week for spoken about all of this

Best regards Pascal

Time for my morning round of “taunt the idiot.”

From: “Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]” Date: September 23, 2013 8:00:33 AM PDT

Pascal, you funny funny man. The word you are looking for is “Defamation” — which has to do with making FALSE statements. Since that blog is all your emails and my emails and the club’s emails (with some humorous comments for the fans), there is nothing false in there. My advice: shut the fuck up and crawl under your rock. Sam

PS: you don’t represent Pankow, you big liar. Why did you tell the club you represented Pankow?

Personality #3, the insult spewing racist homophobe

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 23, 2013 8:08:49 AM PDT To: “Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]”

yes i ‘m am funny man and i like it, definitlyn poor jew guy from New york, gay man…”Defenestration“….Sorry for the bad word. “Pençons a l’avenir petit pebe”

yes i have represent Pankow but i have told all the promotors i don’t made them again. So, ask to their manager, all is over.

I am an honest man..And you never been a friend of mine. And i’m gonna made an action against you to pay. .

Wait. Did that clown seriously just tell me that I am a gay jew from New York? That’s the best he can do? Is he in third grade? The Frenchman is slipping! The network bosses are going to fire us both, he needs a new joke-writer.

Visit Facebook for multiple speculations on the translation of “Pençons a l’avenir petit pebe” (seems his french is as bad as his english).

One more “taunt the idiot” for the day… Wait, fuck! Before I can even email, he sends another. This seems to be personality #1 or #2.

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 23, 2013 8:22:21 AM PDT


Just been honest: We have made a gig, it has been cancelled, and i have been resent the deposit to the venue….And i am totaly sorry about it.

So, could we made a peace? Thanks. You seem to be an interesting people, definitly, i have read your novels and books (not so far from Venus Erotica, Anais Nin,…). Myself, from now i stop work like agent booking. And i am an archeologist. A certain number of excavation. Look behind (

Yes i have represented Pankow for a certain time, this is the truth. But now it’s over. It’s just life. Definitly. And the band representant is in CCi….

So, i respect you. So, respect me. Definitly.

Best regards Pascal

My respect is bubbling over. I have to give him a response so massive, that it will send him into a mental breakdown…

From: “Sam Rosenthal [Projekt]” Date: September 23, 2013 8:30:31 AM PDT Subject: Re: action… reaction! and a shit on your petit pebe.

My dear P,

I see now you’re a tough guy. ha ha ha! Let’s see about this email. Racist. Homophobic. Zenophobic. Idiotic.

YOU ARE AN IDIOT ! Do you realize that everything you write to me is going to be added to that blog, so the whole world can see what an idiot you are. Did you know that blog currently comes up #2 on a Google Search of your name. You are famous, my friend!

Just stop for a minute and consider your next reply. Do you really want to keep adding to that blog with each psychotic message that comes out of your idiot brain?

You are not an honest man. You are an idiot. And a liar. You never represented Pankow; yet 2 weeks ago you claimed to (the club) that you could give them Pankow instead of blacktape.

Liar. Liar. Pants on Fire!

The fact is we are good friends. We are one of the internet’s favorite comedy teams. “Sam & the Idiot.”

Have a nice day, Sam

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 23, 2013 8:41:30 AM PDT Hello,

Just seen this one… This guy (Sam?) is totaly silly. And i am gonna made an action against him for difamation. And i have found peoples to America (CCi) to make it, around 75. And against you if you support this people (i have your adress). I began all the action justice from tomorow. The 75 peoples from US has sent me all the details i need.


Wow. He contacted 75 peoples from US in the last 11 minutes, and they all knew about me. I didn’t know I was that famous! And his ability to contact people is impressive. He must have some serious spamming software on his computer. (The sound of truck breaks screeching. The scene stops. We cut to a POV from up high.)… Before today’s grand finale… A little bit of commentary. This is from a discussion on Facebook.

