Lycia’s Mike Vanportfleet: Beyond The Horizon Line (CD)

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  1. Deep In The Morning Sun
  2. Echoes Of The Lost Sea
  3. Towards The Blinding Glare
  4. The Call Of The Horizon Line
  5. Stellar Buckshot Awaits
  6. Night Sky Illumination
  7. Dark Gateway
  8. Strange Star Transmissions
  9. Stellar Shower Begins
  10. Unsettled New Day

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A mostly instrumental CD from Mike of Lycia.
Mike VanPortfleet: loops, samples, synth, vocals.

Mike VanPortfleet’s post Lycia debut. Crystalline harmonic washes resonating from the cold depths of mind & Matter. Glacial rhythms & aquatic ghost voices channel aggression & serenity through fathoms of uncharted sea. If Brian Eno collaborated with Justin Broadrick, it might sound like this. Majestic & heartbreaking. Angst-ridden & placid.

File under: Post Rock, Space Rock, Ambient Music

A “fan review” from Projekt’s own Steve Roach:
This highly evocative fine dark ambient release comes from the inner sanctum of Mike VanPortfleet, The founder of the acclaimed ethereal band Lycia. The soundscapes on this solo release consistently portray a vast sense of environmental and human loneliness, steeped in a feeling of resolute isolation as if shipwrecked on another planet with no hope of rescue. The thick slow waves of harmonic movement have a almost geological texture as if the ocean waves of this planet have turned to a dry oozing magma like substance which one could hold in hand. Occasional slow and distant processional dirge beats emerge outwards to join with thematic strands further inflicting a potent reminder of a parallel life back home. While the atmosphere is dark there is comfort in these shadows.


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