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Mar 23

the ProjektList 💌 Steve Roach Live, Erik Wøllo video, & more great music (3-23-23)

From Projekt’s Sam Rosenthal.

A lot of excitement over at Projekt around Steve Roach’s recent 2CD release, Rest of Life. It’s been getting phenomenal feedback from fans, selling like hotcakes, and was selected as Echoes Radio‘s March CD of the Month. John Diliberto (of Echoes) posted his interview with Steve & Linda as a podcast he writes: “In 1984 Steve Roach released what remains one of his two best known recordings, Structures from Silence. Now, nearly 40 years later he returns to that sound on the album, Rest of Life. It’s a double CD of mostly quiet and deep ruminations. There’s no digeridoos or modular synthesizers, but there is the electric violin of his wife, Linda Kohanov. From their home in the Arizona desert, they talk about revisiting the spirit of Structures, and horses.”

Steve Roach Live in Los Angeles

Steve Roach returns for his first Los Angeles show in 4 years. Following his filled-to-capacity 2019 Pasadena cathedral event, on June 3rd Roach takes us on a sound journey at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles in the Westlake neighborhood. The Reflections Concert event sees the church come alive with two hours of truly sublime, otherworldly music, accompanied by immersive, architecturally-mapped light projections.

First Congregational Church of Los Angeles 540 S Commonwealth Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020 7PM Doors / 8PM Performance Event & ticketing

Steve Roach Live in Tucson @ Ambient Lounge

The next Ambient Lounge on April 4 features sets by electric-ambient violist Linda Kohanov, atmospheric electro acoustic artist Chris Meyer and artist-in-residence Steve Roach. This night in the monthly series in the elegant Century Room at the historic Congress Hotel in downtown Tucson is going to be a dynamic experience within the deep end of all things immersive. Linda will be expanding her recent contributions to the album Rest of Life, while Steve continues to use the lounge to expand and develop new as well as established pieces for the live experience. Tickets here, and at the door if any are left.

     Could you do us a favor?      I figure you probably picked up Rest of Life direct from Steve, or from Projekt’s website, however over at Amazon the release looks very lonely without a single fan review. Could you write something? It doesn’t need to be journalism, just a reflection of your feelings on the album. The words of other fans helps prospective buyers get a feeling for the release and perhaps purchase with their Prime account. Thanks so much for this.

💌 This is your last call for a name-your-price download on It Flows Between Us, by Arin Aksberg. Genres: Neo-Classical, Post-Rock, Ambient, Minimalism. Lisamary Wichowski writes on Bandcamp: A great deal of depth and maturity here. Complex and emotionally (but not musically) raw at times, lovely throughout. I look forward to more.”

💌 I (Sam) edited a lovely & romantic visual representation of Erik’s stellar new single, “Le Paysage.” Watch at YouTube.

💌 Peter Phippen has an upcoming show collaborating with Victoria Shoemaker: Horizon Flute School Summit, April 14 – 16 in Hiawatha, Iowa. Details at Peter’s website.

💌 theAdelaidean (with his writing hat on) has a new season of The Word Docs beginning right now. This podcast, produced and edited by him with co-presenters Amy and Alex, explores the publishing industry through multiple lenses, and is a lot of fun! First episode here.

💌 “Diva” from Alan Elettronico’s 2021 Projekt album Electric Mind laid over a scene from Wednesday. Watch at Facebook or Instagram. Alan writes, “The song was heavily influenced by Crystal Castles, one of my favourite bands for the use of synthetized speech in music.”

💌 Cherry Stars Collide – Dream Pop, Shoegaze & Ethereal Rock 1986-1995. This is a really stellar 4CD Compilation for England’s Cherry Red Records. Release date is March 31. It includes tracks from four Projekt releases. Disk 1, track 3, Area’s “With Louise.” Disc 3, track 3, Lycia’s “Ionia.” Disc 3, track 14, Love Spirals Downwards’ “Stir About The Stars” (name on cover, as well.) Disc 4, Track 16, This Ascension’s “August Rain.”<

💌 Episode 26 of French radio show Solénopole includes tracks from Steve Roach and Erik Wøllo. Their website links to the many places you can stream the show, including Mixcloud.

