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Jul 11

Order Steve Roach’s two new CDs & Erik Wollo’s ltd ep

Pre-Orders, shipping the week of July 14 

Steve Roach: The Delicate Beyond CD $14 or Bandcamp Download $10 or 24/96k High Res Studio Master Download | A reverie of gentle and etheric ambient sound meditations that awaken complex and resonant states of emotional and psychological perspectives. The nuanced, minimal electronics interplay with a masterful use of musical space, breath, silence, and rich textural colors in a subtle dynamic flow. Nurturing the senses in inexplicable ways, these sound paintings become an evocative environment for activating a state of rarefied reflections. While supplies last, physical CD orders get a free bonus-CD, the 74-minute The Delicate Beyond.

Steve Roach: The Desert Collection (volume one) CD $14 or Bandcamp Download $10 | Steve writes, “This release started as a collection of desert-themed tracks sequenced for summer road trips between Arizona and California. Sometimes the trip is in dark of night, cloaked from the heat; while other trips are in the broad searing rays of the summer sun. Drawing from over thee decades of desert music, this magical blend creates a set that places one directly into the dramatic and emotive, immersive southwest landscapes. When I hit play on this soundtrack on the way out of Gila Bend heading west recently, thermometer at 105, an hour before sunset, the sky was bleeding orange and red. The first track on The Desert Collection emerged and so did the chills and wet eyes as I was feeling those non-motorized western travelers from not so long ago — like me — looking to ‘go west…’ On board the ‘Ghost Train,’ indeed.”

Erik Wøllo: Tundra (ep) CD $10 or Bandcamp Download $5 | Another in Projekt’s recent collection of extremely limited physical releases. We made 200 copies, Projekt has 130 of these available. If you want one, buy today! The Tundra EP finds Erik Wøllo creating fascinating atmospheric and rhythmic instrumental electronic music. This 30-minute 5-song ep features all new, previously unreleased tracks that showcase Erik’s ability to incorporate new and fresh elements while remaining true to his unique style. A strong emphasis on sequenced rhythmic passages and grooves mixes with spacious deep ambient soundscapes and melodic themes provided by electric guitars and various synthesizers. On “Tundra,” “The Native Chant” and “Swirling Lights” the use of throat singing samples and vocals from Arctic indigenous people add a human, earthy element to the electronics.

On sale at a special low price, as a nice pairing with the titles above:

Various Artists: Possibilities of Circumstance CD $5 or Bandcamp Download $7 | An international gathering of electronic and ambient artists featuring seven previously unreleased tracks. Steve Roach, Erik Wollo, Larry Fast / Synergy, Robert Rich, others…

Jul 07

The Projekt List, get inside Sam’s head. All new content format! With some music, too!

Hello….. This ProjektList was sent at 11:05 this morning. If you are not on the ProjektList, sign-up with the sign-up form on the right side of the page. This is the short-link, if you want to share:

Sam writes: Some of you have been receiving the Projekt list for years, if not decades! Do you remember back in the late 90s, when the ProjektList was filled with my thoughts, and ramblings on things that interested me, plus political perspective (oh those days of discussing why Al Gore would be better for the country than George Bush. Yall were so young and naive back then!!!). Some of you loved my thoughts and comments mixed with the music, some of you hated my thoughts and comments mixed with the music. When Facebook came along, it seemed like that would be a place to post the non-music-related stuff, to get it off the ProjektList. But I have found that we have reached a two-fold dead-end with that. (1) Facebook sucks these days, nobody sees posts anymore (more about that below) and (2) when I look at the data about which parts of the ProjektList you are interested in (’cause dude! I see the data of which link-y are getting the most click-y) I notice you are clicking over to the dumb videos, and what I bought my son for his birthday, and non-music-stuff. Oh? Not a lot of people are following through to the music that we’re selling in the webstore.


The ProjektList is serving as a filter for fun stuff to distract you from your day?!?

Ok. I can do that. Perhaps the solution to this problem is to return the elist to where it began: something more like a blog with bits of entertainment, stuff that is catching my eye, with just the right mix of music and internet-based-dumbness.

You know: the stuff that we all use to make our days a little less tedious.

For example, last week, I went to Movie Madness, a DVD store here in Portland OR. Yep! A real-life rent-a-DVD store. I discovered that there are more CLASH DVDs than I can count on two hands, and I’ve only seen two of the last 30 Best Foreign Film Oscar winners.

I also saw “Rosebud,” the sled from Citizen Kane. Who knew it was green with yellow text? Here’s a pix of me with the lion statue from the Kane Xanadu set.

Oh my! The real world. It’s out there.

Why have I been spending my time on youTube, watching videos of cats knocking other cats down stairs!

I want to live!

That said, we all love cats… but maybe goats are the future! Shea hit upon this trend a while back, sending me this video. And now Slate confirms what Shea has known: Goats are the new Cats.

Speaking of Goats, the Belmont Goats are moving. Apparently their two block-long / one block-wide field has gotten too valuable. They are being shipped off to the suburbs (well, 92nd Ave); I bet somebody will build another 5 story condo on their spot. Sounds like what happened to 4th Avenue in Brooklyn. Well, minus the goats.

