Feb 11

Aurelio Voltaire: The Devil’s Bris LP

Aurelio Voltaire: The Devil's Bris LP

Limited edition. 140-gram swirled sepia & black vinyl. With full-color lyric sleeve.
Meticulously remastered from the original mixdown DAT tape.

Aurelio Voltaire writes, "After many years of  fans asking me when I'm going to release some of my music on vinyl, it's really great to be able to have an answer for them! And with the speed at which they're flying off of the merch booth at shows, it's obvious that it was long overdue. I particularly enjoyed working on the design for the sleeve. I feel the art and especially the amazing, swirled sepia vinyl we used really capture the look and feel of the original release."

Order the vinyl at the Projekt website, the AProjekt bandcamp page, and the Projekt European website

If you're not a physical-objects-kind-of-goth and prefer your music streaming,
listen to the remastered The Devil's Bris across the internet:
Spotify | Amazon | Apple Music | Google Play | YouTube | Deezer

Aurelio Voltaire's The Lair of Voltaire YouTube channel just hit 150 thousand subscribers! Watch his Gothic Homemaking show, check out info on concerts near you in the Video Nooseletters and listen to music!

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