Dave: To me the guy just comes off as pitiful and pathetic at this point — at least he returned the money to the club…Sam did his part to remedy a fraud that was perpetrated overseas in his name — and I applaud him for that. Sam’s been a good sport about it — but if you put yourself in his and his band’s shoes — upon reflection… what that guy pulled was about as funny as being the victim of identity fraud and I wouldn’t want Sam and the rest of the band to feel discouraged about touring overseas due to the very real and serious problems related to this incident… however funny it may be to the rest of us. And I love to color outside the lines on facebook as often as I can myself — but identity theft related financial fraud is no joking matter.

Sam: You have put a lot of thought and feeling into this, and I appreciate that. But I have no big emotions about Pascal. He doesn’t upset me or taunt me. He just makes me laugh, like watching a cartoon. I am pretty removed from being emotionally swayed by the insane people I have to deal with in this business. I am not a buoy on the Sea of Pascal. : )

Brian: I’m totally on board with APascalypse Now.

Sam: (Pascal looks up at the ceiling fan, as he begins to speak) “Barcelona. Shit! I’m still only in Barcelona.”

Ok. We jump back into the Sea of Pascal, four minutes after we left him and his 75 peoples in New York…

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 23, 2013 8:45:35 AM PDT

My dear S;

i have decided to stop to play with you. Definitly….

Have a good day yourself

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 23, 2013 8:47:35 AM PDT

could you sent me by email you erotic novel? A good way to discivered a good writter….

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 23, 2013 8:54:53 AM PDT

could you sent me your “erotic novel”? As wel you seem to be a writter? Thanks for this. You want my adress? Are you really a writer? Some friends of mine to New York (sorry, i’m dont given you their names), as told me you are a written…Maybe you are a genius??? A jew people (with a lot of respect), who tries to have great life….To New York, it’s a very easy way to made

From: pascal ALLIOT <></> Date: September 23, 2013 9:09:13 AM PDT

So could you sent me by mail you erotic fantastic books? Thanks. I could been happy to read this ones and make a critic, threw email… as well i like to read Anais Nin, Garcia Marquez,

Best regards Pascal

It is almost pathetically sad here, how he keeps sending a message every few minutes: waiting and hoping for a reply. I can picture poor, disheveled Pascal, his coat still muddy from the ditch. He is furiously masturbating, stopping to check himself in the mirror and then check his inbox, hoping for another round of insults. He looks down, his dick is limp. He checks his mail again, hoping my email comes: the precursor to the boner of all boners. Pascal weeps. His inbox is empty. Oh, the cruel fates! “My first job was archaeologist,” he shouts in despair. The wind mercilously rattles the window glass. Pascal openly weeps.

December 23, 2013 addendum. There is so much more Pascal I could add to this blog, but I can’t bring myself to dive into the madness again. The good news is I am hearing from many people who were suspicious of Pascal after an initial contact, and they googled and found this page. It prevented them from being taken. Posting this blog is my good deed for 2013 (and perhaps all time). I still have more Pascal in my inbox that I have never read, ’cause reading his messages is like getting into a small box with a toxic vampire. But he’s lost his teeth, so he just gums you and covers you with drool… Anything to make life a bit lighter….

April 2, 2014 addendum. This lunatic is still actively trying to scam clubs and bands. His current claim is that he represents Modern English & His Name is Alive & Martha Wainwright (daughter of folk legend Loudon Wainwright II). He doesn’t represent anyone, except for the lunatic personalities that occupy his brain. Thanks for visiting this blog. Be warned: don’t work with this guy. Don’t fall for his shit. Don’t give him money.

