Corvus Corax: Gimlie


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01 Die Seherin (Intro)
02 Gimlie
03 Unicornis
04 Der Schrei
05 Koniginnen Werden Ihr Neiden
06 Derdriu
07 Grendel
08 Beowulf Is Min Nama
09 Sigeleasne Sang
10 Intro Crenaid Brain
11 Crenaid Brain
12 Twilight Of The Thunder Gods
13 Krummavisur
Bonus Track:
14 Twilight Of The Thunder Gods (Hymnus)

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Gimlie, the 20th album from Corvus Corax, “The Rolling Stones of Medieval Music,” finds them exploring historical Viking songs, languages and instruments. The band’s lust for life imbues long-dead art with vigor and passion, bringing history alive in a way that only music can. As with all Corvus Corax albums, those who have never heard medieval music will become fans after listening to Gimlie.

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