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Feb 24

Mercury’s Antennae: Beneath the Serene

Mercury’s Antennae: Beneath the Serene

Projekt’s first new release in a while on the darkwave side of the label is Beneath the Serene from Mercury’s Antennae. This is a perfect release for all fans of Projekt’s classic ethereal, shoegaze, dreampop sound. The duo of Erick and Dru are joined by bassist Cindy for a beautifully dynamic set of songs.

I’ll be talking about the album more in the coming weeks. Today, check out the printer’s proof of the ecoWallet. We expect to have the CD in hand early next week, then Joe will start shipping from Philly. You can stake your claim on one of the 300 copies with a pre-order at the introductory price of $12.

Feb 17

Black Tape For A Blue Girl — Album cover, Steps 1 + 2

Album Cover, Step 1: Acquire a bass

[February 9] Step 1 to making the cover for These fleeting moments: acquire a bass that can be ‘modified.’

( √ ) accomplished!

I got a bass off CraigsList. The narrow portion (above the f-holes) is thirteen inches across. I measured my model. The way I want her to pose is seventeen inches across. I will have to do a bunch of modification to this bass, to make it wide enough to hold my human.

Album Cover, Step 2: See if model will fit the bass

[February 16]


My idea for the These fleeting moments album cover is to have Mercy inside the bass. Today I generally wanted to see if she’d fit. Mercy tried on the bass, and while she says she’s a contortionist and can fit in the tight spot, I still plan to make the bass a bit larger. With a circular saw, and a bit of wood at the bottom to add some extra space for her to curl up inside. Maybe hard to picture, I know what I have in mind.

See additional shots of Mercy on the bass at — but be warned there is some (classy!) nudity, so the page is NSF (not safe for work!)

The third one with the spine is really nice, if I do say so myself.

Oh yeah… I haven’t listened to the mixes of the album since January 29th. I plan to go back this weekend and see how things feel after a bit of distance.

Feb 11

Two new Steve Roach & a new Erik Wollo

New Releases for February

Steve Roach: Emotions Revealed CD or download A delayed transmission from the early 80s. These lost tracks created just prior to the Structures from Silence era represent two then-emerging sides of Steve’s artistic muse. Erik Wøllo: Visions CD or download This remastered $7 budget-priced collection brings together 8 standout tracks from the 12 Projekt releases by this renowned Norwegian electronic artist. Visionsinvites you into an hour of the impressive and kinetic music of Erik Wollo. Steve Roach: Live In Tucson – Pinnacle Moments CD or download Limited edition of 300. Recorded February 14th, 2015 at Tucson’s Solar Culture Galactic Center. The flow of energy this music holds offers an empowering way to ride an emotional soundwave into the present moment.