May 30 2014 addendum, The Pascal Comedy Revue continues, unabated. Here’s just a few samples of messages in my Facebook in box:

1 2 3 4

I bring this up because of today’s bit of stupidity in my inbox:

And this

From: Pascal Alliot <> Date: May 30, 2014 6:29:27 AM PDT To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: Modern English (- 29th of May 2014, Friburg, Germany – 30th of May 2014, Geneve, swisterland – 31th of May 2014, Willemeen, Netherland )</>

So to show you you are wrong…Ask to the band by yourself…Action against you is now a normal way. Difamation…. Robbie Grey is ok to make some words agaisnt you. Stop your blogg.You have lied…Of course i have fordwarded it to all the “famous” blog” readers and actors…

Best regards DayDreamBooking Presents, EXEPT UK (April 2015): Modern English (New LP september 2014)

Really? He forwarded my blog to all the famous blog readers? That was nice of him, to let people know what a scammer he is. My work is done here.

June 2nd. This is a screen shot from a friend’s inbox. It shows emails from Pascal announcing the bands he CLAIMS to represent. Now, truth be told, one of these bands contacted me today to say that Pascal recently booked 3 shows for them (they aren’t yet willing to be on the record with this). Which doesn’t discount everything else I have written here. One of P’s 700 lies turned out to be true, it was bound to happen. A broken watch is right twice a day. But the other minutes of the day, it remains wrong.

Pascal is a professional scammer. Apparently, he does some booking. It’s like a poker cheat. Sometimes you have to play a regular hand. Just to look like you’re in the game for real.

Here are the bands Pascal CLAIMS to represent today:

I get emails like this, every week:

The turd that keeps on turding:

From: Pascal Alliot <> Date: October 2, 2014 4:26:11 AM PDT Subject: End of Daydreambooking? In your dreams!!!</>

Salut Sam,

tu parles français? Moi oui, je suis français moi meme….

So i continue DayDreamBooking. It’s not your fault, you have made all you have could to stop me since one year now, something like this. When exactly?…But i have just nothing to care about you and your stupid blog. We don’t known each others. Maybe you could been like “Bel Ami”, the Guy de Maupassant great or poor guy (everyone to make a judgement…) from this fantastic book. YOu have read ii?…Sorry, i prefer to speak in french…Use a traductor. For the tours concerning DayDreamBooking, i book, to the debut of 2015, several ones. Like The Only Ones, The Electric Prunes, Hawkwind (few dates to Spain/Portugal/Germany/Ostreich), His Name Is Alive (TBC, i make a precision) and Modern English. So it’s a great way.

Since one year, i don’t have seen any dates to Europa for Black Tape for A Blue Girl, as well you have promised to the famous berlin promotor you want to play there absolutly….No problem…But she waits for your return. Easy to speak about peoples, but you have to respect your decison…

I respect your work like label.

Je t’embrasse mon cher Sam.


On Oct 2, 2014, at 6:31 AM, Pascal Alliot wrote: amazing my poor guy…You are now totaly ridiculous…You have a poor game to play. My poor guy…So, sorry, but you are so nothing in my eyes…Now disapear…I have fordwarded to all you email, facebook guys you are in touch with….And i am gonna sent from tomorow an email to each peaples who has been in touch with you. Thanks, disapear…

Some Facebook fan comments on Pascal:

S.M.: God, I can’t stop laughing! I know I shouldn’t but, really, his command of the English language ranks just below that of my cat. ‘disappear’? ‘fordwarded’? ‘tomorow’? ‘peaples’?! Sam, don’t hate this guy, love him for the joy he brings with his unique version of English. As this guy would say ‘I leaf know with much belli laff.’

N.L.: The eponymous star of Dostoyevsky’s The Alliot, Pascal, who began life as a computer program, has a lifelong dream of repeatedly humiliating himself for the low, low price of €800. Yes, for this pittance, you get the dubious delight of the original Google Translator shitting his pants while standing on his head. He couldn’t get [Your Band Here] to play, so he’ll settle for Yakety Sax.

E.S.: Awesome reading with my cup o’ joe. Quote of the morning,,,,”Not some childs to the scholl aera”!

D.S.: I think someone should record a parody of that epic Faith No More diddy, retitled ‘We Care Alliot’

C.D.: He’s an unflushable.

