Lycia: Estrella (CD)

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  1. Clouds In The Southern Sky
  2. El Diablo | MP3
  3. Tainted
  4. Tongues
  5. Estrella
  6. Dome
  7. Silver Sliver
  8. The Canal
  9. The Kite
  10. Orion
  11. Distant Fading Star

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Tara Vanflower: vocals
Mike VanPortfleet: guitars, drum programs, synth, vocals.

The songs on 1998’s Estrella were originally written in 1996 and fleshed out over a fifty show tour. Eight years later, Mike VanPortfleet has revisited the songs to remaster them using the engineering skills he’s improved over this time as well as the improvements of technology to make a definitive version of the release. The goal of Estrella was to mix the lush orchestral sound VanPortfleet had developed over the previous eight years that had culminated in Cold with the more up-tempo rhythmic style of Wake and the unreleased “Byzantine Era.” Estrella also marks Tara VanFlower’s move to primary vocalist and lyricist, enlarging the band’s ethereal fan base. Estrella is a classic that transcends genre barriers.

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