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Portland-based Projekt Records, home to Steve Roach, Aurelio Voltaire, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Erik Wøllo, Michael Stearns and many more, celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2023. With over 89 million tracks streamed in 2021, the label grows with a weekly schedule of releases with new and classic titles reissues` adding to the 425+ available albums. Founder Sam Rosenthal helped Projekt thrive throughout the decades where so many other labels have perished; to this day Projekt continues to nurture the careers of its highly select roster of artists. 

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Upcoming Projekt releases:

Street Date: Sept 6 2024
Steve Roach: Dreamtime Return 2LP
Since its release in 1988, Dreamtime Return earned its reputation as a genuine classic. The magnum opus is one of the most important, widely known and highly respected release in Roach's vast body of work. It serves as an essential benchmark within the electronic-ethno-atmospheric genre. Roach's travels in the Australian outback, along with studies of the Aboriginal Dreamtime, and his desert walkabouts in California were the lifeblood for this recording which even today sounds like a transmission from the near future and the very distant past.

* 140gram 2LP vinyl Color-in-Color (Bone in Transparent Blue No 13)
* Gatefold jacket with photos, liner notes, and credits
* Limited Projekt first edition of 1000
List Price: $44.99
UPC: 617026035017
Item #: PRO350-1

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Side 1 • 1 Towards The Dream 7:05 • 2 The Continent 4:48 • 3 Songline 3:09 • 4 Airtribe Meets The Dream Ghost 6:59
Side 2 • 1 A Circular Ceremony 9:36 • 2 The Other Side 13:13
Side 3 • 1 Magnificent Gallery 5:08 • 2 Australian Dawn - The Quiet Earth Cries Inside 6:07 • 3 Looking For Safety 11:10
Side 4 • 1 The Ancient Day 6:04 • 2 Red Twilight With The Old Ones 9:48 • 3 The Return 8:30

Street Date: July 19 2024
TheAdelaidean & Steve Roach: Parallels 2CD
Across 8,500 miles and one sweeping ocean, pioneering electronic music maestro Steve Roach and new gen artist theAdelaidean align their ambient atmospherics on a double album both introspective and otherworldly. Baja Arizona-based Roach's decades of sculpting immersive soundworlds merge with Australia-based theAdelaidean's delicate, meticulous sound design on ten serene and meditative tracks.

2CD in 6-panel Digipak
List Price: $21.98
UPC: 617026042022
Item #: PRO420

Retail: View on MVD portal

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Web Res
Disc One:
1. Finding Focus
2. Cloud Theatre
3. Skyline Shards
4. Dusk Portrait
5. Vanishing Point
Total Time: 61:16

Disc Two:
6. North Parallel
7. Airspace Vista
8. South Parallel
9. Horizon Convergence
10. Intersecting Fields
Total Time: 66:13

Street Date: May 24 2024
Michael Stearns Morning Jewel (2024 remaster) CD
It's been forty-five years since Michael Stearns released his third cassette, Morning Jewel. Quickly embraced in 1979 by the burgeoning New Age and meditative music market, the album stands as a classic from the early era of Californian ambient artists. It's a sublime sonic monument with two long-form pieces integrating natural sounds and minimal electronics in long quiet movements.
CD in 4-panel Digipak
List Price: $17.98
UPC: 617026041926
Item #: PRO419

Retail: View on MVD portal

Limited edition of 300

Genres: New Age, Ambient,
Environmental, Organic Ambient

Web Res

Web Res
Track Listing:
1. Morning - 2024 remaster 25:55
2. Jewel - 2024 remaster 21:49

Street Date: April 5 2024
Steve Roach Reflections in Repose 2CD
Steve Roach captures the pure essence of his ever-deepening intimate embrace of silence, breath, rich harmonic inventiveness, and shifting liminal states: a unique electronic/ambient vision. The two discs' 116 minutes were performed on the Oberheim OB-X8 - the modern equivalent of the iconic Oberheim OB-8 Steve used 40 years ago in the creation of his classic piece "Structures from Silence."

2CD in 6-panel Digipak
List Price: $19.98
UPC: 617026041827
Item #: PRO418

Retail: View on MVD portal

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Photo credit: Stephan Econonmou
Track Listing:
Disc 1
1 Watercourse
2 Reflections in Repose
3 The Splendor Within
Disc 2
1 Hear Now
2 This is Why

Street Date: February 16 2024
Steve Roach: Structures from Silence (40th Anniversary Remaster) LP, 1CD & 3CD editions
Pitchfork: "Top-40 Best Ambient Albums of All Time. Contemplative bliss. Like a desert mirage, these structures hover forever at the horizon, an oasis from the din surrounding it." Roach's 1984 Structures from Silence is an iconic ambient classic: breathing, suspended embrace of atmospheres & serene melodies. 40th anniversary with a beautiful remastered edition. Rediscover this timeless classic.

