Lycia / Estraya: The Time Has Come and Gone

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  1. Opening
  2. My Time Has Come And Gone
  3. Summer Time
  4. The Time Has Gone
  5. Iris
  6. The Time Passes Quickly
  7. Closing

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Title: The Time Has Come and Gone

Mail-order only limited edition maxi-cd from Mike and Tara of Lycia.
Mike VanPortfleet: acoustic guitars, synth, vocals.
Tara Vanflower: vocals.
The last thing they recorded before Mike disbanded Lycia.

Mike wrote this about the release:

“…Heavily effected acoustic/electronic hybrid…dark, moody and atmospheric…Estraya is the treated acoustic side project of Lycia’s Mike VanPortfleet and Tara Vanflower. It’s feel can best be described as an extention of the style first explored with the Lycia songs “Everything Is Cold” and “Goddess Of The Green Fields” from the 1993 release A Day In The Stark Corner . The bleak starkness that influenced that release is very present throughout the pieces of The Time Has Come And Gone, which could be viewed as a vague follow up.”

A review from
Estraya is the acoustic side of darkwave favorite Lycia. This release has been on their backburner for a couple of years, and with the dissolving of Lycia, The Time Has Come and Gone gets the final push into the light of day. This is a very minimalistic and simplistic CD. Washes of keyboards like wind and waves on a lonely shore, disturbed only by arpeggiated acoustic guitar and, alternately, Mike Vanportfleet’s strained tenor and Tara Vanflower’s soft, childlike voice. All the elements work to give the feeling of bittersweet memories. While Mike and Tara’s electric side was never about happiness and sunshine (most of the time), Estraya is fueled by loss; particularly the end of Lycia and the sudden death of Mike’s mother. So what is the draw? How about beauty in the midst of pain and loss? “Mourn with those who mourn. . . .” –D. H.

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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