Nov 13

It’s been a busy 2017!

It’s been a busy year for Projekt…. 2017 releases:
AURELIO VOLTAIRE – Heart-Shaped Wound digiCD
JEFFREY KOEPPER – Transmitter [limited] digiCD
ROBERT LOGAN – Sculptor Galaxy [limited] digiCD
MARK SEELIG+SAM ROSENTHAL – Journey to Aktehi [limited] digiCD + cassette
LYCIA – Ionia [limited] digiCD + shirt + tote
ERIK WØLLO – Cinematic digiCD
STEVE ROACH – Long Thoughts digiCD + cassette
FALLING YOU – Shine [limited] digiCD
JEFFREY KOEPPER – MantraSequent [limited] digiCD
ERIK WØLLO – Different Spaces digi2CD
LORENZO MONTANA – Phase IX [limited] digiCD
FOREST FANG – Following the Ether Sun [limited] digiCD
STEVE ROACH – Spiral Revelation digiCD
BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL – These Fleeting Moments [limited] 2LP

order them all:

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