The Lonely Soul Experience: Path of Blood


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1. Path of Blood
2. The Crypt
3. The Dragon
4. Lara’s Song
5. Rise of the ancient King
6. The Emperor returns
7. Hail to the Saviour
8. A new Frontier
9. Wardance
10. Two Suns
11. Maid of Orleans

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German Import – Blutengel-mastermind Chris Pohl takes us on a trip into opulent Fantasy-worlds. Neo-classical orchestral pomp meets dark atmospheric Electronica on an epic album inspired by grand scale fantastic films and role playing games.

Inspired by the work on Blutengel’s symphonic album Black Symphonies and his show at the first Gothic-Meets-Klassik-Festival, Chris Pohl remained fascinated by the massive sound that only a full orchestra can provide. Being a big fan of Fantasy-movies and computer role playing games and their soundtracks, he became enchanted by the idea of creating his own symphonic epics. And, hand on heart, which musician hasn’t dreamed about making the tunes that accompany the films in our imagination a reality at least once in his life?

With Blutengel-producer Mario Rühlicke, Chris found the ideal partner in crime who was just as obsessed with the idea of creating his very own symphonic epic. With The Lonely Soul Experience, the duo does not aim for redefining the genres of classical orchestral music or film soundtracks, much rather attempting to approach this new frontier from a totally different angle. Therefore, Path of Blood is a sort of re-interpretation of neoclassical music by two electronic musicians, resulting in a fascinating fusion of Electronica and symphonic structures that breathes some exciting and fresh new air into an old-fashioned genre. In 12 instrumental pieces and the gripping “Lara’s Song”, The Lonely Soul Experience create dark monumental soundscapes that will leave you breathless. An album to take in and really listen to… alone or with someone, after dark, by candlelight and with a glass of good wine: turn the volume up and dive into an enchanting sonic world.

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