The days of thriving Facebook pages are coming to an end quickly

Why does Facebook suck? Let me count the ways! We were discussing this on my FB page this weekend. If you are an artist, band or small business, and have been wondering what the heck is wrong with your page these days, the two videos on this link are essential viewing to understand why Facebook has become useless.

“Facebook has this ongoing incentive to restrict more and more the organic reach of posts, in order to force people to pay to promote them. And I think that really changes the ethos of the site.”

What I have heard is that only 3% of the people who like the Projekt Records FB page see my posts. This means all those bands and labels you “liked?” Well, you’re no longer seeing their updates in your feed! Facebook is rigged to keep you from seeing the posts you wanted to see. Why? They want us to pay… for every post. And we’re not talking something reasonable like $10 a month. We’re talking between $30 and $150…. a POST!!! I’m so fed up with Facebook.

As an experiment, I tried doing a paid post on my personal page (where it’s cheaper than a business page). It cost $7. You know what happened? My post got 8 likes. Back in the day (ie: two months ago), most posts got 30 – 100 likes. Not anymore. It’s pay-to-play at Facebook now.< Those videos also explain all the fake profiles making friend requests. I was talking about this last month; I knew it was some sort of scam. Facebook is jamming us with fakes, to water down our reach even more. Did you know that Facebook has more than 83 million fake profiles!?!?

Also of interest, the Facebook “transmission of anger” mood manipulation experiment. They skewed what some people saw in their feeds, to see how they reacted. Thank you, big brother. Hmmmm? Let me think about this for a minute. Do I want my social networking site messing with my head?


And let’s ask the question, Is Facebook breeding loneliness?

” The problem is multi-fold. The time we spend socializing online not only discourages face-to-face communication, but it also undermines our confidence at engaging in real conversations with real people about the real problems and issues that thread through our lives. Indeed, social networking provides a means of escape, an easy out on having to confront those parts of our lives we wish were different; more glamorous, and less mundane. “

Supreme Court Rules JCPenney Allowed to Sacrifice Employees to Appease Cthulhu

Read all about it here

More comments and thoughts after this commercial break…

Pre-order these great releases from across the darkwave genre. More titles here.

Raison D’etre: Requiem for Abandoned Souls Expanded 2-CD Re-issue | $25 Expected Mid July. Contains the original disc with a bonus track and a second disc with material from various live performances from 2003 and 2004. The music becomes a pulsating, throbbing entity that comes sobbing out of your speakers only to lament the crumbling states of whatever you are stressed about at that moment. Tanzwut: Eselsmesse Limited Edition 2-CD | $25 Expected Late July. Hailed as a cult band and innovators of the genre, Tanzwut is one of the exceptional bands of the gothic/medieval scene; their outstanding skills allow them to compose and perform both as rock act and medieval band.

Titles available for pre-order:

Agonoize: Apokalypse Limited 2-CD Berlin-based inferno of hard beats, brutal shouts and thudding bass. $23 Android Lust: The Dividing 10th Anniversary 2-LP Features brand new remixes from Collide, Gregory Stewart (Z Marr/Combichrist), I, Parasite, Inertial and R010R. $25 Black Lung: The Great Golden Goal Motivational pieces specifically designed for workspace and gym. $15 Cocksure: TVMALSV Bridging the gap between waxtrax! era industrial and future sounds of mass corruption. $14 Deine Lakaien: Acoustic II $25 Deine Lakaien: Farewell/Where the Winds Don’t Blow CDS First taster for the new album Crystal Palace. $11 Deine Lakaien: Crystal Palace Limited Box A return to the sonic atmospheres of the early days (1986-1990). $49 Deine Lakaien: Crystal Palace Limited Digipak +3 Bonus Tracks $25 Die Form: Rayon X Limited 2-CD New album from cult French multimedia-fetish-art-project. $27 Die Form: Rayon X Limited 2-CD + Large Shirt $110 Die Form: Rayon X Limited 2-CD + XL Shirt $110 Die Form: Rayon X $19 Die Form: Rayon X LP $22 Funker Vogt: Survivor 3-CD Box Collector’s Edition with bonus material and rare, unreleased tracks. $26 Grendel: Soilbleed Redux V.2 Remastered re-issue with bonus tracks. $12 Hexperos: Lost in the Great Sea The sound of ancient instruments played by brilliant musicians. $20 In Slaughter Natives: Cannula Coma Legio The band delves into more obscure ambient territories. $14 In Strict Confidence: Lifelines Vol. 1 (91-98) – The Extended Versions Extended versions of the original tracks. $16 In Strict Confidence: Lifelines Vol. 2 (98-04) – The Extended Versions $16 KMFDM: We Are Live album features favorites new and old. $14 Lacrimosa: Live in Mexico City Live album with bonus DVD. $30 Lustmord: Beyond Re-issue One full hour of frightening and addictive darkest ambient. $15 Lustmord: Kraków October 22 2010 Live limited edition. $24 Lustmord: The Dark Places of the Earth Re-issue The pinnacle of dark ambient. $15 Noisuf-X: Invasion Limited 2-CD NOISUF-X dominates the dancefloors of the global club scene. $24 Pride and Fall: Turn the Lights On EP Remix contest EP with exclusive b-side. $15 Prude: The Dark Age of Consent Wild mix of 70’s NYC punk/glam with a harsh, damaged electronic edge. $14 Rome: A Passage to Rhodesia Limited Edition DVD/2-CD/Book Unites instant dark folk classics with ambient collages in the best industrial and experimental traditions. $165 Sequential Access: Sex Addict Anonymous 13 tracks of pure golden era electro-industrial. $14 Sopor Aeternus: Mitternacht CD/Book All-new album with 36-page book. $55 Sopor Aeternus: Mitternacht 2-LP $90 Staubkind: Alles Was Ich Bin Limited 4-CD Box Berlin-based group walks the tightrope between cinematic rock anthems and fragile ballads. $53 Staubkind: Alles Was Ich Bin Limited 2-CD $23 The Birthday Massacre: Violet LP Limited Ediition purple vinyl. $19 The Klinik: 1984-1991 8-CD Box The most comprehensive anthology of the band’s music ever released. $90 The Lonely Soul Experience: Path of Blood Blutengel’s Chris Pohl takes us into opulent fantasy-worlds. $19 Various Artists: Amphi Festival 2014 Who’s who of the electro and gothic scene. $15 Various Artists: History of NDW A MUST-HAVE for all fans of German electro hits of the 80s. $22


