Alio Die: Seamlessly Bliss (CD)


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1. Envisioned dream 20:08
2. Vulnerable choice 21:58

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Italian Import“It is always a pleasure to experience new works by ALIO DIE, mindfully absorbing the multitude of minute phrases that make up, in the end, an intricate tapestry of textural wonder. Seamlessly bliss is no exception to the rule and exemplifies this magical process that only one such as ALIO DIE can create.”

Brian Bourassa/Bandcamp

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    From Prog Archives

    Stefano Musso aka Alio Die has polished his musical language according to his personal music composition quest. The best way to describe it is like picturing a landscape of incidental colors which conform by their addition a sonic world full of field recordings counterpointed by musical/non-musical instrumental structures which emerge as separate entities blending themselves into hypnotic ephemeral, short or mid-long , moments and transfiguring into different moods and new, vaporous also, passage like sections.

    Words will never be as accurate to describe his music, but then again, they are a reviewer’s best tool.

    One of the most valuable attributes Seamlessly Bliss, 2016, (along with its line up with Lingua Fungi & Aglaia) holds, is a total freedom to conform even from its own preciousness or beauty. Thus when this happens one can easily detect that it is achieved by the synchronicity of “free-floating” structures which convey in a single section, more than sounding as pre-planned to sound beautiful or friendly.

    And that is another great asset this release shows. Alio Die understands the certain degree of detachment he holds as composer in order for his music to be free of being set, as most Ambient/Drone related artist, as necessarily friendly or lukewarm, or horrible and disturbing. His music, as the nature of the organic nature it emulates, resembles the same, incidental as life itself, full of all kind of highlights, downlights and mid-lights. As being free of the hand of man or women.

    To close it down. An album by an artist who rarely disappoints us, followers, and most important himself, this extraordinary release is a peak which kind of started, sound wise, with Standing in a Place, 2015, but taken way beyond to the heights of any of his past masterworks. Rating: 5/5

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