Oct 11

Vote on these Projekt T-shirt options


There have been many different versions of the Projekt logo T-shirt over the years. Most sizes are currently out-of-stock (except for the small silver outline and white logo girl’s T) so it’s time to do a new print run. I’d like your opinion about which design to go with. Use the image above as reference to tell me your preference at SurveyMonkey.

Just added to the Projekt webstore:

Four Alio Die CDs at a budget bundle price of $25, order here!.
Alio Die & Amelia Cuni: Asparas
Alio Die & Sylvi Alli: Amidst the Circling Spires
Alio Die & vidnaObmana: Echo Passage
Alio Die: Deconsecrated and Pure

Freelease at Bandcamp:

Various Artists: Victor Frankenstein (music for a dark evening)

Victor F is coming to theaters on November 20. Sam thought it would be fun to create a dark and spooky alternate soundtrack; this is what the movie score could have sounded like if Projekt had been the music supervisor. “I went through the Projekt catalog and pulled tracks both spooky and soundtracky for this compilation that’s available for name-your-price at Bandcamp. You could also go buy it for $5 at iTunes, but you certainly don’t have to; that’s for people not-in-the-know. The goal of putting this album up at the traditional digital vendors (and the streaming sites like Spotify) is to get people to hear Projekt’s music for the first time.”

Victor Frankenstein (music for a dark evening) is also a perfect spooky soundtrack for Halloween!

Enjoy Projekt’s freelease at Bandcamp!

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