Apr 19

10 for $25 clearance box

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This offer is limited to 50 copies, order your box today!

• 10 CDs in the box. Approx 6 of the titles are darkwave / 4 of the CDs are ambient-electronic.
• Mostly Projekt releases, but some are other labels we’ve distributed in the webstore.
• These boxes are pre-made from overstock CDs. We cannot put specific titles in for you. We pick the albums you receive.
• Barcodes are struck.
• About half of the CDs are in digipaks or ecoWallets. CDs will be removed from jewel boxes where applicable (this saves you postage).
• If you purchase two boxes, you will receive the same titles twice.
• These are different from the last sale box (in 2016).
• No refunds or replacements except if you receive a defective title. Then you will be issued a $2.50 refund.



  1. Paypal $25 to paypalpayment@projekt.com
  2. Include “$25 Clearance Box,” your email, and your mailing address in the comment area
  3. You will receive a confirmation from me when your package ships
  4. Shipping is free (a $3.12 value + 61¢ for the box)
  5. Shipping is via Media Mail (6 – 12 business days for delivery is typical)


  1. Email sr.projekt@gmail.com with your mailing address. My shipping software requires that your address fit onto 5 lines (with the country alone on the final line). Use “Clearance Box $25” as your subject.
  2. I will email your total. $25 + shipping cost.
  3. Paypal your payment to paypalpayment@projekt.com.
  4. To give you an estimate, this box cost $21.38 to send to France! I know, I know! Postage is expensive
  5. Shipping is via cheapest airmail rate possible (surface mail is not available). Your package will be declared as samples, with a $5 value.
  6. Certain countries (such as Mexico) require Priority Mail International shipping, which is expensive (approx. $37). Because of past troubles with theft, Priority Mail is necessary to make sure your box arrives.

If you have questions, email sr.projekt@gmail.com BEFORE you paypal.

There are only 50 copies of this box available. Don’t delay!

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Q: Can I use my credit card?
A: Sort of. I don’t have a way to directly process your credit card. BUT, paypal takes credit cards without you having to open a paypal account. Email sr.projekt@gmail.com and I will send you an invoice. Here is a page we created with instructions for how to pay paypal with your credit card. The page is 1/2 a year old, so things might be somewhat different today, but it gives you an idea.

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