J.C.: Anagram of his last name = Li A Lot

Saturday Feb 7, 2015 Pascal is going long here! He’s trying to get clubs to pay him $10,000 to book Dick Dale. I contacted Dale’s booking agent, and of course Pascal is not working with them. He’s just trying to scam promoters. Wow, this Pascal guy is legendary! What a loser.

we do not need swindles.

Tuesday April 26, 2016. P: Pascal tried to swindle Molly Hatchet (1) think big, Henry! (2) Molly Hatchet is still a thing?

Ok. So I try to ignore Pascal, because he’s a psychic vampire. I filter his stupid emails into the trash. Who knows, he might be sending me 5 a week! However, when I open my “filtered” mailbox on Facebook, there are always a few more people thanking me for posting this blog, and saving them from the endless horror that would be found in “working with Pascal.” I had to share this one. The turd that keeps on turding tried to scam Molly Hatchet!

Molly Hatchet: Brescia show cancelled for probable scam Translation: Colony Club statement: We’re sorry to inform you that the MH show scheduled for april 2 2016 has been cancelled. It was proposed by an agent with whom we had never worked, and the arrangements were, as usual, partial payment in advance of the contract, another part on the 30 days before and the rest on the evening of the concert. Too bad for the money that we had to send abroad there was no invoice, and that the bank account which was not the one of the agency, but of the agent… So we decided to look for information about who was this person/agency, and found this: and this:

Bands, don’t be scammed by Pascal ALLIOT / Daydream Booking

If we add the fact that MH currently have not announced anything about a supposed tour, given that there was no bill to send money and MH still not responded to our request for information about, we have decided to cancel everything, I would say that we do not need swindles.

October 2017, email from a band in Croatia

Hi Sam — In case you were wondering (but somehow I’m sure you aren’t 🙂 ) Pascal Alliot is still alive and kicking. Last week I received his email with his interest to book one of my bands (xxxxxxx) in Europe and Oceania (??). He claimed that he is from DBBooking agency and even though something didn’t felt right (I could read his copy/pasted email only on my phone but not in my browser) I did reply expressing cautious interest and asking for his agency website link as I couldn’t find it. In next email he said that he is totally independent agent, which only raised my suspicion.

Luckily, in a meantime, our Turkish agent warned us that he is a scam and sent a link of your blog about him so then I remembered why his name sounded familiar as I’ve read it several years ago.

So, I just wanted to thank you for posting it publicly and for bringing the scammer out to the daylight. Thanks, all the best!

September 2019

Pascal is still at it. Recent twitter post from AC/DC drummer Chris Slade.

October 2019

Still at it, I see. Facebook link. What message did he remove? Unknown.

November 2019

As you can imagine, I didn’t open the attachment in that message.

July 8 2021 Oh. My. God. —— I just came up with the perfect name for the Pascal ALLIOT movie. “The Story of P”  (homage to the French erotic novel “The Story of O” : ) April 14 2022 Shine on you crazy diamond

haha! I saw We are the Physics 2014 Facebook post that reads, “Hooray! We’ve finally been targeted by infamous scatter-gun fraudster Pascal Alliot. This is better than a Grammy! Read about his idiocy here: (link to this blog)”

If you thought the pandemic might have finally silenced this madman, you would be mistaken. He scammed straight through it. Pascal A is just too boring and pathetic for me to post an updated every time I get a message from another band that was saved by this blog. But let’s go with some new details. Here are his emails to one particular promoter (….. No, he doesn’t book these acts, of course!):

And here Pascal harasses the promoter after they call his BS: I sent this advice to the promoter:

Warning: Pascal is an energy vampire. He gets his boner from having lunatic fights with decent people like you. Best is to laugh and enjoy the run, but now stop and filter his emails to the trash without you reading them. Don’t get sucked into the void!!!

My blog is still the #1 result on Google for his name. This blogged crossed my mind because another band contacted me after reading this (“He’s a really well known scam here in France, and while his perseverance must be acknowledged, he became a booker/touring crew joke.”)