Animal Magnetism: Tigers Roam Wild on Dating Sites. Hoping for Roaring Success, Singles Post Photos With Big Cats Read the article at the Wall Street Journal

I really want to make “poorly photoshopped photo with tiger in foreground” into a succesful internet meme. Who will help me go there? Change your profile photo to include the wikipedia tiger and message me with your link. And use #tigerselfie

Projekt Records Music tidbits

Download free music from Black Tape For A Blue Girl at Bandcamp. Italian coverage at Ondarock.

Textura listens to Metcalf/Seelig’s Intention & Nerell/Seelig’s Tree of Life. Read the review. Buy both CDs for $23 at Projekt.

Fantastic Aurelio Voltaire interview in the new issue of Gothic Beauty Magazine. Download your copy today.

Lovesliescrushing’s 1993 debut Bloweyelashwish added to Bandcamp. A brilliant slice of 90s shoegaze music. For sale for $7. And don’t forget the sale code below.

Steve Roach & Erik Wollo are both in Echoes’ the Best of 2014, so far.

And here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. The King of Goth, Peter Murphy, said in Rolling Stone Magazine: “I keep asking, ‘My God, how did I get that high? How do I get that high again, and how do I sustain it for an hour?'”

After his meth bust, should Peter Murphy really be talking about getting “high” ?


Too soon?

You can stream the whole Lion album at the RS link above.

Where’s that Bagel recipe? Sorry. Ran out of time & room…. next Monday.

The new Projekt eList needs your help!

Sam and Shea really love snark! The Projekt virtual office is full of snide remarks on all sorts of topics; nothing is off-limits and yes, that includes some snarky things about the music industry and even the music we sell. But we need your help! We don’t produce nearly enough snark. Do you have some sarcastic comment about music? Send it our way via Twitter (use hashtag #ProjektRecords so we can find your tweet). If we use it, you’ll get a free download code for a Projekt album!

You can also give us a heads up on the latest distracting goat/cat/tiger profile pic trend, videos we have to see, articles we have to read, and unmentionable things we won’t be able to print because of the draconian hand of our email service provider. If your link is exciting and gets used, we’ll reward that with a free download code, too.

And please message me directly with questions, complaints, thoughts on the new format, and anything else you think would make the elist more exciting for everyone.



Apr 28

Three new Projekt releases. Metcalf, Nerell, Seelig. SomaFM preview.

Three new tribal / electronic / ambient / titles for you!

Loren Nerell & Mark Seelig: Tree of Life  | CD $14 | Stream & digital download @ Bandcamp $10 |

Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig: Intention | CD $14 | Stream & digital download @ Bandcamp $10 |

Metcalf & Khalsa & Steve Roach: Dream Tracker  | CD $14 | Stream & digital download @ Bandcamp $9 |

2-Pack of Intention + Tree of Life | 2-CD pack $23 |

3-Pack of Intention + Tree of Life + Dream Tracker  | 3-CD pack $29 |

(album details below)



On Tuesday April 29th, Loren Nerell / Mark Seelig’s Tree of Life will premier on SomaFM’s Deep Space One ( website ). Noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern, 1900 GMT. You can also listen via SomaFM’s mobile apps, or other net radio apps like TuneIn – just search for “Deep Space One.”

Deep Space One | Deep ambient electronic, experimental and space music. A soundtrack for inner and outer space exploration.

Loren Nerell / Mark Seelig: Tree of Life

Limited edition of 500. Tree of Life is a mesmerizing blend of ancient instruments, haunting voices, and whispers of Balinese and Indian wisdom traditions woven together with ambient field recordings. One part droney soundscape, one part tribal deliberation, and one part ethnological exploration, Tree of Life expands into a transformative experience. | Read the full description & purchase CD for $14 here.

Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig: Intention

Intention is a transcultural tour de force of multi-layered tribal-ambient rhythms, indigenous instruments, and mesmerizing soundscape. Byron’s spellbinding and laser-like drums and percussion merge with Mark’s haunting and beautiful bansuri flutes and Tuvan-style throat singing to create a bold, larger-than-life journey into infinite possibilities. Infused with steadfast power and authority, Intention is expertly crafted to induce and support expanded states of consciousness. | Read the full description & purchase CD for $14 here.

Byron Metcalf & Dashmesh Khalsa & Steve Roach: Dream Tracker

Limited edition of 500. < The essential ingredients of ancient and contemporary shamanic trance states are fully activated in this highly potent release from 2010, now back in print on Projekt. With living, breathing percussion, didgeridoo and soundworlds, the end result is full-blown alchemy, covering a wide range of ecstatic dreamtime flow: rhythm, breath and expansion. | Read the full description & purchase CD for $14 here.

Apr 13

In Concert: Trance to the Sun, Mercury’s Antennae & the Deadfly Ensemble

Kind of like a West Coast Projektfest


Friday May 2nd @ The Complex in Glendale, CA

Club Deadcadence LA & Club Violaine present:

Psychedelic Post Punk Legends: Trance to the Sun (Aviatrix 2014 Tour) Listen to newly recorded and updated of 5 TTTS classics at Bandcamp With Special Guest: the Deadfly Ensemble listen at Bandcamp and new Projekt Recording Artist: Mercury’s Antennae (Featuring Dru Allen of This Ascension) – preview a track at Bandcamp

21+w/ID • $8 all night • DJ’s Spinning a Mix of Goth-Shoegaze-Darkwave-Dreampop DJ’s Doomie & Matthew (club Violaine)< Complex: 806 Colorado St, Glendale, CA 91205 Facebook Event Page

Mercury’s Antennae

On the road supporting their limited edition debut CD A Waking Ghost Inside (The #1 seller in Projekt’s store for April). Purchase CD at Projekt | Download at Projekt’s Bandcamp Store.

Thu April 24 @ Alhambra Theatre in Portland, OR 4811 SE Hawthorne. website | Facebook Event Page

Sun April 27 @ The Highline in Seattle, WA 9:30pm. 210 Broadway Ave E. website | Facebook Event Page

Mon April 28 @ Oberons Tavern in Ashland, OR semi acoustic/electro show and free! website

Tues April 29 @ Velvet Jones Night Club in Santa Barbara, CA w/ Trance to the Sun and The Maheekats 423 State St. 8pm, 21+, Cover $10. Facebook Event Page

Wed April 30 @ DNA Lounge in San Francisco, CA w/ Trance to the Sun, BloodWIRE, & Crimson Scarlet –> All ages <– DJ Melting Girl / Doors 8pm, show 8:30 / $8 Adv / $10 door 375 11th St. website | Facebook Event Page

Thu May 1 @ Club Apparition at Lido Nightclub in San Jose, CA w/Trance to the Sun and special guests TBA 30 S First St. 21+ / 8pm. website | Facebook Event Page

Fri May 2 @ The Complex in Glendale, CA w/ the Deadfly Ensemble & Trance to the Sun See full details above. website | Facebook Event Page




Trance to the Sun

Sunday, April 27 at The Box @ Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz, CA 923 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. 8PM, 21+, Cover $5. With and DJ’s OWEN and THE USUAL SUSPECTS Facebook Event Page

Tues April 29 @ Velvet Jones Night Club in Santa Barbara, CA w/Mercury’s Antennae and The Maheekats 423 State St. 8pm, 21+, Cover $10. Facebook Event Page

Wed April 30 @ DNA Lounge in San Francisco, CA w/ Mercury’s Antennae, BloodWIRE, & Crimson Scarlet –> All ages <– DJ Melting Girl / Doors 8pm, show 8:30 / $8 Adv / $10 door 375 11th St. website | Facebook Event Page

Thu May 1 @ Club Apparition at Lido Nightclub in San Jose, CA w/ Mercury’s Antennae 30 S First St. 21+ / 8PM, 21+, Cover TBA website | Facebook Event Page

Fri May 2 @ The Complex in Glendale, CA w/ the Deadfly Ensemble & Mercury’s Antennae See full details above. website | Facebook Event Page



also on the road:  Voltaire Friday, April 25 @ Steampunk Empire Symposium in Cincinnati, OH

Saturday, April 26 @ Midwest Media Expo in Detroit, MI The Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. website

Friday, May 2 @ The Middle East in Boston, MA Saturday, May 3 @ Nauticon in Provincetown, MA website

