Tara VanFlower (of Lycia): My Little Fire-Filled Heart (CD)

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1 Ligertily 0:54
2 Yaya 3:18
3 Rabbit 6:48
4 The Honour Of Silence 3:52
5 Naked King 5:48
6 Silverback 6:53
7 The Girl From The Green Dimension 7:37
8 I Lost The Moon 6:27
9 A Rusted Nail Through The Wrist 4:03
10 A Conversation With Death 8:01
11 Wren 11:28
12 Tigerlily 0:37

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From the original press release:

“Experimental-ambient recording artist Tara Vanflower, best known for her work on keyboards and vocals with darkwave artists
Lycia, has a history in music performance and writing dating back over 10 years. Blessed with a multi-octave voice capable of many diverse forms and an eclectic writing style, Tara has created selected ambient works showcasing the darker side of her compositional skills.
Tara is currently promoting the long-awaited follow up to her debut solo album This Womb Like Liquid Honey entitled My Little Fire-Filled Heart. This release was composed, performed, and produced entirely by Tara using her talented voice, traditional and improvised percussive instruments, and some guitar work. This album is very ambient and organic. Her vocal ranges from the playfully seductive to the passionately aggressive. Utilizing loops to fill out the background, Tara has created a blissful wash of echoing chimes, throbbing basses, and howling choruses. The pieces on this album are very free form in tempo, but blissfully appealing to ears attuned to more “experimental” artists such as Einstuerzende Neubauten, Current 93, and Nurse With Wound. In songs such as “I Lost The Moon,” for example, Tara creates a musical piece that is more “textured” than “composed.” A soft choir of heavy breathing duels with an improvised guitar track and Tara’s aching voice for control of the listener.
This album features an excellent rendition of Death In June ’s “The Honor Of Silence,” as well as the traditional piece “A Conversation With Death.” Spanning 10 tracks, this release is certain to provide hours of blissful sonic seduction.”

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