Rome: A Passage to Rhodesia Limited Edition DVD/2-CD/Hard Book


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CD #1
1. Electrocuting An Elephant
2. The Ballad Of The Red Flame Lily
3. One Fire
4. A Farewell To Europe
5. The Fever Tree
6. Hate Us And See If We Mind
7. The River Eternal
8. A Country Denied
9. Lullaby For Georgie
10. In A Wilderness Of Spite
11. Bread And Wine
12. The Past Is Another Country

CD #2
1. The Road To Rebellion
2. The Declaration
3. A Short 1000 Years
4. A Deafening Silence
5. The Great Divide
6. Matabele Land
7. Open Grass/High Ground
8. The Rape Gate
9. Wreaths
10. The When-Wes Of Rhodesia
11. Gesture Without Motion
12. Ending An Era

1. Hate Us And See If We Mind (video clip)
2. Amsterdam The Clearing (video clip)
3. This Silver Coil (video clip)
4. A Day In Rome – An extended in-depth
conversation with Jerome Reuter

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Limited edition. Strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide

German Import Limited EditionA Passage to Rhodesia is ROME’s tenth album, but it’s safe to say it’s one of the most important releases in its long-standing career. The album unites instant dark folk classics such as “A Farewell to Europe” and “One Fire” with ambient collages in the best industrial and experimental traditions – most notably on the exclusive additional album House of Stone. Mastermind Jerome Reuter has accomplished a great swirling devil of a record, an epic and tragic masterpiece of considerable scale, rich in theme and philosophic inquiry.

A Passage to Rhodesia is set against the backdrop of the Bush War (Bush as in jungle, not the American presidents) in the country named after imperialist Cecil Rhodes. The protagonists – a generation of Whites in Black Africa fighting and dying for a lost cause – are caught in a web of blinkered complacency and radical prejudice. Jerome Reuter takes an open-hearted look at the tragedies, insanities and absurdities of war-torn Rhodesia in the dog days of white supremacy in southern Africa. A Passage to Rhodesia is a remarkable, yet deeply disturbing odyssey driven by a strange love for the country and its people, a witness-bearing of the rarest courage.

Book with 2CDs and DVD
• Elaborately designed hardback picture book
• 112 pages, 28 x 28cm approx
• High quality art print on matte laminated uncoated wood-free 150g paper with durable thread stitching
• Black front and rear endpapers
• Black ribbon bookmark
• Book spine has a stylish black quarter-cloth and is also embossed and foil blocked
• CD #1: the album ‘A Passage to Rhodesia’
• CD #2: an exclusive album, ‘House of Stone’, that is only available as part of this box
• DVD containing three original video clips along with an extensive and extremely personal interview with Jerome Reuter

• Sturdy box with lid
• Box inner exquisitely and lavishly printed

• Three postcards in a hand-stamped vintage envelope
• Depicting various reproductions of Rhodesian postcards
• A6 size (148.5 x 105mm)
• Heavy 400g art print paper

• Material: satinised bronze
• Diameter: 25mm, thickness: 2mm
• With extremely detailed and highly nuanced 3D embossing

• Two foldout posters
• Both sides printed in full colour (4 images in total)
• Each poster 60 x 90 cm approx
• High grade art print on high quality matt laminated wood-free 135g paper

• Round, 8cm diameter
• White adhesive film (suitable for outdoor use)

• Luxurious, satin matt coated paper
• Hand-numbered by Jerome Reuter
• Signed by Jerome Reuter

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