On tour with Ego Likeness, full details at Voltaire’s Website May 9th Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks May 10th Columbus, OH @ The Shrunken Head May 11th St Louis, MO @ Crack Fox May 12th Chicago, IL @ The Burlington May 13th St. Paul, MN @ Amsterdam Bar and Hall May 16th Jacksonville, FL @ Factory May 17th Knoxville, TN @ Relix Variety Theatre May 18th New Orleans @ Siberia May 20th Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade. May 21st Richmond, VA @ Fallout May 22nd Chesapeake, VA @ Roger’s May 23rd Philadelphia, PA @ District N9ne May 24th Washington DC @ Spellbound May 25th Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13


Projekt Webstore Top-5 for April:

1 Mercury’s Antennae: A Waking Ghost Inside 2 All my faith lost… Redefine my pure faith 3 Steve Roach: Structures From Silence (30th anniversary 3-CD Remastered edition) 4 Rome: A Passage to Rhodesia Limited Edition DVD/2-CD/Hard Book (Pre-Order) 5 Black tape for a blue girl: 10 Neurotics ~ SALE $7

Feb 24

Remnants of a deeper purity, Vinyl Kickstarter update

Hi everyone…. I’ve been meaning to start a video series of updates of what’s been going on with the Remnants of a deeper purity Kickstarter. I finally got the camera set up, and shot the first installment.

Watch the video at youTube Preorder the vinyl album at Projekt

Here’s the text:

I’d say if all goes well, we’re six weeks out from having the finished vinyl in our hands and ready to send out to you. I’ve sent in all the audio files, the cover files, the label files, the stickers that go on the outside. And I already have back the CD that’s going inside it, which is the remastered version. So you can listen to the CD if you don’t have the ability to play the records.

I have back the booklets too. And here it is, the booklet that’s going inside the jacket. It’s massive. It’s really cool. Let me show you one page here. That’s the inside cover spread, you probably remember it from the CD, but now it’s eleven inches square. These are done and look really nice (sniff sniff), and they smell really good because they have a ton of ink on them because the coverage is really solid.

On the vinyl itself, I’ve received one set of test pressings, but they had some technical problems so they have to redo them. I’m getting another set next week and hopefully those will be cool so they can begin the actual pressing on the colored vinyl.

Then all the pieces come to me and I’m going to put them together and then we’re going to ship them out to you. And if it all goes well, like I said six weeks, that would be wonderful: to get this all to you.

There’s also this cool CD coming up, it’s Projekt’s three hundredth release, called redefine my pure faith, which is All my faith lost… doing covers of Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s songs. They’re an Italian band, sort of ethereal, heavenly voices; they’ve chosen six songs to cover, two of which are off Remnants of a deeper purity. And it’s going to be available at the same time (early Aprili-sh), so you’ll be hearing more about that really soon.

I guess that’s where we’re at right now, that’s a really quick update. I want to thank you all for having Kickstarted the release, for making it happen. And for keeping up on what’s going on. Thank you so much for your support in all of this. Bye Bye…


Jan 21

Three new Projekt releases for you. Dreampop, ambient & electronic

Our January 21st releases are now in stock at our webstore and available at Amazon and iTunes. Thanks for supporting art with your purchases. – Sam

Steve Roach / Kelly David: The Long Night

Projekt webstore CD • $14 Bandcamp Digital Download • $10 iTunes | Amazon

Atmospheres for the night journey. The Long Night is a deep-breathing sigh of the eternal nocturnal: gossamer atmospheres for the still hours of the night.

“From one who has used this type of music as accompaniment for meditation, slumber, and travels into deeper states of consciousness for at least two decades, it truly doesn’t get much better than this. This is not pretty new-age music, there is no form, rhythm or melodic color here, no sequences or anything like that. This is a slow-evolving exploration of sonic textures in its purest form.”– Expose

Alio Die & Sylvi Alli: Amidst the Circling Spires Projekt webstore CD • $14 Bandcamp Digital Download • $9 iTunes | Amazon

A captivating electro-ambient journey into interior space, weaving visions of strong emotional impact. Sylvi’s heavenly voice drifts within the highly processed acoustic sounds created by Alio Die: a hybrid between – sonorous soundscapes and acoustic mysticism.

“Trance-like atmospheres that a listener can easily get lost within. This is one of those discs you’ll want to set on endless repeat and listen to over and over until the first light of day arrives.” – Expose

Paulina Cassidy: Sugar Wingshiver

Projekt webstore CD • $14 Bandcamp Digital Download • $9 iTunes | Amazon

* The first 25 copies include a signed card from Paulina * Whimsical, quirky dreampop. Paulina uses her sultry, rich voice as a potent ethereal instrument in combination with her fluidly-layered compositions, drawing the listener into her fascinating world. “Cassidy’s half-whispered dreamscapes don’t need a lot of time to work their way into your mind and soul… she’s rapidly becoming one of my preferred artists.” – Hypnagogue

We’ve just added a free bonus track to Sugar Wingshiver. Get the mostly instrumental, “the mesmerist” at Bandcamp. If you own the album, if you’re considering buying the album, or if you just like free stuff, it’s yours!

Thanks for your support of these artists’ creative explorations.



Dec 23

Dec 23: New titles on the shelves in the webstore

We never stop adding new releases to the Projekt webstore. Day and night the elves are scouring the planet for new music that you might enjoy. A full list of of new releases available in the store, here.

