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1. Orbit Five 1:01
2. Revolt At L-5 4:55
3. Terminal Hotel 4:12
4. Electric Blue 6:20
5. Ancestors 5:26
6. After The Earthquake 3:29
7. Falcons And Eagles 5:47
8. Flight Of The Looking Glass 3:24
9. Shibolet 4:43
10. An End To History 6:05

“Audion” is Larry Fast’s fifth SYNERGY project. The album was recorded late 1980 though early 1981. The recording schedule was adjusted to composer/producer Larry Fast’s touring and recording schedule with Peter Gabriel. “Audion” was created during the period between the end of touring for Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt) and the start of recording for Peter Gabriel 4 (“Security”). “Audion” continued to use classic analog synthesizer instrumentation, composed and performed mostly on Moog and other synthesizers like the Prophet 5 polyphonic electronic instrument. This album was the first Synergy collection to make extensive use of computer-based sequencing. Utilizing custom software and digital interfaces created by Larry running on various microcomputers including a KIM-1, PAiA 8700 and a rev 0 Apple II, real-time computer control of multiple synthesizer parts became possible at the Synergy Studio outside of the research laboratory environment used on the previous Synergy album.

With the multiple tracking capabilities of the computer controlled composition process, fewer analog recording tracks were required in the recording and mixing process. The album was recorded at House of Music studios to 16 track, 2 inch analog tape, the first Synergy album recorded on 16 track since 1975. The wider track format allowed for a deeper, richer recording than the 24 track format.

All pieces on the album were composed by Larry Fast.
Available here on digitally remastered CD derived from the original analog mix tapes. Artwork has been reformatted for digipak.

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