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Journeys to the Infinite November 2021 | Serena Gabriel: Songs of Solace and Transformation

MusicTAP November 2021 | Thanatos To Release New Album – Covered Country

The Big Takeover November 2021 | Video Premiere of “Seminole Wind” by Thanatos and feature of new album “Covered Country.”

Opus Zine November 2021 | Exploring the Depths of The River of Appearance, Vidna Obmana’s Ambient Masterpiece on it’s 25th anniversary.

Rythmes Croisés October 2021 | Steve Roach Rétrospective – Troisième Époque, 2011 – 2020

Sonic Seducer Magazine, Germany • October 2021 | Interview with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape For a Blue Girl.

Orkus Magazine, Germany • Fall 2021 | Interview with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape For a Blue Girl. and review. “Die fragilität der menschheit” translates to “the fragility of humanity.”

ReGen Magazine October 2021 | Interview with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape For a Blue Girl.

Post-Punk September 2021 | Interview with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape For a Blue Girl.

Sounds and Shadows August 2021 | Interview with Valerie of Abbey Death.

Radio of Horror August 2021 | Interview with Abbey Death.

Discoveringbands by Michael Nagy August 2021 | YouTube interview with Abbey Death.

Music TAP July 2021 | Black Tape For A Blue Girl Readies New Album – The Cleft Serpent

Chicago Reader July 2021 | Interview with Lovesliescrushing’s Scott Cortez and Melissa Arpin Duimstra.

System Failure July 2021 | Interview with Alan Elettronico.

Discoveringbands by Michael Nagy July 2021 | YouTube interview with Black Tape for a Blue Girl and Projekt Records founder Sam Rosenthal, by Michael Nagy.

Progressive Rock Central July 2021 | Interview with Innovative Norwegian Composer and Electronic Music Guitarist Erik Wøllo.

Tucson Weekly April 2021 | Far Out, Far In: Two new albums from Steve Roach help map meditation.

Journeys to the Infinite April 2021 | A podcast interview with Steve Roach & Serena Gabriel.

Turn Me On, Dead Man March 2021 | A music podcast that includes “Turn off your mind, float downstream” from Sam Rosenthal‘s Tim, where are you now? collaboration (including Erik Wøllo, Brian Parnham and Mike VanPortfleet of LYCIA). The Turn Me On Deadman webpage includes a short interview with Sam about the album.

Tones & Drones January 2021 | A Podcast interview with Projekt’s Sam Rosenthal Hosted and produced by Jason M. Miller in the studios of Public Radio 91.3 FM KVLU Texas. Link goes to Spotify, but it’s also on Apple & wherever you listen to podcasts.

31st annual All Souls Ceremony November 8 2020 | Steve Roach performed at the 31st annual All Souls Ceremony in Tucson AZ, joined by Serena Gabriel. Cue in for: 1:01:50 open ceremony & 2:26:30 closing ceremony.

Echoes podcast interview October 23 2020 | Erik Wøllo & Michael Stearns Two icons of electronic music converge to talk about their epic release, Convergence, an album created amidst brain tumors and dreams.

LitHub / Dublab podcast interview October 16 2020 | Steve Roach takes the long view from his desert studio on his 30-minute THE QUARANTINE TAPES interview.

Nelda TV Episode 11 Steve Roach: A Sonic Journey September 2020 | 8-minute video interview with Steve Roach.

Journeys to the Infinite September 2020 | Interview with Erik Wøllo and a cross-selection of his releases including his collaboration with Michael Stearns.

Arizona Public Media July 22 2020 | Steve Roach talks about the healing power of sound, and his new album “A Soul Ascends” on Tucson’s NPR Station, 89.1 Steve’s section begins at 15:20. with Mark McLemore, host of Arizona Spotlight

Bandcamp Daily August 6 2020 | Steve Roach in The Best Ambient Music on Bandcamp: July 2020.

Tucson Weekly January 31 2019 | Awarding the Ambiance: Steve Roach. The electronic pioneer receives second consecutive Grammy nomination.

Steve Roach 2019 Grammy Announcement

The Future of What November 30 2018 | 45-minute podcast interview with Projekt founder Sam Rosenthal. A short interview with Steve Roach near the end. Link goes to Soundcloud, but it’s also on Spotify, Apple + wherever you listen to podcasts.

Projekt Exclusive July 10 2018 | Images from the Stark Corner. A photoset of the unused photos from the iconic LYCIA album cover shoot.

Arizona Public Media January 26 2018 | Shaping Sound with Steve Roach.

San Diego Tribute January 18 2018 | Electronic musician Steve Roach, with 172 albums to his credit, elated about his first Grammy nomination

Projekt Exclusive January 18 2018 | Steve Roach: welcome to the vortex. Biography article by Mike G of the music reference website AmbientMusicGuide.com

Steve Roach 2018 Grammy Announcement

Echoes Radio December 17 2017 | Grammy Nominated Artist Steve Roach in 50-minute Echoes Podcast interview.

Red Bull Music Academy Daily March 10, 2017 | Synth Musician Steve Roach on Tapping into Currents of Sound. An extensive interview.

PopMatters June 18, 2013 | Lengthy article on LYCIA

KQED March 27 2017 | Avant-Garde Musician Forrest Fang On the Art of the Double Life

Downloadable Image Gallery A collection of Steve Roach images through the years.

Rosa Selvaggia | March 2008 interview with Sam. In English or Italian!


Projekt Out-of-print | A page on the Projekt website that lists early Projekt releases that are out-of-print.


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