I am saving the world, one band at a time…

Sep 14

Trance to the Sun return, support them @ Kickstarter

Trance To The Sun, legends of Dark Psychedelia, have returned to the recording studio. An excellent new album is underway! You can help fund the album at Kickstarter. Pop over and watch a video interview with Ashkelon Sain and Ingrid Luna Blue as well as hear a new song… Trance To The Sun reached their goal in 2 days, but there are still great ways to get involved. Many of the pledge levels include immediate access to demos as well as advance downloads of new material.

You can get involved in the process!

Sep 04

From The Archive: Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes in Tucson

Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes: Live in Tucson 2000

As Steve was prepping for his October L.A. dome concerts (tickets available here), he uncovered this amazing recording. This special digital-only Live EP contains Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes performing in Tucson. First time heard since the May 27, 2000, concert. Unearthed and posted exclusively at Bandcamp for everyone to enjoy.

Aug 19

Nostalgia, loss, sadness, & hope… Mike of Lycia interviewed by Sam

Interview with Mike VanPortfleet conducted August 2013.

Sam: The new Lycia album, Quiet Moments is out this week. I read that it’s been 12 years since LYCIA had a new album out? Is that accurate? What made you decide to record a new album?

Mike: Well, we had the Fifth Sun digital EP out in 2010, but in regards to a fully realized full length that goes back to 2002 and Tripping Back Into The Broken Days, so that would be 11 years. But even that is a little fuzzy because right up to the pressing time we had planned to used the Estraya name as opposed to Lycia. I sort of see Quiet Moments as picking up from where Estrella left-off back in 1998. As always with me and Lycia, everything is a bit blurry and even questions that would seem to have clear answers don’t. Even though Lycia was pretty low profile throughout the 2000s I was always messing around in the studio. After helping Tara with a solo show back in 2008 it sort of lit the fire again, and that led to us working on Fifth Sun. After that I immediately began working on Quiet Moments, which also involved me finishing some songs that were started back in the mid 2000s.

Sam: The return of LYCIA began when Handmade Birds released a Vinyl edition of your 1996 album Cold. What were your thoughts on Cold, hearing it all these years later?

Mike: Cold was Lycia’s high point in my opinion. Everything fell right into place at the right time. To me it’s a special release. Listening to it again during the preparation for the Cold LP brought back a lot of memories from those initial Ohio years. Which was good and bad at the same time. Those days were Lycia’s best so it’s nice to remember, but sad that they are so far away.

Sam: Is there anything you miss about the 90s, and all the road-work Lycia did?

Mike: I miss the way 1995 was. We were pushing forward and so many things happened. The ’95 tours were filled with such hope and excitement. Later tours I felt a bit jaded.

Sam: A lot of past LYCIA albums has a mood of nostalgia, loss, sadness, & hope. Is that still in your lyrics?

Mike: It is still very present and still very important. In fact that description would be a perfect one for Quiet Moments. If I had to describe each individual song on Quiet Moments with one word, I could use the four you just stated, and have an answer for each song. I would say that Quiet Moments is the most nostalgic release I’ve ever done. It is the most personal by far.

Sam: How are you a different person than back in the late 80s, when you were mailing me the “dreaded white cassettes” with LYCIA demos on them?

Mike: A good yet very hard question. I’d like to think that my musical vision is the same. I think it is, but obviously the way that I make music now is light years away from the way that John and I worked back then. Despite the different tools I think the end result creates a very similar mood though. I see it that way. Lifestyle though I’m a million miles away. So is my perception of things around me. But who wouldn’t be? That was 25 years ago. Oh, the dreaded white cassettes. What an idiot I was using those horrible cheap tapes. If I would have used quality cassettes back then there would at least be a chance for me to restore hours of never released music. But that will never happen.

Sam: Final question. You said Quiet Moments is sort of like a follow-up to Estrella. How do you think old-school fans will like this album?

