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Volume One, July 2024. Peter Phippen discusses Eau Claire’s Note-able Gathering: World Flute Convention Features Sounds from Around the World

Side-Line, June 2024. Black tape for a blue girl kickstarts reissue ‘As one aflame laid bare by desire’ album

The Guardian, June 2024. Darkwave, the gothic genre lighting up pop. Playlist includes Black tape for a blue girl.

Why Now, June 2024. Steve Roach‘s “Structures from Silence” is #4 among Top 10 Ambient albums to elevate your listening experience

tribe4mian, June 2024. Mira’s 2000 Shoegaze/Dream Pop debut remastered and on vinyl for the first time.

Side-Line, June 2024. SoulWhirlingSomewhere to release live album ‘ProjektFest’96’

Journeys to the Infinite, April 2024. Interview: Dirk Serries/Vidna Obmana: The Modulations of Appearance

The Vinyl Hole, April 2024. Interview with Arin Aksberg and joint review of his two Projekt albums

Side-Line, April 2024. Black Tape For A Blue Girl offer “Seven days till sunrise (2024 mix)” single

Avant Music News, April 2024. Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, and Robert Rich to Perform Three Nights in Tucson

Ghost Cult, April 2024. The Cure, Dead Can Dance, Alien Sex Fiend, and More Feature on Upcoming Darkwave-Coldwave Compilation “No Songs Tomorrow” with Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Attrition, Lycia

Side-Line, April 2024. VEiiLA shares new music video for ‘Do You Hear Me’

M.K. Ultra Magazine, April 2024. VEiiLA shares their new music video for “Do You Hear Me” (from their latest album Sentimental Craving For Beauty, Projekt Records)

48 Hills, March 2024. Ambient hero Steve Roach builds ‘Structures from Silence’ inside Grace Cathedral

Side-Line, March 2024. Click Interview with VEiiLA: ‘It Felt Natural To Leave The Past And Embrace The Present In Its Raw And Painful Way’

The Stranger, March 2024. Arizona Man Turns Seattle Church into Planetarium: Steve Roach Celebrated 40th Anniversary of Ambient Masterpiece “Structures from Silence” at First Baptist.

Williamette Week, March 2024. Show Review: Steve Roach at the First Congregational United Church of Christ

The Wire, April 2024. Steve Roach: Time and Emotion Studies

Progressive Rock Central, February 2024. New video interview with VEIILA.

Background Animal, February 2024. DELREI’s creative vision behind the Western-inspired Desolation and Radiation.

il Circolo, February 2024. An interview with Sam Rosenthal about Projekt and Black Tape For A Blue Girl

Chicago Reader, January 2024. You don’t know shoegaze till you’ve heard Lovesliescrushing

VolumeOne, January 2024. BRANCHING OUT: Local Musicians Chart Overseas with New Album Peter Phippen & Ivar Lunde, Jr.

American Songwriter, January 2024. 3 Reasons Why 2023 Was a Very Goth Year (Projekt is #1!)

The Big Takeover, December 2023. In The Warmth of Winter: An Interview with Projekt Records’ Sam Rosenthal.

Ondarock, November 2023. Projekt Records Celebrates its 40th Anniversary.

Gothic Beauty #53, October 2023. Jen Hoffert-Karas writes about Projekt’s 40th anniversary.

Dark Night of the Soul, October 2023. Julie interviews Sam Rosenthal and features lots of Projekt music in celebration of the label’s 40th anniversary

Obsküre, September 2023. Interview (in French) with Sam Rosenthal about Projekt’s 40th anniversary

Lumpen Radio, July 2023. Interview with Sam Rosenthal and Patrick Ogle about Projekt’s 40th anniversary

Alternative Press, June 2023. an article about Goldmine writing about Projekt.

Goldmine, June 2023. 40 albums that honor Projekt Records’ 40 years of darkwave, goth and more

DJ Nocturna interviewed Sam and Shea about Projekt’s 40th Anniversary, June 2023. YouTube.

WRIR Dog Germs, May 2023. Interview with Sam Rosenthal and label spotlight set for Projekt Records’ 40th Anniversary.

Soundscape Magazine, May 2023. An Interview with Sam Rosenthal – Projekt Records 40th Anniversary.

Chain D.L.K., April 2023. Projekt Records Celebrates 40 Years!

Sounds and Shadows, June 2023. Feature article highlighting the early days of Projekt Records.

