Chuck van Zyl: Passages (Limited Edition CDR)

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1. The Face of the Night 01:18:38

Passages, the concert album by noted Electronic Musician Chuck van Zyl, presents one continuous track. The Face of the Night (75:01) represents his performance of 18 March 2023 at the sixth event in “Passages – Ambient Channels and Crossings” in Philadelphia. The occasion provided the opportunity for Chuck to build on a deep list of previous concert experiences and offered a meaningful opportunity to advance his craft, further his artistry, and venture into a new sonic frontier before a receptive and perceptive audience. With this sustained experiment in spontaneous composition a distinctive sonic language emerged. Giving audible form to the inner realm the realization formed incrementally, steadily progressing and expanding along an arc of sequencer spirit. As energy builds out in assemblies of Berlin-School patterns, ethereal chords and spacey synth leads encourage the outward direction this work must take. From deep space gateways and rising arpeggio runs, to heedless heights of improvisation, on down to its quietly consuming fields, Passages invites the listener to re-experience the wonder of Chuck’s live music.

From the Press Release – 4 August 2023

Note: The CDR issue of Passages demanded that audio be edited down to a size and length that would fit onto this Compact Disc medium.

Limited edition of 75 copies packaged in a jewel case including a 2-panel insert.

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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