Apr 10

the ProjektList ♬ April 10 2023

From Projekt’s Sam Rosenthal.   

Jeff Greinke: A Thousand Year Flood

#1 selling CD the past 30 days at Projekt. Name-your-price download & CD at Bandcamp. CD at the Projekt European webstore.

Dave Aftandilian writes at Bandcamp: I have been transfixed by Jeff Greinke’s moody gray-sky keyboards for decades, so it’s a real treat to hear him return to Projekt. In his music I feel the ebb and flow of deep emotions drifting just beneath the surface like briny ocean waves surging in one’s heart. Heather Bentley’s lovely cello adds warmth and texture: sunlight bathing the surface of these deep waters. Chamber music ambience for melancholy wide-eyed explorers of inner and outer weather.

Chuck van Zyl writes at Star’s End: This Ambient Music builds and shapes, breathes and sighs, blooms and sleeps, then detours into unexpected zones, tones, textures and states – leaving behind nothing more than a mysterious human trace… rom the vaporous, melodious piano, synths and strings, to the sonic shapes at the edge of perception, it reduces geometries while transforming the phenomenon of sound into another, finer reality.

Peter Phippen: Ghosts

Download at Bandcamp.

Peter Thelan writes at Exposé: The sounds of his solo flute improvisations are at once mysterious, graceful, refined, and captivating, the sound surrounding the listener like a warm blanket on a cold starlit night from the top of a precipice, the waves of shimmering sonic beauty wafting across the sky.

Interview with Peter at Volume One. “These antique flutes have been around a long time, and they were owned by many people before me,” he explained. “I believe each one has its own spirit like each human being has its own personality.”

Peter Phippen live this weekend, collaborating with Victoria Shoemaker: Horizon Flute School Summit, April 14 – 16 in Hiawatha, Iowa. Details at Peter’s website.

♬ Steve Roach’s Rest of Life is release of the month at Musique Machine. “… find (yourself) immersed in a kind of time that is both present and eternal, where you are both fully cognizant and yet totally freed from any specific object of contemplation.”

♬ Voltaire live in Portland & Seattle this weekend. Friday April 14 @ The Coffin Club, Portland, OR. Saturday April 15 @ El Corazon, Seattle WA. All Ages show.

♬ Lorenzo Montanà contributes a track to Silent Records’ digital compilation, 80 Years of Sunshine, release date is this Friday, April 14.

♬ Sean Williams (composing as “theadelaidean”) invites listeners into ambient spaces inspired by his voyage to Casey research station as the 2017 Australian Antarctic Divisions’ Arts Fellow. Thursday 22 June 2023 at Flinders University Museum of Art. His tenth album for Projekt Records, Hyperaurea: Echoes of Antarctica reflects on his experiences during the fellowship and, fittingly, is as vast and mysterious as the continent that inspired it, running for just under four hours. This presentation includes the album in its entirety, with a visual response created by Shane Bevin that references in part the diaries of Professor John Long, transforming the FUMA gallery into a celebration of Midwinter’s Day that the audience can enter and leave at will.

Steve Roach Live in Los Angeles

Steve Roach returns for his first Los Angeles show in 4 years. Following his filled-to-capacity 2019 Pasadena cathedral event, on June 3rd Roach takes us on a sound journey at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles in the Westlake neighborhood. The Reflections Concert event sees the church come alive with two hours of truly sublime, otherworldly music, accompanied by immersive, architecturally-mapped light projections.

First Congregational Church of Los Angeles
540 S Commonwealth Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020
7PM Doors / 8PM Performance Event & ticketing

Webstore Top-5 • past 30 days

#1 Jeff Greinke: A Thousand Year Flood
#2 Chuck van Zyl: Live On Star’s End 2021-2022 (3CD)
#3 Cosmic Ground: Entropy
#4 Cosmic Ground: Soil 3
#5 Steve Roach: Rest of Life (2CD)

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