Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman: An Evening With Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer (3-CD)

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Disc One
1. My Last Landlady
2. The Rhyme Maidens
3. The Day The Saucers Came
4. Feminine Endings
5. The Winter Gardens
6. In Relig Odhrain
7. The View From The Cheap Seats
8. I Will Write In Words Of Fire
9. The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury
10. Making A Chair
11. 100 Words

Disc Two
1. Margaret Cho Introduces the Show
2. Makin’ Whoopee
3. (Introduction To The Problem With Saints)
4. The Problem With Saints
5. Jump (For Jeremy Geidt)
6. Ask Neil And Amanda
7. (Introduction To Broken Heart Stew)
8. Broken Heart Stew (By Amanda)
9. Poem for Amanda (By Neil)
10. Poem for Neil (By Amanda)
11. Electric Blanket (A Duet. Amanda Palmer And Jason Webley)
12. Psycho
13. (Introduction To I Google You)
14. I Google You

Disc Three
1. I Want You, But I Don’t Need You
2. (Introduction To Dear Old House)
3. Dear Old House
4. (Introduction To Gaga, Palmer, Madonna: A Polemic)
5. Gaga, Palmer, Madonna: A Polemic
6. (Introduction To Judy Blume)
7. Judy Blume
8. I Don’t Care Much (With Lance Horne)
9. Map Of Tasmania
10. (Introduction To Do You Swear To Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass)
11. Do You Swear To Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass
12. (Introduction To I Will Follow You Into The Dark)
13. I Will Follow You Into The Dark (For Ashlie Gough)
14. Look Mummy, No Hands
15. Ukulele Anthem

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2013 release from singer/songwriter Amanda Palmer and her husband, author Neil Gaiman. An Evening With… features highlights culled from hours of live recordings from their Fall 2011 tour of the West Coast. The duo bring you an intimate collection of songs, duets, covers and spoken word pieces that span their respective careers. Previously unreleased to the general public, An Evening With Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer includes such fan-favorites as “The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury”, “Dear Old House”, and “Judy Blume”. Likewise, such show-stoppers as “Makin’ Whoopee” and “I Google You” provide a fun yet truly personal look at the artistic tension and incomparable love between this husband-and-wife power phenom.

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