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Dec 31

Projekt Webstore Top-10 of 2012

#1 WEEP: Alate Purchase CD at Projekt $13.98| Download at iTunes $9.99 Merging Doc Hammer’s husky croon, post-punk guitars and catchy 80’s bass-lines/synths, WEEP creates a dark yet satisfyingly upbeat pop album painted by WEEP’s passion and unflinching take on contemporary music.

#2 Autumn’s Grey Solace: Divinian Purchase CD Projekt $13.98 | Download at iTunes $9.99 | Bandcamp $10 Their seventh album, a must-have for fans of darkwave, shoegaze, ethereal wave, and dreampop. Erin’s voice is layered and striking. Free Autumn’s Grey Solace “best of” with orders at Projekt

#3 Voltaire: The Devil’s Bris Deluxe Signed Purchase CD Projekt $13.98 | Download at iTunes $9.99 It’s the 13th Anniversary edition of The Devil’s Bris ~ The Devil?s Bar Mitzvah! New deluxe digipak edition contains the 8-page lyric book, a sticker, and a signed art card (please note that Voltaire’s signature is on the art card, not on the cover). Voltaire’s 1998 debut with “When You’re Evil.”

#4 Various Artists & Jill Tracy: 2012 Holiday Twin Pack Purchase 3-CDs Projekt $19.98 | Download at iTunes $9.99 The Ornamental 2-CD compilation along with Jill Tracy’s Silver Smoke, Star of Night (In the Shadow of Christmas).

#5 Unto Ashes: Burials Foretold Purchase CD Projekt $13.98 | Download at iTunes $9.99 Among the vanguard of apocalyptic folk and neo-Medieval music, Unto Ashes create a breathtaking listening experience that is at once mystical, melancholic and quite simply magnificent.

#6 Emilie Autumn: Fight Like a Girl Purchase CD Projekt $13.98 Beautiful, bizarre, and brazen sonic seductress Emilie Autumn wants you to fight alongside her on this much overdue and eagerly expected follow-up album to her groundbreaking debut, Opheliac. 

#7 Falling You: Adore (featuring Love Spirals Downwards, This Ascension, and Claire Voyant) Purchase CD Projekt $13.98 Adore finds Falling You exploring a more optimistic, rock-oriented motif. Though the ethereal / ambient base is still there, the music ranges from ambient, to jangly shoegaze, to melodic space-rock, to dream-pop and finally back to ambient. 

#8 Autumn’s Grey Solace: Ablaze ~ SALE $5 Purchase CD Projekt $13.98 | Download at iTunes $9.99 2008 release. “Whereas other bands pile on the doom and gloom to an almost suffocating degree, Autumn’s Grey Solace lets the music breathe. They possess a shimmering beauty that shines through the shadows. A fragile beauty, perhaps, but a beauty nonetheless.” – Liar Society

#9 Arcana: As Bright as a Thousand Suns Purchase CD Projekt $13.98 Their 7th full-length album. As Bright as a Thousand Suns is a sincere and sapience filled opus from a mature collective, ten diverse songs of thoughts and emotions on one album of pure splendour.


Dec 23

Voltaire tour dates

Monday, December 31st, 2012 Voltaire in Amityville, NY on NEW YEARS EVE! – Doors open at 10:30pm Club Revolution/Ollie’s Pt., 140 Merrick Rd Amityville New York Price: $15 or VIP $30 $15 regular admission/ $30 VIP which includes open bar 10:30-1am. Both include free buffet and champagne toast. for advanced tickets For more info: and

Friday, January 25th, 2013 Voltaire at the Elysium in Austin, TX Austin TX

Saturday, February 16th, 2013 Wicked Faire Somerset NJ

Friday, April 26th, 2013 Whitby Gothic Weekend Whitby Eng

Sunday, April 28th, 2013 Voltaire in Dublin, Ireland Dublin Ire More info coming soon!

Dec 21

Free Black Tape For A Blue Girl album at Bandcamp

To say thanks! for your interest and support, I’ve uploaded another Black Tape For A Blue Girl album for you to download for free at Bandcamp. This is Blacktape’s second album, from 1987, Mesmerized by the Sirens.

It’s been at least a decade since I’ve listened to Mesmerized. As I was preparing the page today, I streamed it beginning to end. As Rain would say, eyebrow raised, “Fascinating, captain!”

I was twenty-one when I recorded Mesmerized. Listening to it earlier today, I thought: “Huh? What kind of bizarre twenty-one year old writes an album like that!” It’s emotional, torn, confused, happy (in moments), dark, dense, beautiful, complex and advanced! If someone sent me a link to this album, and an email, “Hey Mister, check out my demo, what do you think?” I’d be damn impressed! That’s not ego talking, it’s looking back through more than half-a-lifetime of experience, and hearing what’s here! Of course, I hear the 4AD influence, and the Brian Eno influence; but think about it in the context of 1987 (Top-100 of 1987, here ! This was the year Dead Can Dance released Within the Realm of a Dying Sun).

Mesmerized is a very fluid, cohesive and rewarding listen.

For the free download, I added two related bonus tracks. A cover of “Jamais Pars” by my other band, Thanatos; and a cover of “Seireenien Lumoama” created with Bleeding Like Mine. Nice stuff!

On the bandcamp page, you can stream Mesmerized by the Sirens for free, or you can download it for free, and when you download you can even leave a little something. And rest assured we’ll be buying some of that yummy tomato & basil soup at the bodega, and I’ll be thinking of you!


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