Steve Roach: At the Edge of Everything (Live 2000) | $14 *Just Added* Recorded at the E-Live festival in The Netherlands, 2000, At the Edge of Everything represents the zenith of that period in his deep organic/tribal ambient sound, fused with a vibrant core of trance grooves and sequencer passages, shamanic electronic and atmospheric soundworlds. Steve Roach: Spiral Meditations | $14 *Just Added* Steve captures sacred geometry in motion. Seven shimmering, spiraling, gravity-defying musical mandalas create a kind vibrancy and energy that feeds the senses in a way that only nuanced, emotion-filled sequencer-based music can. VNV NATION: Transnational (US Edition) | $14 VNV Nation have climbed to great heights, in recent years, earning themselves a place amount the top names in the German Alternative (Electronic) Music. Their last albumAutomatic (2011) reached #8 in the official German Album Charts and was followed by sold out shows throughout Germany, Europe and Northern America. They now return with the new album Transnational, followed by a world tour. Never content with fitting in any category, their sound ranges from melodic energetic beats to indie-electronic-anthems to emotive ballads and beyond. VNV Nation are and promise to continue to be realTransnational! Cabaret Voltaire: #8385 (Collected Works 1983-1985) 6CD & 2DVD Box | $150 #8385 (Collected Works 1983 – 1985) collates four of Cabaret Voltaire’s classic mid-period releases – remastered – The Crackdown (1983, on the 30th anniversary of its release), Micro-Phonies (1984), Drinking Gasoline (1985) and The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord (1985) alongside a CD of Cabaret Voltaire’s 12″ tracks from the period and a CD of 12 unreleased tracks entitled Earthshaker. Cabaret Voltaire: Micro-Phonies re-issue | $15 Cabaret Voltaire were a dark musical beast that challenged their listeners and inspired the Industrial movement. This album, originally released in 1984 is even darker than before. Features the album’s original nine tracks plus 12 inch mixes of ‘Sensoria’ and ‘Blue Heat’ for a total of 11 slices of Cabaret Voltaire. Cabaret Voltaire: The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord re-issue | $15 The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord is their seventh full-length studio album. Cabaret Voltaire: The Crackdown re-issue | $15 The Crackdown shows Cabaret Voltaire beginning to move away from their industrial roots and leaning towards a more new wave-type sound. This is Cabaret Voltaire’s first album after Chris Watson’s departure. Corvus Corax: Gimlie Limited Edition CD Box| $26 Gimlie Standard Edition | $13 Gimlie, the 20th album from Corvus Corax, “The Rolling Stones of Medieval Music,” finds them exploring historical Viking songs, languages and instruments. The band’s lust for life imbues long-dead art with vigor and passion, bringing history alive in a way that only music can. As with all Corvus Corax albums, those who have never heard medieval music will become fans after listening toGimlie. Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman An Evening With Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer 3-CD | $19 An Evening With.. features highlights culled from hours of live recordings from their Fall 2011 tour of the West Coast. The duo bring you an intimate collection of songs, duets, covers and spoken word pieces that span their respective careers. In Strict Confidence Panorama DVD (PAL Format) | $18 After eight full-length albums, here comes the first DVDPANORAMA of ISC. Among current songs like MORPHEUS and TIEFER , there are also the classic videos for ENGELSSTAUB , FORBIDDEN FRUIT and MY DESPAIR , plus previously unreleased videos and slideshows. Lustmord: The Monstrous Soul reissue | $16 In 1992 lustmord and clock dva-founder adi newton forgedThe Monstrous Soul, a follow-up to the seminal Heresy album. Unlike its predecessor, The Monstrous Soull didn’t use field recordings from crypts, etc., instead relying on extensive digital recording, sounds sourced and manipulated from military surplus sound generators and spoken word samples. Lustmord: Rising re-issue | $16 Rising was captured live at the Center for Inquiry, Los Angeles June 6, 2006, with no additional overdubs or post-production. The performance drew on material from various lustmord albums, melded and blended into new combinations, as well as new material and improvisation. Patenbrigate: Wolff:: Freunde der Technik EP| $12 The ep Freunde Der Technik by Patenbrigade:Wolff is the first part of a trilogy on which each of p:w’s vocalists is getting his/her own ep to show his/her talent in full force. This ep features Stefan Leukert who also wrote the entire lyrics of Freunde Der Technik. Musically, this release ranges between electro and the finest pop. Spiritual Front: Black Hearts in Black Suits Limited Edition Vinyl LP | $36 Black Hearts in Black Suits Standard Edition CD | $20 A collaboration born of a long separation. Seven years after the highly acclaimed Armageddon Gigolo, Simone Salavatori and Stefano Puri once again find their paths crossing. Black Hearts in Black Suits is the result of three years of work, composed by Stefano Puri specifically for Spiritual Front, with Simone Salvatori lending his voice and interpretation (as intense and charismatic as ever) to the composer’s music. Blutengel: Once in a Lifetime Blu-Ray | $22 Once in a Lifetime DVD | $20 Once in a Lifetime Deluxe 2-CD| $22 The band that rendered Gothic-lifestyle en vogue returns with an enthralling live recording: with Blutengel’s sold out Berlin-show, an undisputed highlight of this year’s tour accompanying the sensational top 5 charts storming album Monumen. Once In A Lifetime captures a extraordinary Berlin concert with a lavish production in pristine quality: the double CD version features all 23 songs performed in Berlin (incl. big hits like “Reich mir die Hand”, “You Walk Away” or “Kinder dieser Stadt”) in a massive sound optimized for stereo setups! Merciful Nuns: Exosphere + Supernovae Limited Edition 2-CD | $22 Merciful Nuns takes us into the worlds beyond, parallel universes and cosmic spheres, all the while traversing with us the most surreal dreamscapes filled with echoes of long gone high cultures and civilizations. The entire album is marked out by its homogenous coordination between atmosphere and lyrics and the remarkable quality with which it has been produced. Goblin: Goblin Tour 2013 Red Vinyl | $18 The legendary Italian band Goblin recently reformed and went back into the studio to re-record 4 of their classic soundtrack themes exclusively for this 12” Vinyl EP. Treating the originals with the reverence they deserve but updating them to sound more in line with their current live set up. John Carpenter: Halloween O.S.T. 2-LP Vinyl| $34 In celebration of its 35th anniversary, Mondo Records is pleased to present the soundtrack to John Carpenter’s Halloween. This release features the most comprehensive version of the soundtrack, never before released on vinyl.

