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01 Hydra Hyalt
02 Astraea
03 Filava Melis
04 Scarlet Leaves
05 Histrionia
06 Antinea
07 Li Frere li Mestre du Temple
08 Mundus est Jocundum (Carmina Burana)
09 Mundus Furibundus (Carmina Burana)
10 Fila la Lana (Fabrizio de André)

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After more than 16 years from its first press, this summer will finally see the re-release of one of Ataraxia’s most celebrated and popular albums – maybe their most ‘modern classical / neo-folk’ – inspired albums. Deleted for years, Historiae comes in fresh, completely digitally remastered audio quality, in Digipak and including an EXCLUSIVE bonus-Track: Ataraxia’s version of legendary Italian folk singer Fabrizio de André’s «Fila la Lana».

«Historiae» is a sonorous book carrying the emotional burden of several lives consumed in that age, in those places. Single stories that dissolved in the oblivion annihilating the individual to save only big events. Ataraxia have listened to the lively narrations of some pilgrims, the sad stories of forgotten ladies, they have shared other people’s lives while visiting villages whose names were unknown to them. In their turn, as wandering minstrels, they have transformed all of this into music and brought you these «Historiae» before taking other ways…

The first part of the album was recorded in studio during the 1997 Autumn equinox, while the second part was recorded live, in a Medieval court, during the 1998 Spring equinox. «Historiae» are tales narrated in front of a fireplace during the long winter evenings or along the narrow lanes of a forgotten burg. In these songs we can feel the presence of people who lived in Medieval villages and the flavor of our roots. Listening to the rolls of the drums and the blares of trumpets, we can trace a path leading from an atavistic past straight to our present.

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