Dec 12

What goes jingle jingle jingle, but doesn’t annoy?

In the last two days I’ve gotten a couple of really great emails from Projekt fans, telling me how much they love the holiday releases I’ve put together. Very sweet, I appreciate hearing that. You know, I gotta be honest, Xmas-day music really isn’t my thing. But instead of complaining, In 1995 I started to fix that: Projekt makes the season less glaring and much more warm and sensual with our lovely selection of holiday titles. A lot of darkwave goodness here. Check it out!

Ornamental ~ Various Artists | 2012 2-CD $14
| Bandcamp Download $11 | iTunes Download $12
Silver Smoke, Star of Night ~ Jill Tracy | 2012 CD $10
| Bandcamp Download $8 | iTunes Download $7.92

“Jill Tracy’s Silver Smoke, Star of Night is the Christmas album I’d been wishing for my entire life.” —GOTHIC BEAUTY MAGAZINE

Spread holiday cheer by buying Ornamental and Silver Smoke,
Star of Night
together for $20. Holiday twin pack.


In the U.S.A., your order will arrive before Xmas.
Not guaranteed for foreign customers (but we’ll try!).

Our #1 selling holiday item:
Excelsis 3-CD Pack ~ v.1, v.2 & v.3 | CD $23 | This is a special package price
on the first three releases in our holiday series…

Excelsis v.1 ~ a dark noel | 1995 CD $14
Excelsis v.2 ~ a winter’s song | 1999 CD $14
Excelsis v.3 (Maxi-CD) ~ a prelude | 2001 EP $8
Holiday Single 1 | 2004 Ltd Edition CD Single $2
Holiday Single 2 | 2004 Ltd Edition CD-Single $2
A Dark Noel “a best of” | holiday sampler 1-CD $5

Unto Ashes Spellbound in Winter | Bandcamp Download $5
Erik Wøllo Crystal Bells (ep) | Bandcamp Download $4
Paulina Cassidy Ice Iris (a holiday ep) | Bandcamp Download $4

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