Aglaia: Floating Particles (CD)


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1. Elementary particles 04:15
2. Sonno muonico 03:04
3. Sigma 5 04:34
4. Light of a dream 04:39
5. Evaporation 07:09
6. Flying neutrons 03:59
7. River dance 03:06
8. Night season 04:48
9. Neural red beach 02:58
10. Friction 04:48
11. Occultation 02:54
12. Far from the center 04:51
13. Blue 03:43
14. When the light rises 05:57
15. Alter 03:18
16. Floating particles 04:22

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The sixteen tracks that follow in Floating Particles, immerse us in the oceanic sound world of Aglaia with a consolidated language that knows the pleasure of dwelling and emptying the mind.
In perfect harmony between inside and outside the perception is created by itself, and expands as simple as the shadow of light and the refraction of the wave.
Intermediate states that pulsate and fluctuate with elegance, bringing us with a gentle sensibility towards intimate and distant dimensions and distances.

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