Mike: In terms of the Lycia timeline and how it feels to me, I see Quiet Moments as a continuation of our 90s work. Estrella was the last in that line. But really I see Quiet Moments as a follow-up, in regards to mood and style, to A Day In The Stark Corner. They are the two most personal releases for me. They both have ambient and noise experimenting. In both cases I layered sound beyond what I thought I initially could. I see them a sister releases. I didn’t go into the recording with this in mind, though I did want to reconnect with the slow motion atmospheric side of Lycia’s sound again. I’m thinking that the old school people, the ones that were into Ionia and A Day In The Stark Corner, will like Quiet Moments. Well, I’m hoping they like it. For years I’ve received e-mails (and before that letters) asking for a return to that style. Well here it is.

Aug 08

Love Spirals Downwards news

From Ryan Lum:

For a dormant band, there’s strangely 3 Love Spirals Downwards news items for everyone:

1st, I remade the Ardor instrumental “Mirrors a Still Sky,” a new re-recording that I did in the studio this year. It’s on the Love Spirals Downwards youTube channel. I guess for that matter, the fact the we have a youTube channel may be news in itself

2nd, Also on our youTube channel, I made a video of myself playing “Avincenna” (also from Ardor).

And 3rd, You probably heard about Suzanne performing some Love Spirals Downwards songs in Portland on August 17th at Brickbat Mansion. Facebook page.

And thanks for the new Steve Roach CD; always a pleasure to get something new from Steve. Ryan

Purchase Love Spirals Downwards CD for $5 a piece. Idylls & Ardor

Jul 31

Lycia Cold in Popmatters, with nice bit about Projekt

“When desolate cityscape post-punk merged with the melancholic lyrical and theatrical pull of gothic rock in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, darkwave took form. Drawing in synth-heavy hypnotic pop and industrial chills, darkwave’s often whispered, crestfallen sound first began to take shape in a series of overlapping electronic and rock scenes that were particularly strong in European independent music circles. The resulting bands (whether favoring industrial, pop, shoegaze, or rock leanings) were frequently shrouded in a fitting sense of pitch-black subcultural and musical mystery, and in North America, Projekt Records was one of the first labels to promote the resulting surge of darkwave artists. Founded in 1983 by Sam Rosenthal, Projekt concentrated on releasing dream-pop, neoclassical, ambient, gothic rock and shoegaze bands, and Rosenthal’s own group, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, was an early exponent of darkwave’s hallmark mournful cabaret. ” –

Full Article about Lycia’s Cold on Vinyl here.

Mar 20

Interview: Rosa Selvaggia

This 2008 interview was for the Italian Magazine Rosa Selvaggia Interview by Fabio Degiorgi e Nikita Translation questions by Laura Ferro

When you released your first album for Projekt, did you expect you wouldreach 200 releases?

Sam Rosenthal: Ha! No….. of course not. That was 24 years ago, and I was just putting out some cassettes. I had no idea it would become my job, and the way I live more than half a lifetime later….

Was it easy to select the tracks included in the three cd celebrationbox? We think it was not, considering the 199 previous releases you could selectthe tracks from, plus the unreleased tracks

Sam: Well….. I found it pretty easy. I have been thinking about this release for a couple of years. So my brain was always “processing” this question. So when the time came to actually do it, decisions had already been made. I think that’s the way my brain works, when I am designing a cover, as well. I already have an idea of the elements, so then it’s just to actually DO IT. I knew there was an remix here that nobody had heard, or an overlooked song there that I wanted to include (such as Arcanta). So it wasn’t that hard.

A statistical question for you: which Projekt album sold best? And howmany copies of it have been produced?

Sam: The best selling non-compilation release was black tape for a blue girl’s Remnants of a deeper purity which is somewhere around 17,000 now. For compilations, the best seller was Projekt: Gothic, which is around 23,000. People often have this misperception that bands sell 20,000 CDs with every release. But let me assure you that this is not the case. All of us indie bands really NEED the support of our fans. We need those sales, to keep us alive and making art.

Is there any album that sold less than you expected?

Sam: Of course. But I don’t think that it would be very kind to talk about that.