Sounds and Shadows, April 2023. YouTube interview with Sam Rosenthal discussing Projekt’s 40th Anniversary and
Black Tape For A Blue Girl.

M.K. Ultra, April 2023. Projekt Records Turns 40!

Radio Quar, Italy, March 2023. Over two hours of interview with Sam and great Projekt music, from an Italian radio show. Discussing the forty years of the label, Black Tape For A Blue Girl and future projects.

Mind Body Spirit, February 2023. Sam Rosenthal interviewed by a friend he’s known since 1st grade. A full hour dedicated to Projekt’s 40th.

Český Rozhlas, February 2023. Art Cafe Radio Show, full hour dedicated to Projekt’s 40th. Stream Pavel Zelinka’s show from the Czech National Radio.


Indiefferential, December 2023. Introducing Sam Rosenthal and Projekt.

Uncut, July 2023. Black Tape for a Blue Girl mentioned in their special goth issue.

DJ Nocturna, December 2023. New Interview with band-without-a-country, VEIILA

Side-Line, December 2023. Projekt reissues the final two albums from Solitaire

November 2023. Alan Elettronico: Article for Electric Mind deluxe release.

Side-Line, November 2023. Sam Rosenthal & vidnaObmana to release remastered version 1992 album ‘Terrace of Memories’

M.K. Ultra, November 2023. Alan Elettronico: Electric Mind Deluxe Edition

Il Circolo, November 2023. Interview with DELREI.

Journeys to the Infinite, November 2023. Steve Roach: Dreams and Sanctuaries (audio interview 27 min. + music mix 52 min.)

Northern Spirit Radio, October 2023. Interview with Peter Phippen & Ivar Lunde, Jr. about their upcoming album, Primordial Forest

ReGen Magazine, October 2023. InterView: VEiiLA – Melancholic Beauty in Exile

Fairfaxcitymusic, October 2023. Steve Roach‘s video interview covering his entire career, nearly 2-hours of in-depth details.

TuttoRock, October 2023. Interview with DELREI about the making of “Desolation and Radiation”

KNHC On the Edge, October 2023. Discover VEiiLA in a new interview! YouTube & Soundcloud

Echoes, October 2023. Steve Roach & Robert Rich’s Tangerine Dream Experience: The Echoes Interview

Oleada Indie, September 2023. Jon DeRosa and the Aarktica Sound Universe

ReGen Magazine, September 2023. Projekt Records releases latest album from “band without a country” VEiiLA

Chain DLK, September 2023. VEiiLA: Sentimental Craving For Beauty

Post-Punk.com, September 2023. Shoegaze Act Aarktica Releases Expanded Edition of “Morning One” on Projekt Records

M.K. Ultra Magazine, August 2023. Aarktica: Morning One (2023 remaster)

M.K. Ultra Magazine, August 2023. How the New West Was Won: An Interview with Alessandro Mercanzin of DELREI

Side-Line, August 2023. Shoegaze act Aarktica gets 2001 ‘Morning One’ album re-released in a remastered and expanded edition in September

M.K. Ultra Magazine, August 2023. Projekt welcomes VEiiLA

Nenes Butler Presents, August 2023. The Art of Soundscapging with Jon DeRosa: “Morning Chorus” by Aarktica

Desert Island Cloud, August 2023. Aarktica Unveils Ethereal Musical Odyssey with ‘Paeans’: A Sonic Journey Through Sublime Landscapes

M.K. Ultra Magazine, August 2023. Black Tape For A Blue Girl: Mesmerized by the sirens (2023 remaster)

Evol Radio, July 2023. Journey into the Melancholic Abyss: Discover DELREI’s Haunting Post-Nuclear Soundscapes

Side-Line, July 2023. For the first time available digitally: ‘Plains and Skies’, the second album from Germany’s Solitaire

Post-Punk.com, June 2023. DELREI Drives Down a Lost Highway in the Video for the Gothic Cowboy Tune “Get Lost Blues”

Mixcloud, June 2023. Lorenzo Montanà hosts a show for French radio Solénoïde.

Discogs, June 2023. Steve Roach “Structures From Silence” named among Best Ambient Albums For Getting Stuff Done.

Sounds and Shadows, May 2023. YouTube interview with Aurelio Voltaire discussing his history, latest album, movie cameo, and so much more.

