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Sep 19

The ProjektList 9-19-22

Steve Roach feature article at the Moog Music website.

Few can claim such accolades in composition as Steve. Boasting several Grammy nominations and a body of work that helped to define the golden age of analog synthesis, Steve’s catalog spans over 100 solo albums, live recordings, and collaborations. He is still composing to this day, adding to his impressive catalog and inspiring the world of ambient music.

A revamp of Steve’s 2004 Space And Time album is name-your-price at Steve’s Bandcamp page. We’ve added extended excerpts & extra tracks. Essentials 1984 — 2004 Space and Time invites the listener on a 90-minute journey into the extraordinary electronic soundworlds of Steve Roach.

👉 Black Tape For A Blue Girl vocalist Jon DeRosa’s band is Aarktica. Jon created something special for Projekt fans. Aarktica Mixtape V.1 – The Early Influences is “a playlist that highlights some of my early influences, artists and composers who I was listening to a lot of in the early days and who influenced Aarktica’s sound in the No Solace in Sleep era. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it does include some great artists. Enjoy!” Playlist streaming at Spotify.

👉 theAdelaidean (in literary mode, as Sean Williams) has a new book out; Honour Among Ghosts is available from Allen & Unwin. It is a “sidequel” to his multi-nominated novel Her Perilous Mansion for readers aged 10-up. theAdelaidean is also part of a massive Kickstarter for four new anthologies from the legendary small press Zombie Needs Brains. You can learn more about that, and his music, by watching this short video interview with Sean.

👉 Projekt’s Peter Phippen posted a 90-second video at YouTube Antique Egyptian Kamala Improvisation. And he’ll be performing October 2 at Kinstone Circle in Fountain City, WI. Peter Phippen (Antique bamboo flutes) with Victoria Shoemaker (djembe / wooden flutes).) It’s a natural acoustic performance.

👉 Erik Wøllo is finishing his new album for a January 2023 release on Projekt.

👉 A memoir from Peter Ulrich: Drumming With Dead Can Dance & Parallel Adventures (Book) (PreOrder, Expected Mid-November) 6″x9″ casebound book, 295 pages.

👉 Tracks from Paulina Fae’s Glow played on Hypnagogue #364, Magnetofunky #23, The Blackout Radio Show, and Star’s End Top 50 albums for July 2022.

Thanatos Comes Alive! Acoustic shows:

Sunday, October 23 at Black Forge Coffee House II in McKees Rocks, PA Monday, October 24 at … well NOWHERE yet but we are still asking around. Tuesday, October 25 at Small’s in , Detroit, MI Wednesday October 26 at Gman Tavern in Chicago, IL. Full details at Thanatos website.

Alio Die & Dirk Serries: The chapters of the eclipse CD at the Projekt webstore

Bandcamp fan EJR wrote: “Although Dirk moved away from his keyboard rig many years ago, his effected guitar is the perfect foil for Stefano’s zither and encompassing electronics. I am blown away by the beauty of this music. These long time ambient composers have created a very special collaborative recording. Seconds after play you’ll be floating away. Thanks to Sam as always for the European ambient on Projekt.”

Listening Booth Projekt’s playlists at Spotify and Soundcloud and Pandora.

PreOrders with November 4 release date

Michael Stearns: Chronos — 2022 Remaster, Original X-86 Ambisonics Mix Forrest Fang: The Lost Seasons of Amorphia

Upcoming Projekt Release October 14 • Jarguna: My Temple 2 [Digital]

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