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    Disc A – The Early Years
  1. Black tape for a blue girl : Across a Thousand Blades (2007)
  2. Area : Our Corner Drowning (1991)
  3. Lycia : Desert
  4. Attrition : A Girl Called Harmony
  5. Lovesliescrushing : Your Eyes Immaculate
  6. Love Spirals Downwards : Write in Water
  7. Human Drama : The Waiting Hour (Once Again)
  8. Thanatos : All I Have Left
  9. SoulWhirlingSomewhere : Soaked and Captured
  10. Arcanta : The Solitary Pilgrim
  11. Voltaire : When You’re Evil
  12. Peter Ulrich : Taqaharu’s Leaving | MP3

    Disc B – The Current Era
  1. Voltaire : Day of the Dead | MP3 Clip
  2. Android Lust : Wicked Days
  3. Tearwave : Comfort in Angel’s Wings * | MP3 Clip
  4. Lowsunday : For a Moment (Goodbye Mix)
  5. Autumn’s Grey Solace : Human Shell
  6. Mira : Cayman MP3
  7. Faith & Disease : She’s Got a Halo
  8. Audra : In Hollywood Tonight
  9. Mors Syphilitica : My Virgin Widows
  10. Lovespirals : Empty Universe *
  11. Rajna : The Door of Serenity
  12. Unto Ashes : Occupying Force
  13. Black tape for a blue girl : I Strike You Down * | MP3 Clip

    Disc C – Ambient Loop
  1. Alio Die : Spring Music *
  2. Fayman & Fripp : The Sky Below
  3. VidnaObmana : Breath of Closure *
  4. Fear Falls Burning : The World Turns Around in a Sea of Bliss *
  5. As Lonely As Dave Bowman : Pod Two
  6. Steve Roach : In the Eye of Noche | MP3 Clip
  7. Black tape for a blue girl : Seven
* previously unreleased

“Projekt200 is more than a retrospective; it’s a work of art in its own right, a chronicle of Projekt’s journey from cult ethereal/ambient label to darkwave powerhouse.” –

Limited edition of 2500, packaged in a super-lovely DVD-sized “DVStar” package with an 8-page booklet (Audio CDs, no DVD or video content). Concept, Song Selection, Image Processing & Graphic Design by Sam Rosenthal. Cover Photo by Vaclav Jirasek | Booklet flower images & rock spiral image by Pixie Vision Productions |

Projekt celebrates its 200th release with this limited edition 3-CD set. Begun in 1983, Projekt is America’s premier independent label specializing in passionate, intense music in the darkwave, shoegazer, dream-pop, ethereal & ambient genres. 32 songs plus brand new tracks recorded exclusively for PROJEKT200.

Sam writes:

Yes! As hard as it is to imagine, PROJEKT now has 200 releases. 24 years in the making, I put together this 3-CD compilation covering three distinct parts of the Projekt sound: The Early Years, The Current Era, and Ambient Loop. Packaged in a beautiful DVD-Sized “DVStar” package, this is a limited edition release full of love and passion. I have been thinking, for many years, about how to represent the label, when we turned 200….I went through the Projekt catalog and picked some of my favorite songs which represent all aspects of “the projekt sound.”

There are also new tracks, recorded just for PROJEKT200..

Tearwave recorded the gorgeous “Comfort in Angel’s Wings.” I recorded a new Black Tape For A Blue Girl song, “I Strike You Down,” with Elysabeth on vocals, and featuring some nice guitar textures from Doug of Tearwave. There’s a brand new track from Lovespirals returning to the dream-pop sound people love in Ryan’s work. There are also unreleased ambient/electronic tracks from Alio Die, Fear Falls Burning and Vidna Obmana.

PROJEKT200 also includes a brand new mix of Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s “Across A Thousand Blades” plus a Steve Roach track that is not actually on Projekt at all (it’s from one of his Timeroom releases): “In The Eyes Of Noche” which features some of my piano as well as ethereal female vocals.

I am very excited and proud to present this overview of the label, as we prepare to enter our 25th year!

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