LupOnAir, May 2023. Micro-interview: Black Tape for a Blue Girl.

The Recoup, May 2023. A Half Dozen Questions for Aarktica.

New Artist Spotlight, April 2023. 10 Questions with Alan Elettronico.

House of Vachmiel, October 2022. In-depth review for Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s album “The Cleft Serpent”: Music For Goths Grown Up.

Kortfilmfestivalen/Norwegian Short Film Festival, April 2023. Video for Arin Aksberg’s “Virtuality” is nominated for Best Music Video

Volume One, April 2023. Pure Music of a New Dimension: ‘Ghosts’ Lands Peter Phippen His 25th Album

Musique Machine, April 2023. Steve Roach‘s “Rest of Life” is the Release of the Month.

Galactic Travels Radio, April 2023. April’s Special Focus is Steve Roach

Wildfire Music + News, March 2023. Aarktica Taps Into Natural Transmissions For ‘Paeans’

Echoes Podcast, March 2023. A short interview with Steve Roach & Linda Kohanov.: From their home in the Arizona desert, they talk about revisiting the spirit of Structures from Silence, and horses.

Echoes CD of the Month, March 2023. Steve Roach’s Rest of Life casts your eyes out further into its epic expanse.

Procession Magazine, Issue 9 • March 2023. Black Tape For A Blue Girl: Three page interview with Sam. Darkwave dressed with a deep, flowing intensity.

Altaposten, March 2023. Arin Arksberg: Songs characterized by the fear of not reaching out.

Journeys to the Infinite, March 2023. Interview and music mix with Shane Morris: The Archeology of Shared Resonances

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, February 2023. Peter Phippen releases 25th album ‘Ghosts’

Journeys to the Infinite, February 2023. Interview with Linda Kohanov: Riding Between the Worlds of Sound

Slicing Up Eyeballs, February 2023. Black tape for a blue girl‘s Kickstarter in support of Mesmerized by the Sirens.

December 2022. Deepspace: Exploring the Blue

Sound & Vision, May 2022. Tribute to soulwhirlingsomewhere

December 2022. Paulina Fae: in dreams….

Ambient Soundbath, November 2022. The entire episode of podcast #109 features “In the Key of Sleep” from theAdelaidean.

Post Punk, December 2017. Christmas Songs for Goths includes Excelsis: A Dark Noel

On an Overgrown Path, November 2022. The future of classical music is contemplated featuring Steve Roach’s album “A Soul Ascends.”

Soundwave #136, November 2022. Sam Rosenthal created an hour flow of the mood of Projekt — an exploration and overview for listeners discovering the label for the first time.

MusicTAP, November 2022. Thanatos to Release Holiday EP – Christmas Moments.

Ambient Visions, October 2022. Forrest Fang is interviewed about his new album, The Lost Seasons of Amorphia.

Among the Clouds, October 2021. Interview with lovesliescrushing’s Scott and Melissa about their unique shoegaze origins.

YouTube, August 2022. Interview with theAdelaidean’s Sean Williams about his new middle grade novel Honour Among Ghosts.

Moog, August 2022. Steve Roach: Ambient Explorations with Moog One. Watch the legendary artist’s performance and read about his journey with the tri-timbral polyphonic synthesizer here.

Leader-Telegram, July 2022. Eau Claire-area musicians collaborate on new album. (Peter Phippen, Rahbi Crawford, Ivar Lunde Jr.)

Music TAP, July 2022. Steve Roach to Release New Ambient Album: What Remains

Mobile Musician, July 2022. Cover interview with Steve Roach

Reverb, June 2022. Structures From Synthesis: An Interview With Steve Roach

Fifteen Questions, June 2022. Michael Stearns Shares his Creative Process. No Mud, no Lotus.

Obscure, May 2022. Erik Wøllo interview

May 2022. theAdelaidean: Music, writing and mathematics are my three great loves

Revista the 13th, April 2022. Black Tape for a Blue Girl premieres video for “A Chaos of Desire”

Side-Line, April 2022. Thanatos live album ‘Thanatos Comes Alive! — Part 1 (the 90s)’ coming up in May

, April 2022. Peter Phippen “These flutes became my teachers.”

The Morning Breeze, April 2022. Michael Stearns interviewed by Donna-Jo Thornton.

Tones and Drones, April 2022. Michael Stearns interviewed on Tones & Drones, hosted by Jason M. Miller at 91.3FM KVLU.