Mar 10

the ProjektList 🚀 3-9-23

From Projekt’s Sam Rosenthal

☀️ Today is the retail release date for Steve’s 2CD Rest of Life. It’s a beautiful & subtle album that has been getting really great support and interest from the listeners at Bandcamp. postthispostthat writes, It’s like sitting on a train and instead of seeing landscape go by, it is your thought and memories seen through this window. I think I could listen to this sat quite comfortably for the rest of my life. mdbevilacqua writes, Another timeless journey that ends up in enlightenment. Order the 2CD at the Projekt website, and Projekt’s European Website. Digital & CD at Projekt’s Bandcamp. Stream it at Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music.

Musique Machine writes: The music overtakes with a subtlety that is rare among contemporary practitioners of the genre. To “listen” to Rest of Life is to be plunged into a temporality that is entirely out of step with that of everyday experience, hurried along by tasks and goals that put one squarely on the path of a time pre-determined, all too aware of where things are headed and why. …it was unavoidable – the feeling of having escaped some internal, ideological structure of time while listening. … Very highly recommended for fans of Roach’s previous works, and for anyone who is ready to hear what the rest holds. ☀️ Steve Roach’s “The Drift Home” is getting a lot of spins on Apple’s Ambient Chill playlist

☀️ Germany’s Schallwelle is the most important prize for electronic music in Europe. This year, two Projekt artists top the Best Ambient Album category:     #1 Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo – Revolve     #2 Steve Roach—What Remains

☀️ Arin Aksberg’s debut is Projekt’s #1 title at Bandcamp this month, and it’s name-your-price. It Flows Between Us is the sound of duality — neo-classical piano-based tracks and compositional ambient pieces juxtapose with occasional post-rock tones that originate within ethereal spaces before venturing into the depths of darkness. Dave Aftandilian writes, I love the gentleness and fragility of Aksberg’s keyboards. His closely observed compositions powerfully capture the fleeting beauty of a precise moment, showing how important it is that we pay attention to the world with wide-eyed wonder so that we do not miss the uniqueness of each sparkling fractal snowflake before it melts, or the hushed brilliance of the sun-diamonds on the wave-tips before their shimmering fades into darkness.

☀️ A video for “Eternal chronology” from Projekt’s recent Aglaia release is now playing at YouTube..

☀️Deepspace’s Superradiance selected as one of the “Best new release 2022 – WPPM Sound and Vision

☀️ Great comments about Byron Metcalf & Shane Morris’s Ancestral Resonance at Bandcamp. John Wolfe writes, As a forest elder this ole spirit gravitates towards the infinite beat. This production feels very intuitive in its presentation.There is also a deep understanding of ancient tribal respect for coming together in its presentation.F amiliar with both artist, it becomes a very special journey. Frank Inzan Owen (Hidden Mountain) writes: A stunning, visceral journey of depth and breadth. Stretches the dreamingbody across vistas of space-time.  

☀️ Exposé reviews Jarguna: My Temple 2 is a single long form, a cascade of slow moving floating ambient chords occasionally mixed with mysterious field recordings and duly informed by metallic sounding textures that fold gently into the fabric of the piece. Amongst Jungles is more of an electronic album in the classic sense of the word, with clusters of bold colors dancing across the listener’s field of vision and bristling arrangements of sequential evocations, swirling around inside the overall immersive experience.

☀️ Projekt has 5 albums on the One World Music Albums Chart for February 2023.     #41 Paulina Fae – Dreamwalkers Instrumental     #53 Lorenzo Montana – Decorar Silenzio     #57 Erik Wøllo – The Shape of Time     #79 Byron Metcalf/Shane Morris – Ancestral Resonance     #83 Jarguna/Nicola Serena – Amongst Jungles

☀️ Sam interviewed on Mind Body Spirit. Host Diane Ray is somebody he’s known since 1st grade. A full hour dedicated to Projekt’s 40th.

Listening Booth Playlists at Spotify and Soundcloud and Pandora and YouTube.  

RECENT PROJEKT RELEASES: Arin Aksberg: It Flows Between Us Steve Roach: Rest of Life 2CD

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