Sam Rosenthal: Rye (an erotic novel)


WARNING: Rye contains mature themes and situations;
it is not intended for minors.

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An intelligent erotic novel that explores intimacy outside the gender binary.

“Underneath all the androgyny and fluctuation, the book’s about human connection. Rosenthal’s use of sex and gender identities to illustrate how we reach toward and away from relationships is merely a new approach to an old idea: We all need intimacy with others to deepen our understanding of ourselves.” — Time Out Chicago.

Black Tape For A Blue Girl (and Projekt) founder Sam Rosenthal turns erotic novelist within the pages of Rye. ‘Look Inside’ Rye with a pdf, or at Amazon by clicking the book cover on the upper left of the page.

  • 8″ x 5.25″ perfect bound trade paperback book
  • 268 pages w/full color cover

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    WARNING: Rye contains mature themes and situations; it is not intended for minors.

    A money-shot across the bow of outdated sensibilities, Rye takes a sexual somersault through the complexities of desire in a penetrating portrayal of twenty-first century intimacy.

    “I spent some time devouring Rye and really really enjoyed not only the story and the characters and the death snark, but also the way that Sam tackled the new thing about relationships. It’s the same as it ever was, and it’s not the same as it ever was. And that melds so beautifully in Rye. Thanks for the good read!” – Carol Queen, The Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco

    Matt is dating Rye, a willfully free androgynous school teacher. Attracted to Matt’s kinkiness and groundedness, Rye develops a taste for his masculinity and her submission. At a weekend SexxCamp retreat, Matt meets Rain, a charming and snarky twenty-something GenderQueer woman with both an attraction and aversion to sex. An unconventional three-way relationship develops, expanding their understanding of polyamory, identity, love and connection.

    “Rye is as intellectually stimulating as erotically charged. As for the erotic content, I can’t hope to list of all that is covered, toys, BDSM, roleplay, gender fluidity in sex… the list goes on. A sense of realism triumphs; don’t expect to read erotica with paper-thin characters you are only meant to overlay with your own fantasies (although if some of the book’s scenes push your fantasy buttons in a good way, that’s great too!). These characters have their own concerns and fears they are working through and the reader is not left to forget that, even, and perhaps especially, when they are getting it on. With fully developed characters who struggle through relationships, gender, and sexuality in an erotic context, Rye is a unique work that I would very much recommend to anyone who is looking to see some genderqueer representation in erotic fiction, and those who are interested in or are themselves poly and/or kinky. After my tireless struggle with erotic fiction previously, Rye was quite the refreshing read!” – Marilyn Roxie,

    “Rye is like Fifty Shades of Grey if it were written for intelligent adults who actually have sex. With authentic top-bottom, it’s pretty damn hot! Come to think of it, I guess it’s nothing like Fifty Shades.”

    Intelligent erotica. An engaging page-turner, Rye takes a sexual somersault through the complexity of desire. It’s not just about the hot, sweet sex, though. The gender non-conforming characters discover themselves: delicate, tender, wounded and hopeful. Told through the prism of polyamory, sexuality, and the top-bottom dynamic, Rye sparkles with wit, emotion and honesty. They grow to accept themselves, even the parts that society tells them are not acceptable.

    “Rosenthal’s characters and their stories are realistic and engaging, his attention to detail is fantastic, and the larger interpersonal issues that he skillfully raises in Rye are rarely tackled in erotica, queer or otherwise. The novel focuses on the joy, challenge, and surprise experienced by Matt, Rye, and Rain as they explore their polyamorous, and at times deliciously kinky, relationship. Matt is wholeheartedly and optimistically in love with Rye, whose desire for both intimacy and independence spurs him to keep Matt at a distance. Rain’s insight, quirky charm, and death-snark are a fun and welcome counterpoint. What is genuinely surprising is that Rye isn’t so much an erotic novel as it is a well-crafted novel about the human condition that happens to be erotica.” — W.D. Wilkerson, Amazon reviewer

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    Q: What is GenderQueer?
    A: It’s the idea that Gender isn’t a binary concept. Gender is a gradation, it’s fluid. There are many people who don’t want to be in the position of having to make the choice of male or female. They see themselves somewhere along the gradation, or many places on the line. (Much more about this at Wikipedia or

    Q: Do you have any advice for when I meet a GenderQueer person?
    A: You probably already have, and didn’t notice. Advice is: be respectful, like with everyone. Be aware of what pronouns you are using. Don’t make assumptions. This video on youtube is called “Dating a Transguy” and has some great advice for everyone.

    Q: Why does Cthulhu have so many tentacles?
    A: The better to hug you with, Rain.

    Q: Cows don’t move all that fast.
    A: Yes. That is the secret to being a cow.

    Q: Why did you choose to self-publish Rye, rather than find a traditional publisher?
    A: To keep control of my work! I have no interest in waiting for a publisher to lord it over me, and tell me what to change in Rye to meet their expectations. I worked with a great editor, and I love my novel just the way it is. Also, this way Rye is out NOW – rather than waiting 18 months for it to go through the major publisher digestive tract.

    Q: Who was your editor?
    A: I worked with my friend Barbara Bell, She has an amazing novel, Stacking in Rivertown, Amazon link. It’s emotional, violent, BDSM-tinged, and funny.

    Q: Do you mind if I ask what you mean when you say “genderqueer”?
    A: I will answer that by quoting from Rye:

    “We identify as ‘genderqueer.’ GQ isn’t about who I fuck or my sexual orientation but rather my gender identification. Rye and I each see our genders existing somewhere along the gradation between male and female, somewhere outside the gender binary. Having a boi like Rye as my lover somehow feels right.”

    Q: What do you think about the BDSM in 50 Shades of Grey?
    A: Fifty Shades of Grey? The worst BDSM in that book is actually having to read it. That’s real punishment.

    Q: Ok, but for many people that was their first introduction to an alternative lifestyle.
    Q: Yay! Now go explore it. It would be as if your first introduction to rock-n-roll was Journey. Good. Now go listen to some great music. You don’t want to stop when you’ve just started.


    1. Reviews Editor

      There has been a bunch of press leading up to my Midwest Readings in Chicago, St Louis and Bloomington (IN). Time Out Chicago ran an article on-line and in the print edition. Wow!


      But underneath all the androgyny and fluctuation, the book’s about human connection. Rosenthal’s use of sex and gender identities to illustrate how we reach toward and away from relationships is, on one hand, merely a new approach to an old idea: Sweaty with lust or dry as wheat, we all need intimacy with others to deepen our understanding of ourselves.

    2. padmin

      Rye is probing — in every sense of the word — in both its critical exploration of gender identity and its display of those personal tensions within real life relationships. …It raises plenty of provocative questions about sexuality and polyamory, while telling a pretty good story. I think there are theories worth digging for in Rosenthal’s jumble of words and bodies — ideas that will probably mean different things to different people, and will probably also leave most readers with some previously hidden sense of curiosity, a new insight into queer lifestyles, or at least a more intellectual way to get off.” – The Villager, New York City

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      I would like to interview Sam

      Sure, no problem, contact sam: Email me!

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