Echoes Radio, April 2022. A Cosmic Classic Re-issued, Michael Stearns’ Planetary Unfolding. Echoes April CD of the Month. Listen to the interview on Echoes podcast

Dublab’s Contact Wave, April 3 2022. Archive of Michael Stearns interview with Chris Kissel & Chuck Soo-Hoo available for stream and download.

ElektroSpank Greek Website discusses Black Tape For A Blue Girl‘s Kickstarter for A Chaos of Desire.

Ambient Visions, March 2022 | Into the Ancient: AV Talks with Peter Phippen.

OndaRock Facebook Live Rewatch the Italian magazine’s live interview with Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s Sam Rosenthal. Discussing the band and Projekt Records.

Son of Marketing Italy My AweSOMe Guest List: Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Sam Rosenthal shares 10 artists and tracks which inspired his music. Listen to the 10 tracks as a Spotify playlist.

YouTube, January 2022 | Scott Kirby Interviews Peter Phippen on WXPR Radio’s Midwest Music Hour.

Noisextra, January 2022 | “In Conversation.” A 60 minute podcast interview with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape For A Blue Girl.

Darkroom Magazine Italy, January 2022 | “The dark side of immortality.” An Italian interview with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape For A Blue Girl.

Dreams of Consciousness, January 2022 | Podcast Episode 209 features a video/audio interview with Sam Rosenthal and Jon DeRosa of Black Tape For A Blue Girl. On YouTube and Spotify.

Subculture Shock, January 2022 | Four Projekt songs appear on Listener’s Choice Best of 2021 Countdown!
#6. Abbey Death – Death is for the Living
#20. Alan Elettronico – This Ain’t Love
#36. Black Tape for a Blue Girl – The Cleft Serpent
#38. Attrition – The Alibi

Shfl, January 2022 | Great overview of Steve Roach‘s solo and collaborative works over the years.

Leader-Telegram, January 2022 | Local musician Peter Phippen releases new ‘Into the Ancient’ album.

VolumeOne, January 2022 | ABSO-FLUTE-LY SERENE: Peter Phippen releases new album ‘Into the Ancient’.

ModSnap Radio on YouTube, Spotify January 2022 | DJ Nocturna interviews Sam Rosenthal.

#ILoveGay Today, January 2022 | video interview with Benjamin James Stewart on YouTube.

The Independent UK, December 2021 | Projekt’s Excelsis 1 holiday album mentioned in an article about misfit Christmas albums. Move over Santa, Baby: Why the weird festive album is going to save Christmas

Florida Sound Archive December 2021 | Interview with Sam Rosenthal on his 80s fanzine in South Florida, Projekt Records and of course, Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Spotify and YouTube

Chain DLK November 2021 | Interview with Michael Stearns.

Journeys to the Infinite November 2021 | Serena Gabriel: Songs of Solace and Transformation

MusicTAP November 2021 | Thanatos To Release New Album – Covered Country

The Big Takeover November 2021 | Video Premiere of “Seminole Wind” by Thanatos and feature of new album “Covered Country.”

Opus Zine November 2021 | Exploring the Depths of The River of Appearance, Vidna Obmana’s Ambient Masterpiece on it’s 25th anniversary.

Rythmes Croisés October 2021 | Steve Roach Rétrospective – Troisième Époque, 2011 – 2020

Sonic Seducer Magazine, Germany • October 2021 | Interview with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape For a Blue Girl.

Orkus Magazine, Germany • Fall 2021 | Interview with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape For a Blue Girl. and review. “Die fragilität der menschheit” translates to “the fragility of humanity.”

ReGen Magazine October 2021 | Interview with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape For a Blue Girl.

Post-Punk September 2021 | Interview with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape For a Blue Girl.

Sounds and Shadows August 2021 | Interview with Valerie of Abbey Death.

Radio of Horror August 2021 | Interview with Abbey Death.

Discoveringbands by Michael Nagy August 2021 | YouTube interview with Abbey Death.

Music TAP July 2021 | Black Tape For A Blue Girl Readies New Album – The Cleft Serpent

Chicago Reader July 2021 | Interview with Lovesliescrushing’s Scott Cortez and Melissa Arpin Duimstra.

System Failure July 2021 | Interview with Alan Elettronico.

