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The ProjektList July 21 2014 (thoughts, humor, and some music too. & Tapirs)

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Another day, another band struggles to get their music heard. If you order a pie from Lonesome’s Pizza here in Portland, you might get a one-of-a-kind pizza box including a local band’s CD. Why? Because, few people want to buy music, but many people want to buy pizza!

Steve Roach and I were talking, and he mentioned a new Jon Hassell 3-CD box set version of City: Works of Fiction. It’s a reissue of a 1990 album with 2 bonus discs. I check in at rdio, and it’s up for streaming.

I don’t understand why labels think it’s a smart idea to put their releases up for free streaming immediately. Seems really suicidal. Why would I go and buy this CD when I can hear it for free, whenever I want?

I appreciate your support of Projekt, and I appreciate that many of you still buy our releases (CDs or downloads). You guys are fantastic, because you allow the music to continue by supporting our work.

I know people love free streaming music. I totally understand, I like it to. But Projekt is a “business;” meaning I am trying to earn a living at this. And paying my artists royalties for their creations is part of that business (in fact, I am in the middle of dispersing royalties, in which Shea and I prepare the spread sheets, and then I mail out checks to Projekt’s artists).

Giving away what we’re trying to sell seems like a bad business model to me. And yet so many labels feel it’s what they have to do. I disagree. I don’t put most new Projekt albums on streaming sites (or Amazon prime). I’d like to see Projekt artists earning something for their work.

Naturally, you can listen to samples of the Projekt releases at our website, via bandcamp embeds. But giving away the entire album at release date? Not so exciting to me.

A few weeks ago, Amazon added “free streaming” to their $99-per-year prime service. Effectively giving away the music that they have been selling for decades. Then last week they added a service where you can read all the Kindle books you want for $9.99 a month. As an artist, I don’t like either of these. They might be wonderful for consumers, but yet again the artist is expected to give away their creation so the big corporations can make more money. All Amazon want is to sell their prime service; in that sense, they are a lot like the locker sites that want to sell you a premium download subscription.

Creative artists are the chum they use to bait customers into buying their premiums. The fact that the artist earns $.007 per stream is somehow acceptable in their world.

Shea jokingly asks, “When will things I really consume figure out this model??  How about $10 a month for all-you-can-drink cortados? Or $40 a month for unlimited sushi?  Seriously! Why is it ok to squeeze more and more out of creative/artistic content?”

To which I replied, “Right! Why is it that only intellectual property has discovered the benefits of giving away your product for free? Come on vinyl pressing plants, headphone manufacturers, restaurants and baggy jeans. ‘Profit’ is so last century.”< Shea replied, with noticeable enthusiasm, "What timing!  TGI Friday’s has introduced Endless Appetizers for only $10.” Werner Herzog could have written this line:

6:59 p.m. The (mozzarella) sticks are inevitable, though.
Like death, they will find me. 

Werner Herzog in Burden of Dreams Speaking of the jungle: (YouTube clip) “Kinski always says it’s full of erotic elements. I don’t see it so much erotic. I see it more full of obscenity. It’s just – Nature here is vile and base. I wouldn’t see anything erotical here. I would see fornication and asphyxiation and choking and fighting for survival and… growing and… just rotting away.”

Tomorrow!!! SomaFM and Projekt present the internet radio premiere of Steve Roach’s The Delicate Forever on SomaFm’s Drone Zone. Tuesday July 22 at Noon Pacific Time, 3pm Eastern, 8pm (20:00) GMT.
Tune in at http://SomaFM.com/dronezone/

How Coffee Fueled the Civil War – Read at NYTimes.com< After studying the Civil War extensively in school - ugh - this is the most interesting aspect of the war. And I guess all wars. Who controls the coffee? True facts about the Tapir – Watch at YouTube.com
“Well, I never thought silly hobbies were appropriate for a grown Tapir, but I do have one trick.” And Bear clapped, “Let’s see it!” he said. “All right, oh! Oh my. Holy… is that!?!”

