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the ProjektList ♬ May 5 2023

From Projekt’s Sam Rosenthal.   

Aarktica PaeansBandcamp name-your-price • Spotify stream<
theAdelaidean: Hyperaurea – Echoes of AntarcticaBandcamp name-your-price • Spotify stream
Jeff Greinke: A Thousand Year FloodBandcamp CD & Download • Spotify stream

Keep your eyes peeled! Projekt has a string of fantastic new releases for you as we continue into spring. Here in Portland Oregon we had a three day warm spell, and now we’re back to a week of rainy with highs around 60°F. You gotta love the wet and cool to live up here. : )

Aarktica: Paeans 

Name-your-price download & CD at Bandcamp.
Karen Vogt, Lost, Found and Lost Again Radio Program says: “Paeans is a sumptuously meditative album that is heart warming, yet elegant. It somehow manages to express aching and longing, while still being soothing and deeply comforting.” There’s an entrancing video for the track “Sky Family” now showing at YouTube. A half dozen questions with Jon DeRosa at The Recoup.

Erik Wøllo Headlines the E-day 2023 concert<

Saturday, May 20 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. It’s sure to be an awesome day! Also on the bill: Beyond Berlin, Martin Stürtzer, Bernd Michael Land. Details at the E-day website.

♬ An 8 minute video (at Facebook) of Steve Roach performing Tuesday at the Ambient Lounge in Tucson.

♬ Attrition brings you Live in The Cage 07.02.2023, available at Bandcamp. The original 80’s ATTRITION line up reformed in 2022, performing at festivals and shows in the UK. The rehearsals in February 2023 were recorded to multitrack and mixed in the Cage by Martin Bowes for this limited editon CD + Digital release.”

♬ Jeff Greinke’s A Thousand Year Flood is reviewed at Exposé. “…a cloudburst of shimmering strings and mysterious cavernous synths, casting light and shadows over swells and scintillations that join earth and space… Punctuated by piano and strings, wrapping itself around the listener like a warm blanket on a starlit vista. The entire album runs with emotion, beauty and mysticism, one will find plenty of the introspective moodscapes that Greinke has come to be known for.” The album has been hovering between #1 and #4 in Amazon’s New Age Category.

♬ New Artist Spotlight has 10 questions with Alan Elettronico. Read on here.

♬ “Future Informing” from Steve Roach’s Rest of Life was featured on the 4-21-23 episode of Music From The Hearts of Space; Episode 1343 is titled Electron Traveler 5.

Steve Roach Live in Los Angeles

Steve Roach returns for his first Los Angeles show in 4 years. Following his filled-to-capacity 2019 Pasadena cathedral event, on June 3rd Roach takes us on a sound journey at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles in the Westlake neighborhood. The Reflections Concert event sees the church come alive with two hours of truly sublime, otherworldly music, accompanied by immersive, architecturally-mapped light projections.

First Congregational Church of Los Angeles
540 S Commonwealth Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020
7PM Doors / 8PM Performance
Event & ticketing

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