Did you ever think of releasing a vinyl edition of some of the albumsincluded in your catalogue?

Sam: Yes, I have thought about it. And then 10 seconds later I slap myself and ask, “What are you thinking?!” When we get a vinyl release in our webstore, from another label, we are lucky if we can sell 5 copies. People always talk about vinyl, but I cannot find anyone who actually buys it. Who even has a record player? I have one in a box, that I haven’t opened since 1995 !!!

Apart from the objective criteria of quality, and the fact that you must like the music, which other characteristics must a band have in order to work for Projekt?

Sam: The people need to be charming and nice to work with. I do this all day. It’s my job. The last thing I need is to deal with assholes. (laughs)

What advice would you give to a band who wants to send you a demo, hoping they will work for your label?

Sam: Please don’t. It is very rare that I sign a band from a demo. It would be better to send a link to your myspace page. Then I can listen, without feeling guilty about what to do with the demo, the packaging, the paper inside of it. It’s bad for the environment to send me demos.

Are there some groups or artists working for other labels that you would like or you would have liked to join your “team”?

Sam: Spiritual Front!!!! I can say that 100% with certainty. I absolutely am in love with Simone’s music. Ya hear me!!! I want you, baby! Come to poppa……!

About the mp3: according to many in the music field, mp3 damages the sales of music and so they damage music itself. Some other think that they can increase the sales and that they are good promotional material, because they allow listening and discovering unknown bands, or allow listening to some traks of an album that otherwise should be bought sight unseen (or, better, traks unheared). What do you think about mp3 and how do they affect the work of your label?

Sam: I used to think that it was a great thing that people could hear an MP3 on-line, and then they’d go out and buy a CD. But my optimism and faith in the human race has been defeated by the fact that people just download stuff illegally now. Music is Art. And artists need to pay their rent and their check at the restaurant., just like the rest of us And these days, people just steal us artists blind. Why don’t they go and rob banks and liquor stores as well? It’s just as horrendous. So, I think MP3s are killing bands.

Considering the long life of Projekt and considering how many artists that have worked for this label you could have enough material to write a book about its history. Did you ever think of writing a book? Is there any funny or odd anecdote you want to tell us?

Sam: Well, I’d prefer to work on my fiction book, rather than write about the ugly truths. There is so much I could say, but most of it would just come out sounding nasty and stupid and bitter. This scene is full of goth drama, ya know. I prefer to meet and hang out with people who are positive, creative & interesting. Recently I met Lucas from Cinema Strange and Deadfly Ensemble. What a great guy and what a captvatng performer.

Speaking of books, when we interviewed you in 2004 about the Black Tape For a Blue Girl, talking about the texts of “Halo Star”you said thet you were writing a book about a group of female artists from 1920’s Prague. Did you finish it? If yes, has it been published in the USA and in other countries?

Sam: Well…. I have slowly…. sloooooooowly been finishing it. I did a bunch of editing and re-arranging in October, and I think it is in final form. I would love to find a publisher for my book. People who read it have really nice things to say about it. I’d also love to come up with a name for it. I’ve also started working on new songs, which have nothing to do with the story from the book. In my head, I am calling this new album “Ten Neurotics.” And as you can guess by that name, it’s going to be about some interesting characters…. I have 5 of them started! I hope I can get a lot of progress done this summer, and maybe have it done for the fall. That would be wonderful!

Sam,thank you for your time and kindness, and we wish you that the Projekt catalogue will get to nr.400!

Sam: Eeeps! 400. I’ll be an old man by then. My Son will be in charge. = )

Jun 20

Profile (2006)

This page has not been updated in 1/2 a decade. We’ll get to it someday, promise!

Begun by Sam Rosenthal in 1983 as a way to release his own solo electronic music, Projekt Records spent its early life as a cassette-only label with a series of long out-of-print titles. Having previously published an underground music fanzine (Alternative Rhythms) in his native South-Florida, Rosenthal operated Projekt as a hobby while working at a local record store to support his music addiction.

