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Staff & Distribution

For any questions related to mail-order & our web store, email store at projekt dot com.

If you want to join our DJ / Press / media email list, visit the Projekt Promo Pool Page.

Press, distributors and stores, Click Here for information on our current new releases.       
Projekt’s Distribution Partners     
MNRK is Projekt’s worldwide digital distributor.
For additional info, contact Sam.

In North America, Asia and the U.K., Projekt’s physical CDs are distributed by MVDDistribution | Projekt’s catalog at the MVD website. Retail buyers: contact your MVD Sales Representative to place your order.

Our European Distributor with the Italian Exclusive is Audioglobe.
Mail-order customers, stores & distributors may contact: Audioglobe, SRL; Via Volga 45-47; I-50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI) Osmannoro; Italy. Phone ++390 55 3280131 / Fax: ++390 55 3280133
Email: Sebastian.

Projekt’s Staff    
Sam Rosenthal is Projekt’s Director.
Email: distribution at projekt dot com.
If you are from a store, a mail-order company, or an overseas distributor, then this is the address for you. If you are a musician, see note in next highlit area for how to submit music.

Shea Hovey is Projekt’s Promotion Assistant.
Email: shea at projekt dot com.
If you are a DJ, a member of the Press, have a blog, website, or any other “press” person, email Shea.
Joe is Projekt’s Mail Order Maven
Email: store at projekt dot com.
If you have a mail-order question, then Joe is the person for you. He is the one who pulls and packs your orders. He also keeps the inventory under control, so if you are a band with an inventory question, he can assist you.
Harley is Projekt’s Supreme Being and mouse catcher. Email: harley at projekt dot com. When not depositing unusually large quantities of hair around the office, Harley can be found meowing loudly for somebody to pet her, chattering at birds outside the window, or getting into bags and boxes at will.
Note for bands & artists    

Projekt signs select artists in the electronic-ambient-space music genre.

Sam writes:

Here is how I could listen to your music…

1. Create a Soundcloud playlist with your album, set it to private. I am interested in full albums, not single tracks. Music in the electronic-ambient-space music genres only. And music that is not yet released.

2. Message me with a link to your playlist; include links to your twitter, instagram, etc. I don’t need a bio, or a history of who you once played with. The only thing that sells me is “Is this music good? And, Does it fit with Projekt’s listener’s tastes?”

3. These days I am not signing gothic, darkwave, etc bands. If you send me that link, I may listen, but it’s highly unlikely I will sign your band.

Thanks for reading this far, Sam