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CD1 ‘Original Album + B-Sides’:
01 Leave in Silence
02 My Secret Garden
03 Monument
04 Nothing to fear
05 See You
06 Satellite
07 The Meaning of Love
08 A Photograph of You
09 Shouldn’t have done that
10 The Sun and the Rainfall
Bonus-Tracks (NOT on the Vinyl):
11 Now this is Fun (feat. James New)
12 Oberkorn (It’s a small Town)
CD2 ‘A Broken Frame Extended’:
01 Leave in Silence(Extended Version)
02 My Secret Garden (Extended Version)
03 Monument (Extended Version)
04 Nothing to Fear (Extended Version)
05 See You (Extended Version)
06 Satellite (Extended Version)
07 The Meaning of Love (Extended Version)
08 A Photograph of You (Extended Version)
09 Shouldn’t have done that (Extended Version)
10 The Sun and the Rainfall (Extended Version)

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CD1 features all of the tracks from the Vinyl PLUS two exclusive covers of the B-Sides from Depeche Mode’s pre-‘A Broken Frame’ Singles ‘See you’ and ‘The Meaning of Love’.

Marsheaux’s version of ‘Now this is Fun’ (B-side of ‘See you’) offers a really special treatment for all Electro-fans, as the two Greeks succeeded to obtain an extraordinary guest for the lead-vocals on the track: British James New, leadsinger of THE MIRRORS, who had a major hit album in 2010 with ‘Lights & Offerings’. The second track ‘Oberkorn’ is an instrumental and Marsheaux added quite some twist to it! The instrumental is dedicated to a tiny village in Luxembourg, where Depeche Mode slept in a Hotel after a show and that remained in their memory forever, due to a quite hilarious experience…

CD2 finally will feature ALL tracks from the regular Vinyl-Album in quite different, extended Versions – buying the 2CD, you thus get not less than 12 ‘bonus’-tracks in total…

DELUXE packaging: 3-fold (6 panel) digipak with outer sleeve, laminated with special polish and including a booklet!

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