Feb 11

Sunwashed Evening Fire video from Sam Rosenthal & jarguna

Beautiful and enveloping new video from Projekt-founder Sam Rosenthal’s collaboration with Italy’s jarguna: Sunwashed evening fire. Filmed by jarguna in China, Nepal, Madagascar & Democratic Republic of the Congo. Processed edited by Sam.

Watch at youTube

The album is available on CD and a name-your-price download through Monday. Fan Krylda writes, “…sit down and relax to an album that gently soothes and caresses your soul. This album is a gentle and flowing melodic ride through a series of natural soundscapes that will calm you, reinvigorate you, and send you on a sonic journey that gently glistens and flows around you. This sonic soundscape is unrushed and will reveal its many treasures as you ride though its tracks.”

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