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1. Flaming Drake
2. Tenacious Love
3. Tyger
4. By the Light of the Moon
5. Blow Northene Wynd
6. Swebend
7. Frühlingslied
8. Schnee
9. In dem Begyn
10. Rossignolet
11. Flame Amoureuse
12. Musa Venit
Limited edition Bonus-Tracks:
13. Melos Lacrimosum
14. Nox Aeterna

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This page was for the first edition, released by the band. There is a U.S. edition coming out on Metropolis: pre-order it here

“Electro medieval is looking good right now.” Full review at Higher Plain Music

First limited edition in 6-panel Digipak with special cover-print in ‘glow in the dark’ ink, 2 exclusive bonus tracks and special 28 pages booklet!

With a lot of sensitivity and expertise, QNTAL draw closer to the century old texts and melodies, transforming them in modern arrangements and as a result virtuosically breathing new life into them. Every piece is a combination of graceful artistry and danceable catchiness, yet always maintaining the historical momentousness of the original material.

The opuses of Qntal are universal and timeless, permitting a glance beyond the edge of the world.

Beyond the edge of the world In 1992, a newly founded band project swept the moldy dust layers off the medieval music scene forever with only one club hit. “Ad Mortem Festinamus“ of the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, a collection of late medieval songs from the 14th century, amazed the audience not by an authentic performance on historical instruments, but with an innovative reinterpretation using electronic sound spheres. Powerful beats and impellent synthesizer pads in harmonic interplay with the engaging mezzo-soprano Sigrid „Syrah“ Hausen captivated dance floor enthusiasts as well as discriminating music lovers. Early music has never been more vivid and is being defined in a completely new way by the trio Qntal.

The year 2014 though marks the beginning of a new creative period for Qntal. So far, Sarah “Mariko” Newman (of Unto Ashes) supported the band only at live performances, but as of now will be integral part of the line-up. New electronic magus will be Leon Rodt, substituting Philipp “Fil” Groth from now on at the keys and supporting the band as empathetic producer. Furthermore, for the first time in the history of the group, Michael Popp will appear as singer. The seventh studio album – again simply entitled „Qntal VII“ – is ushering in the third era for Qntal and, despite all changes, still remains true to the original virtues. Sensitivity and expertise guide these musicians on their approach to centuries-old lyrics and melodies. Transformed into modern arrangements, lyrics and melodies alike are reanimated virtuousically. Gracious artistry connects with danceable, catchy sounds, always committed to the historical momentousness of the original piece. Alongside medieval sources such as the song manuscript Carmina Burana, the theologian Meister Eckhart, the minnesinger Heinrich von Morungen or the ars nova composer Guillaume de Machaut, Qntal now also advance as far as to the 17th, 18th and 19th century. For instance, the enchanting poem „By The Light Of The Moon“ by the British poet Lord Byron is just as well transformed into a dignified piece of musical art as the “Tyger” by the nature mystic William Blake. Romanticism thus is not only soundwise an integral part of the album, but also pervades with melancholic dreaminess its lyrics. With the title “Schnee” [“Snow”] the album “VII” dares even to enter the present: fantasy author Markus Heitz, known for his Dwarves and Alfa novels, excogitated this ode to the “eternal night”.

But regardless of which century the lines originate from, either 12th or 21st, Qntal always succeeds to let the essence resound in their songs – multifaceted, formidable and touching. No wonder that these unique avant-gardists play at classical events, such as the cloister concerts at the Walkenried Abbey, the “Landshuter Hofmusiktagen” [court music festival] or the European Church Music Festival as well as at medieval festivals or independent events such as the Amphi-Festival or the renowned Wave-Gotik-Treffen [Wave-Gothic-Meeting] at Leipzig. The opuses of Qntal are universal and timeless, permitting a glance beyond the edge of the world.

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  1. Reviews Editor

    From Higher Plain Music

    I do appreciate and love Qntal’s album naming. When I originally became a fan between their third and fourth albums, I at least knew where most of the back catalogue was! Now back for a seventh album, Qntal have had a bit of line up change and also in some ways the sound has become slightly more reliant on the electronic grooves than previously. It’s a shift that’s been happening over several albums but here you can really appreciate the formed sound. Six years in waiting – has it been worth it?

    Opening with the drones of “Flaming Drake”, we have plenty to enjoy from the amazing instrumentation to the siren voices of the leads. The production is top-notch and the track itself is catchy and dark at the same time. Singles in waiting “Tenacious Love” and “Tyger” follow – both merging the old and new to perfection. The latter track in particular feels like a new pop genre with a bombastic beat and lots of Eastern instrumentation and synths being used to create a great atmosphere. Wikipedia calls the band electro-medieval and it’s a perfect banner for Qntal. “By the Light of the Moon” see’s Michael take over lead vocals for a mid tempo industrial track that is mysterious and warped. Michael’s vocals often aren’t given enough appreciation because Syrah’s voice is so recognisable and supreme but this is a welcome turn of events and adds a new dimension. With Mariko, a new band member also providing strings and back up vocals – it’s a powerhouse.

    “Blown Northerne Wynd” showcases how more electronic Qntal have progressed since 2008. The keyboards and strings interact with each other playfully but skilfully and instead of going straight for the pulsating beat, there’s more intricate melodies going on behind the initial chord structure. “Swebend” is far quieter and ambient in many ways and the album takes breath before the giant “Fruhlingslied” which features both lead vocalists, an amazing crossing over of olden instruments and new almost with some heavy guitar and industrial percussion. It’s a classic track and one I’m sure fans old and new will lap up. “Schnee” on the otherhand begins with piano and vocal and evolves into a sermon being given to a slow beat. It’s rich in texture and depth and continues to show Qntal’s ability to weave instruments together in unique and daring ways. Huge respect.

    “In Dem Begyn” takes the band towards trance with the previous sermon like undertones providing the base for an up tempo number with plenty of embellishments. It’s amazingly catchy and I was dancing around my living room with my violin to it happily! “Rossignolet” has some amazing string work that supports Syrah’s voice which along with the flute is the main reason the track works so well. It’s a furious folk tune and a hark back to earlier albums. “Flame Amoureuse” plays on tuned percussion for wrapping itself around the exquisite vocals of Syrah and the production pushes everything very close to the ear. It feels like it’s been produced by someone else entirely and whilst the song is great, it does jar the ears a little. “Musa Venit” returns to the previous production levels and weaves a witchy dance that’s catchy and angelic in many ways before “Melos Lacrimosum” is mostly an instrumental and it uses its time to blast the dance floors with its electro-medieval finest before “Nox Aeterna” rounds off the album with a track that verges on techno at times in its six-minute epic – it also borrows from other tracks almost like a dramatic recap finale which is kind of cool.

    So it’s an evolution rather than a revolution but after six years in slumber, Qntal have returned and created a stonking album. I have found Qntal’s albums have always been solid if similar in places and this starts to diversify them a bit which is a good thing. Seven in and going strong. Electro medieval is looking good right now. -Simon Smith

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