Dec 20

Projekt turns 30 this year. Feeling the love…

From Sam Rosenthal:       Do you know that Projekt is 30 years old this year? I didn’t really do anything to celebrate…. any suggestions?  I started a facebook thread for this one; go over and post your comments. And also read all the great Projekt memories.       Many suggested I celebrating by putting out a brand new compilation. 30 tracks for 30 years. Yes, wonderful idea, EXCEPT for the costs! I have to pay the bands, I have to pay to make the CD. The last time I put out a deluxe compilation was Projekt 200. It cost over $15,000 to create! It’s a really amazing label retrospective. 3 CDs. Tons of music. Beautiful packaging. Pre-paid all the bands…. And ya know what, almost nobody bought it. : ( I had to throw most of them in the recylcing when the roof collapsed a few years back! I have been selling them off at a loss, just to recoup some of my investment. You can understand why I’m weary of investing a lot of effort and cash into a new deluxe compilation, right? Can I call Projekt200 our 30th anniversary disc, and everyone can go buy that!? I mean have you seen this thing? It’s gorgeous! If you wanna do something for Projekt’s 30th go visit the Projekt webstore and pick that one up for $11!      

But enough of the party-pooping! : )

                       The last few days, I’ve been hand-writing holiday cards to people who contributed to my Remnants of a deeper purity vinyl kickstarter. [ Did you hear? We raised just over $8000. Total success! ] It’s been really fun thinking up personalized messages for all of you, and thinking about how lucky I am that there are people all over the world who care about my art, and want to support what I do.       Over the last ten days, I’ve been messaging with tons of my fans. Part of it was asking them to support the campaign, but it turned into talking about the music, reminiscing about shows, and realizing how much people care about my art.       I have to admit, I feel a bit like Voltaire right now! Have you seen the man’s Facebook page? His fans are loyal, dedicated, and love his work. I am so impressed with how hard Voltaire works for his fans. And the love he receives back for that.       I generally don’t get the opportunity to put in that kind of effort, because I’m busy Projekt-ing all day. But this week has been full of love. And I really feel it. And that feels good. Let’s keep doing that, ok?       Writing these cards has filled me with gratitude for your support over the years. And reminded me that I’m an artist. And I make stuff, and some of you really love it.             For those of you who missed the Kickstarter campaign, but would like to support… you can visit the Black Tape For A Blue Girl Bandcamp page and check out my music. Many are “name your price.” Or go and grab the Remnants of a deeper purity page here on Projekt.             One can spend a lot of time noticing all the destruction going on in the music industry. However, it’s nice to see the other side: the people who care enough about my music to support it in a big way. You people are great. I do appreciate you being there. And I feel a lot better when I’m thinking about the positive side of things. 

            Thanks for reminding me of that.


Nov 20

Reflections on the 90s, a new start and plans for the future

Pull up a chair, grab your coffee, or your lunch…

Reflections on the 90s, a new start and plans for the future

Hi. I’ve been quite delinquent on creating art lately, but I feel poised for a fresh start. You see,  a couple of months ago I moved from Brooklyn, New York, to Portland, Oregon. Planning and moving and finding a place to live took 5 months of my life; time I planned to use writing the sequel to Rye and writing new music. That didn’t happen.

But there’s an upside to this move. The stereotypes are true: life is easier in Portland. Things aren’t as expensive, people are friendly, I’ll have my studio set-up again, and my son now has a house to grow up in. All great stuff.