Tundra Excerpts by Erik Wollo – Watch at YouTube.com
A two-minute cross selection of tracks from the Tundra ep

“Well Spring” by Steve Roach – Watch at at YouTube.com
Beautiful moving video paintings by Steve Matson, 5 minutes long

Go the Fu€k To Sleep – Read by Werner Herzog at YouTube.com
“The tiger reclines in the simmering jungle, the sparrow has silenced her cheep…”

Projekt’s July 22nd releases in stores tomorrow…

Steve Roach: The Delicate Forever
CD: $14 at Projekt | Stream or download $10 at Bandcamp | 24/96k High definition studio master $15.98 at Spotted Peccary | Digital pre-order: $9.99 at iTunes | CD pre-order: $16.98 at Amazon | A reverie of gentle and etheric ambient sound meditations that awaken complex and resonant states of emotional and psychological perspectives. The nuanced, minimal electronics interplay with a masterful use of musical space, breath, silence, and rich textural colors in a subtle dynamic flow. Nurturing the senses in inexplicable ways, these sound paintings become an evocative environment for activating a state of rarefied reflections.

Erik Wøllo: Tundra (ep)
CD: $10 at Projekt | Stream or download $5 at Bandcamp | Live at iTunes tomorrow (the link doesn’t work today) | The Tundra EP finds Erik Wøllo creating fascinating atmospheric and rhythmic instrumental electronic music. This 30-minute 5-song ep features all new, previously unreleased tracks that showcase Erik’s ability to incorporate new and fresh elements while remaining true to his unique style. A strong emphasis on sequenced rhythmic passages and grooves mixes with spacious deep ambient soundscapes and melodic themes provided by electric guitars and various synthesizers. On “Tundra,” “The Native Chant” and “Swirling Lights” the use of throat singing samples and vocals from Arctic indigenous people add a human, earthy element to the electronics.

Available in Europe via Audioglobe distribution.

FREE “PROUD OBAMA VOTER” STICKER. Yes, they are collecting addresses so they can spam you this fall. But still, FREE STICKER! : )

A friend sent this photo of my novel, RYE, on the shelf at San Francisco’s Wicked Grounds kinky coffee shop. Man, I love that place! A few days ago I got a mail-order for a signed copy of RYE. A little reminder from the universe that I should get working on the sequel! RYE is available for Kindle + physical copy at the evil empire of Amazon

June Top-5 in the Projekt webstore

#1 Steve Roach: The Delicate Forever< #2 Erik Wøllo: Tundra (ep)
#3 Steve Roach: The Desert Collection (Volume One)
#4 Autumn’s Grey Solace: Over The Ocean ~ $5 Sale
#5 Mercury’s Antennae:A Waking Ghost Inside

The new Projekt eList needs your snark!

Sam and Shea really love snark! The Projekt virtual office is full of snide remarks on all sorts of topics; nothing is off-limits and yes, that includes some snarky things about the music industry and even the music we sell. But we need your help! We don’t produce nearly enough snark. Do you have some sarcastic comment about music? Send it our way via Twitter (use hashtag #ProjektRecords so we can find your tweet). If we use it, you’ll get a free download code for a Projekt album!

You can also give us a heads up on the latest distracting goat/cat/tiger profile pic trend, videos we have to see, articles we have to read, and unmentionable things we won’t be able to print because of the draconian hand of our email service provider. If your link is exciting and gets used, we’ll reward that with a free download code, too.

Here’s a photo of Harley on her new office perch. I’ve been sending out a lot of royalty payments this week, and trying not to be on Facebook as often as I used to be. This eList is more important. Nicer to be directly in touch with each of you. Drop me a line with any questions, complaints, or ideas of things to add to the List. – Sam

On Sunday, my son and I went to see the live-in-the-movie-theatre Monty Python Live (almost). It was wonderful to see the guys run through the hits one more time. (Mick Jagger starred in commercial for the performance, at YouTube. Why would anyone want to see “a bunch of wrinkly old men trying to relive their youth and make a load of money?”) My complaint with the show? When did Monty Python become 50% musical number with dancers? A song here and there is fine, but Idle turned it into a variety review with jokes. Bah! I was also surprised how few kids were at the showing here in Portland. Who is passing Python on to the younger generation? This was Python Immersion Weekend for my boy: Life of Brian, Meaning of Life, and One down, Five to Go.

Python, pass it along to your kids!

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