Discoveringbands by Michael Nagy July 2021 | YouTube interview with Black Tape for a Blue Girl and Projekt Records founder Sam Rosenthal, by Michael Nagy.

Progressive Rock Central July 2021 | Interview with Innovative Norwegian Composer and Electronic Music Guitarist Erik Wøllo.

Tucson Weekly April 2021 | Far Out, Far In: Two new albums from Steve Roach help map meditation.

Journeys to the Infinite April 2021 | A podcast interview with Steve Roach & Serena Gabriel.

Turn Me On, Dead Man March 2021 | A music podcast that includes “Turn off your mind, float downstream” from Sam Rosenthal‘s Tim, where are you now? collaboration (including Erik Wøllo, Brian Parnham and Mike VanPortfleet of LYCIA). The Turn Me On Deadman webpage includes a short interview with Sam about the album.

Tones & Drones January 2021 | A Podcast interview with Projekt’s Sam Rosenthal Hosted and produced by Jason M. Miller in the studios of Public Radio 91.3 FM KVLU Texas. Link goes to Spotify, but it’s also on Apple & wherever you listen to podcasts.

31st annual All Souls Ceremony November 8 2020 | Steve Roach performed at the 31st annual All Souls Ceremony in Tucson AZ, joined by Serena Gabriel. Cue in for: 1:01:50 open ceremony & 2:26:30 closing ceremony.

Echoes podcast interview October 23 2020 | Erik Wøllo & Michael Stearns Two icons of electronic music converge to talk about their epic release, Convergence, an album created amidst brain tumors and dreams.

LitHub / Dublab podcast interview October 16 2020 | Steve Roach takes the long view from his desert studio on his 30-minute THE QUARANTINE TAPES interview.

Nelda TV Episode 11 Steve Roach: A Sonic Journey September 2020 | 8-minute video interview with Steve Roach.

Journeys to the Infinite September 2020 | Interview with Erik Wøllo and a cross-selection of his releases including his collaboration with Michael Stearns.

Arizona Public Media July 22 2020 | Steve Roach talks about the healing power of sound, and his new album “A Soul Ascends” on Tucson’s NPR Station, 89.1 Steve’s section begins at 15:20. with Mark McLemore, host of Arizona Spotlight

Bandcamp Daily August 6 2020 | Steve Roach in The Best Ambient Music on Bandcamp: July 2020.

Los Angeles Times August 28, 2019 | Ambient music artist Steve Roach reflects on his influential 40-year career with a transcendent one-off audiovisual performance at Pasadena’s First United Methodist Church.

Tucson Weekly January 31 2019 | Awarding the Ambiance: Steve Roach. The electronic pioneer receives second consecutive Grammy nomination.

Cemetery Confessions February 16, 2019 | Podcast interview with Sam Rosenthal at Spotify & YouTube discussing his perspective on the Goth scene during the 90’s, the state of the music industry, his philosophy on the meaning of life and a lot more!

Steve Roach 2019 Grammy Announcement

The Future of What November 30 2018 | 45-minute podcast interview with Projekt founder Sam Rosenthal. A short interview with Steve Roach near the end. Link goes to Soundcloud, but it’s also on Spotify, Apple + wherever you listen to podcasts.

Projekt Exclusive July 10 2018 | Images from the Stark Corner. A photoset of the unused photos from the iconic LYCIA album cover shoot.

Arizona Public Media January 26 2018 | Shaping Sound with Steve Roach.

San Diego Tribute January 18 2018 | Electronic musician Steve Roach, with 172 albums to his credit, elated about his first Grammy nomination

Projekt Exclusive January 18 2018 | Steve Roach: welcome to the vortex. Biography article by Mike G of the music reference website AmbientMusicGuide.com

Steve Roach 2018 Grammy Announcement

Echoes Radio December 17 2017 | Grammy Nominated Artist Steve Roach in 50-minute Echoes Podcast interview.

Red Bull Music Academy Daily March 10, 2017 | Synth Musician Steve Roach on Tapping into Currents of Sound. An extensive interview.

PopMatters June 18, 2013 | Lengthy article on LYCIA

KQED March 27 2017 | Avant-Garde Musician Forrest Fang On the Art of the Double Life

Downloadable Image Gallery A collection of Steve Roach images through the years.

Rosa Selvaggia | March 2008 interview with Sam. In English or Italian!

Projekt Out-of-print | A page on the Projekt website that lists early Projekt releases that are out-of-print.

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