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Jul 03

What does Projekt got cooking for the 4th?

Sam writes: The last few months (years) have been absolutely swamped here at Projekt. I love hearing new music and love releasing it so I can introduce it to you. I recently remembered that I was thinking the same thing back in middle school when I started making my fanzine: “I like this, I want people to hear this!” I guess things really don’t change? There’s so much cool music out there, so many interesting new artists we’re releasing, and also so many great artists I’ve been working with ten or twenty or more years… I love hearin’ all their fabulous music!

Today I’m bringing you a quick linky-list of recent Projekt titles to enjoy. Much of it is free / name-your-price. We’re nice like that. Shea and I both wish you a restful 4th of July (if you’re here in the States) and hopefully your pets won’t be too frightened by all the unauthorized booming!

Here’s an Instagram of my new kitties, Charlie & Rudy

From Dan Rather’s Substack. Bruce Springsteen said on tour in 1984: “(In the USA) in the beginning, the idea was we all live here a little bit like a family where the strong can help the weak ones, the rich can help the poor ones … everybody was going to have an opportunity and a chance to live a life with some decency and some dignity.”

Steve Roach: Dreamtime Return (High Definition Remaster) (2LP preOrder)

We are taking preOrders for the September 6 release at Bandcamp,, Projekt Europe, & Projekt U.K. 140gram 2LP vinyl Color-in-Color (Bone in Transparent Blue No 13). Gatefold jacket with photos, liner notes, and credits. Limited Projekt first edition of 1000. Stephen Hill, Hearts of Space Radio: Musically Dreamtime Return richly deserves its classic status, but Roach also deserves credit for leading electronic musicians out of their sheltered studios and into an active relationship with the landscape, the wider world, and deep cultural history. The whole genre is stronger and more relevant for his example. SoulWhirlingSomewhere: Live at ProjektFest’96

Name-Your-Price at Bandcamp, Streaming at Spotify, YouTube, etc Recorded live 28 years ago! Known for intensely romantic ethereal songs combining lush keyboards, sparse guitar, and warm, introspective vocals, Michael stripped his music to its acoustic essence, laying bare heartfelt tales of longing and loss. Luis Marques fan review at Bandcamp: My god, Michael has such a beautiful voice, so ethereal and evocative. I already knew that from the albums, but listening to his voice live without filters or mixing or anything I’ve come to the conclusion that his voice is even better because at that age, maybe 21 or 22 years old, singing and playing at the same time and reproducing the albums songs without the electronics and atmospheres of the albums its not an easy task. Thanks Michael and Sam for releasing this live performance of SWS. Gustavo Denouard: Mysterious Wind

Name-Your-Price at Bandcamp, Streaming at Spotify, YouTube, etc Buenos Aires-based Gustavo joins Projekt with luminous, relaxing and contemplative atmospheres that float upon minimalist and hypnotic ambient drones. Russell Turner fan review at Bandcamp: I just got this album last night, listened to most of it already. What can I say? Well to be honest it has been an excellent listen so far, an album that immerses you in its depth and quality, so much that you can get lost in this album… but in a good way. Anybody correct me if I’m wrong, but my first impression of this album was that it reminded me of a great album by John Foxx called Cathedral Oceans. Mysterious Wind just took me to that same place in my mind. Loved it. black tape for a blue girl: As one aflame laid bare by desire (2024 remaster)

I’m crowdfunding a beautiful 2LP, CD, MD at Kickstarter. The album is streaming at Bandcamp; join me there for the July 13 Listening Party. Aflame is emotional ethereal / gothic / ambient music with poignant, striking lyrical insight. The 1999 album features the sultry vocals of Julianna Towns, the passionate voice of Oscar Herrera, dramatic violins from Vicki Richards, cover star Lisa Feuer’s heartfelt flute, and my drifting electronics, neoclassical compositions and soul-searching lyrics. We’re 62% of the way to the goal with 118 backers so far. Join them if you can! This lovely edition will exist through the generosity of listeners like you. Kickstarter is all or nothing. We need to reach the goal to succeed and fund this release. Pietro Zollo: Fragmented Patterns

Name-Your-Price at Bandcamp, Streaming at Spotify, YouTube, etc Italian sound artist Pietro’s second Projekt release contains eight tracks crafted from minimal patterns and fragments of melody. The beautiful and melancholic minimalist ambience envelops and engages, creating an environment for deep introspection. d york fan review at Bandcamp: Pietro continues to plumb the depths of luminous darkness, introspection and beauty. This is a wonderful album to accompany your journey inward. Top notch. mario1984 fan review at Bandcamp: This album is a spiritual experience. It gently leads us back to our true nature; a place when the “I” is absent and there is no inner conflict, only a deep understanding that goes beyond the intellect. Thanks Pietro, and thanks Projekt Records.

Steve Roach on Tour

Chicago, IL — Fri. Aug 9, 2024 • Epiphany Center for the Arts | Ticketing Brooklyn, NY — Sat. Sep 21, 2024 • St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church | Ticketing Denver, CO — Sat. Oct 12, 2024 • Central Presbyterian Church | Ticketing Joshua Tree, CA — Sat. Oct 26, 2024 • Institute of Mentalphysics aka Joshua Tree Retreat Center | Ticketing

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