I’ve been thinking a lot about time and what is important to me. I want to get back to the way things were in the first half of the 90s. Back then, the label and my music took up equal parts of my time. Thinking back on it, I created a lot of great music in the first half of the 90s: This lush garden within, Terrace of memories, two collaborations with Patrick Ogle in Thanatos, and I recorded almost half of Remnants of a deeper purity. Not too shabby for 5 years of work!  In comparison, the last Blacktape studio album was 4 years ago, and the Passage was 2 years ago.

That’s what I want to do here in PDX: get back to work on art. Black tape for a blue girl, as well as solo electronic stuff. And also write the sequel to Rye: we must find out what the three of them do next!

I am often asked, “What’s going to happen to the band, now that you’ve moved?” The answer is that the band will continue, of course! The band exists so long as I feel like creating music. Back in the 90s, band members didn’t live in Los Angeles, they flew in to record, and that worked out quite nicely. I still plan to work with Athan and Laurie and Valerie. And play live again soon-ish (when there’s some new music to peform).


And I’m getting started with working on art. In the next week I’ll begin a Kickstarter to fund a 2-LP Vinyl edition of Remnants of a deeper purity. [ Update, the Kickstarter is now live ]. It is going to be very sweet! Very deluxe. I’m always asked about putting out vinyl, and this Kickstarter will let me know if the interest is there to support it. I hope you all will get on board to make it a reality.

The music business has changed drastically in the last 10 years. The way I see it (for underground artists), the music business is now a patronage system. Instead of Kings supporting the arts, you – the fans – are the patrons of the art you love. I have created three Kickstarters – all of which have funded – and I am amazed and thankful to have fans like you who care enough about what I do to support my art. During the 2nd half of the 90s and the 00s, I felt a growing disconnect. People stopped writing letters, and the internet didn’t pick up the slack. Now on Facebook, and through Kickstarter and Bandcamp, I feel in touch with you, again. I know many of my fans by name, and get to know you and what matters to you. This feels nice.

Also, going out and doing the intimate “Reading From Rye” events allowed me to hang-out and meet people. Which was a lot more fun than when the band is on tour, and I end up being a roadie and driver for my own band. I enjoyed the connection we made on the Rye tour: meeting new people, sharing a few laughs and a drink….

…(pause)…. Ok, I’m back now. I just got a phone call from my son. He had to update me on school today. And what his mom’s dog is up to.

Speaking of Kickstarter, Patrick of Thanatos has a Kickstarter to raise funds to record an album of all new songs [ Update: the Kickstarter funded. Thanks! ]. A little secret on this one: if he raises enough, I might get involved and play on a few songs. Patrick performed an acoustic show in NYC recently, you can watch clips at YouTube. “Red Rocks, Coyotes” live video.


I envision the next Black tape for a blue girl album will be an experience that brings you into the studio, providing insider access to work in progress, creative ideas, and serve as a place for us to privately discuss the creative process. I want to give those who love the music more than just “the finished product.” I want you to know what goes into the creation of the music. You will get to hear the songs evolve, and hear the scraps that get discarded, read the thoughts of the artist at work. Sure, that’s not for everyone, which is why there will be different levels of involvement. I imagine this as a “backstage pass” or “studio access” (I am still trying to come up with just the right word for this concept – suggestions?). Aside from downloads of music, I want it to have a blog component, and a once in a while chat, so you can give me your thoughts and reflections on what you are hearing.

This idea came to me while I was in the final stages of writing Rye. Once the novel had gone through the 2nd round with my editor, I sent it out to a few friends to read. I’d give them one section at a time, so they could report back their reflections and I’d integrate it into my changes. I realized it was really fun to read and discuss how they were experiencing the book and the characters. For me, art is about an exchange and about connection. And hearing thoughts on my characters helped me understand if they were getting their message across. It was surprisingly fun for me!

This new album will be an interesting experiment: sort of like a realtime reality show of the making of my album.

That’s something for 2014. But for now, look forward to a follow-up email in the next few days about the Remnants of a Deeper Purity Kickstarter.

And thanks for being a supporter of my art.



PS: Could you write a review of Remnants of a Deeper Purity (or your favorite Blacktape album) at iTunes. The one that’s up there now is pretty awful…. thanks!

PSS: Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s Facebook page. Join us!


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Oct 30

Steve Roach radio / podcast interviews

Space Capsule (91.3 FM KVLU, Beaumont Texas)

Today’s show features a Steve Roach interview and a selection of Steve’s new music! Listen in Friday (Nov. 1st) at 11 pm CST and again Sunday (Nov. 3rd) at 8 pm CST. Space Capsule streams at

Space Capsule on Facebook.

The show will be up for streaming on Monday (Nov 4): mixcloud.

On Saturday (Nov 2), The program Night Lab features an hour of Steve’s music at 1 am CST following KVLU’s airing of Hearts of Space at midnight.

At Water’s Edge (

Listen to a podcast interview Rebekkah did with Steve, leading up to the Vortex Immersion Concerts in Los Angeles.

Voltaire Halloween-week $7.99 sale at iTunes

Voltaire’s first 5 albums are on sale at iTunes

Music: I think it’s worth more than a donut

If you care about the future of the music you love, this trailer for the film UNSOUND is worth nine minutes of your time