Moving to Los Angeles in 1986 to attend college, Rosenthal found himself making warmer, more introspectively personal music incorporating vocals for the first time. The result was the first album under the name black tape for a blue girl, the rope, released on vinyl.

In 1989, Projekt released its first compact disc, black tape for a blue girl‘s ashes in the brittle air. Though Projekt had begun as a way to release his own art, Rosenthal began to see his label taking shape as a vehicle for exposing other artists whose passionate work impressed him. His first “discovery” was the band Lycia, signed to Projekt that year. Soon thereafter, Rosenthal was impressed with another young band, Love Spirals Downwards, whose debut release followed.

With several releases now in the CD format, Projekt found their listenership growing in America and Europe. Relying on self distribution to stores as well as their own mail-order sales, the label’s vision remained true: to release music deserving of attention with mindful care given to the aesthetic of the end result. Projekt went on to find other bands that shared their artist sense, signing discoveries Soul Whirling Somewhere, Lovesliescrushing, Thanatos in the early 90s and Arcanta, Voltaire, Peter Ulrich in the late 90s. Other artists who had established careers on other American and European labels rounded out the roster, including Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, Attrition, Human Drama, Ordo Equitum Solis, O Yuki Conjugate and Alio Die.

In 1993, Sam began Projekt: Darkwave, a mail-order company that carried the music of Projekt as well as labels with a similar outlook, including Santa Barbara’s Tess Records, Germany’s Hyperium Records and Sweden’s Cold Meat Industry. Thousands upon thousands of printed catalogs were mailed out to fans, and a lot of great music was made available in the U.S. for the first time.

Projekt soon gained a reputation for being a label that put out music that was as good to listen to as it was to look at. The label’s album graphics, often designed by Rosenthal himself, have established a look that bespeaks the ethereal nature of the music.

Moving to Chicago in 1996, Rosenthal’s label grew in both number of releases and number of employees. Now with full-time marketing, distribution and promotion managers, Projekt became better able to meet the challenge of making people aware of the label. In 1996 Projekt celebrated their success by staging a two-day Projekt Festival at the historic Vic Theatre in Chicago. Fans from all over North America and as far away as Taiwan and England traveled to take part in the historic event. Subsequent festivals were held in 1997 and 1998, with the festival concept expanded to include Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles.

While nurturing the growth of Projekt’s select roster of artists, the company also took on the task of establishing a sub-label devoted to reissues of albums important in the history of darkwave music. Projekt: Archive has become the home to reissues by Amber Route, Area, Attrition, Controlled Bleeding, Jeff Greinke, Judgement of Paris, Shinjuku Thief, Slap, The Sleep of Reason and Vidna Obmana.

After many years of struggling with self-distribution, Projekt secured exclusive distribution in The US with ADA (The Alternative Distribution Alliance) in 1997. This union allowed Projekt to achieve a new level of visibility in the marketplace. In 1999 Projekt entered into a new agreement with Ryko Distribution (with fulfillment by WEA); this new “major label” distribution makes Projekt releases available in virtually every record store in America.

In late 1999, Sam up and moved to NYC. This is somewhere he was always heading, and it is – in a way – a fresh start for the label. As Projekt enters the new millenium, there are new faces joining the Projekt roster, adding to the label’s trademark sound while also helping to redefine the genres Projekt is known for. Look for new signees Mira, Audra, Unto Ashes, Frolic and Forrest Fang as they join the establish acts to open the door to the new century for Projekt.

(very brief update from Sam) It is now 2006, and Projekt is based in Brooklyn. We’re still around, releasing great music and keeping our heads above water in the turbulent world of “the music business.” As has always been the case, Projekt has a small roster of brilliant bands that we love. We release specialized music for our loyal fans, keeping in touch via our email list + mail-order catalogs.

We’re glad your interested in our music…. and I apologize for how out of date this page is! ; ). Stay Well.

Photo of Sam by Lisa Feuer.