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Jul 07

Mark Seelig: “Announcing the release of my new Solo CD”

From Mark:

Dear Musical Friends,

The release of a new project is always a huge moment… This one is particularly special because of the way the mix developed in the studio. It brings out the sound of the Bansuri in a way I have recently heard it in my head.

I have to thank my dear friend Byron Metcalf for his unwavering support, his mixing wizardry which made it possible to accentuate specific qualities of the Bansuri, and for his gift of rhythm that he brought to this project.

Further musical thanks go to Vito Gregoli for contributing drones and tabla, to Paul Casper (Frore) for mesmerizingly beautiful soundscapes, and to Dashmesh Singh for his own signature drones.

It is with gratitude to all of you that I excitedly share this new CD… Your love of my music keeps inspiring me! It is not like I have an intention to go and produce a new CD… It is more an emerging and intuitive reception of sound that I somehow ‘hear’ in my being that, after some time, makes me feel I should put what I hear inside into a song. Then I sit at home, try things, and when my beloved wife Gabi says, “hey, this sounds great,” then I expand on what I came up with.

Some of these tunes eventually find their way into the recording studio with Byron. We sit in the high desert of Arizona, get into the musical zone, and the project takes on a dynamic of its own… a fascinating process that often has more to do with getting out of the way of what wants to emerge, than willing something to happen.

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This Disciple Trilogy is a musical offering to the Spirit of the Native and Indigenous traditions of the world. I have them to thank for deep inspiration, healing, and gratitude for the gift of life.

A portion of any financial proceeds goes to the Lakota Waldorf School on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.