3CD in 6-panel Digipak
List Price: $25.99
UPC: 617026041629
Item #: PRO416
Retail: View on MVD portal

1CD in 4-panel Digipak
List Price: $17.99
UPC: 617026041520
Item #: PRO415
Retail: View on MVD portal

Vinyl LP
List Price: $35.99
UPC: 617026041513
Item #: PRO415-1
Retail: View on MVD portal

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Photo credit: Thomas Ronkin
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Genres: New Age, Ambient,
Electronic, Minimalism
LP Track Listing:
Side One
1 Reflections in Suspension 16:34
2 Quiet Friend 13:11
Side Two
1 Structures From Silence 28:37

3CD Track Listing:
Disc 1
1 Reflections in Suspension
2 Quiet Friend
3 Structures from Silence
Disc 2
4 Suspension
5 Reflection
Disc 3
6 Beyond
7 Below

Street Date: February 2 2024
Jeff Greinke Oceanic
Oceanic is undulating ambient minimalism floating upon dreamy, somewhat hazy eddies in a slow-moving stream of wonder. Greinke's 24th album in a 40-year career is created from electronic sounds processed to create complex textures, chords and harmonies. The timbres are distinct, with subtle detail, capturing the ebb and flow of emotional whirlpools. It's a mysterious and beautiful world of sound.

CD in 4-panel Digipak
List Price: $17.98
UPC: 617026041728
Item #: PRO417

Limited edition of 300 Retail: View on MVD portal

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Web Res

High Res | Web Res
Track Listing:
1. Oceanic
2. Mountains to Clouds
3. Cirrus Currents
4. Cyclogenesis
5. Temple of Dripping Bells
6. Place of Discovery
7. Late Rain at the Station
8. Pressure Gradient
9. Northern Reaches

Street Date: January 12 2024
Sam Rosenthal / vidnaObmana Terrace of Memories
(2024 remaster) (LP+CD)
Remaster of their 1992 organic ambient album of longing and gentle melancholic minimalism. Sam Rosenthal (Black Tape For A Blue Girl's founder/synthesist, then based in Los Angeles) and Dirk Serries (then recording under the moniker vdnaObmana in Belgium) blended their atmospheres and somber contemplative electronics on this timeless album filled with lush, dark and beautiful impressions.

CD in 6-panel Digipak
List Price: $17.98
UPC: 617026041421
Item #: PRO414-2

Limited edition of 500

LP info to come

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Web Res
Track Listing:
1 These Ancient Halls (2024 remaster)
2 Dark Mist, Rain (2024 remaster)
3 Terrace of Memories (2024 remaster)
4 From Within the Cold (a fragment) (2024 remaster)
5 Of Silent Crossings (2024 remaster)

Street Date: December 1 2023
Henrik Meierkord: Zeitreisen (digital)
ARC286 - 617026228624 ~ GENRES: Ambient, drone, neoclassical. Sweden's Henrik Meierkord's main instrument is the cello, though he incorporates other stringed instruments and effect pedals to create his modern minimalistic ambience. ZEITREISEN is understated and graceful. The beautiful and mysterious string-fused soundscapes find emotional stimuli and tension within a melancholic soul. Meierkord has 9 solo albums and 13 collaborations including performances on Black Tape For A Blue Girl's THE CLEFT SERPENT (2021) and Aarktica's PAEANS (2023).

Web Res

High Res | Web Res
Photo Credit: Johan Bergmark

Web Res

High Res | Web Res
Photo Credit: Johan Bergmark
Track Listing:
1. Mitthavet
2. Cello ambient improvisation I
3. Cello ambient improvisation II
4. Cello ambient improvisation III
5. Varen star pa lut
6. Doppelganger I
7. Doppelganger II
8. Sarabande - Ambient
9. Cello ambient improvisation IV
10. Danza

Street Date: November 3 2023
Peter Phippen & Ivar Lunde Jr.: Primordial Forest (digital)
ARC292 - 617026229324 ~ GENRES: Ambient, New Age, Meditation. RIYL: Coyote Oldman, Gary Stroutsos, R. Carlos Nakai, G.S.Sachdev. Venturing into pristine musical terrain, flutist Peter Phippen and synthesist Ivar Lunde, Jr. reveal a magical album of dark secretive nocturnal soundscapes. Engaging mystery and textural sparseness, the six tracks unearth lush emotions entwined with inner stillness and self-discovery. These meditative moments are ideal for stress reduction and creating a positive mindset.

Web Res

Web Res
Peter Phippen
Photo credit: Victoria Shoemaker

Web Res
Ivar Lunde Jr.
Track Listing:
1 The Pendulum Principle
2 Nightshade
3 Obsidian Mirrors
4 Primordial Forest
5 Full Moon Ritual
6 Grains of Sand

Digital one-sheet with full story.


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Gustavo Denouard

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Mira (2000)

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Web Res | High Res

High Res | Web Res

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Web Res | High Res
Michael Stearns (1985)

Web Res | High Res
Photo credit: Michael Williams

SoulWhirlingSomewhere (1996)

Web Res | High Res
Photo credit: E. Katie Holm

High Res | Web Res
Lorenzo Montana

High Res | Web Res
Forrest Fang

Web Res | High Res
Photo credit: Michael Bentley

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