Aug 29

Projekt top-10 / The Rope t-shirts now shipping

                   From Projekt’s Sam Rosenthal                   
August has been a busy month at the Projekt webstore. Joe’s sending lots of your packages out the door. Thanks for your orders and your interest in our new batch of releases. Scroll down for the top sellers from the last 6 weeks.



Steve Roach: Shadow of Time / This Place to Be
2-pack with bonus third disc.

“Three profound sonic environments born from deep intuition for the power of sound, refined by years of technical mastery.” – Stephen Hill, Hearts of Space                        
Order CDs for $25 | Digital: Bandcamp or iTunes or Spotted Peccary High Res.


Black tape for a blue girl: These fleeting moments

Deluxe-CD, limited edition of 500. “Gently lit by the existential gleam of a dying sun” – Soundscape Magazine. Picking up Blacktape’s classic 90s darkwave, ethereal sound; original vocalist Oscar returns on their 30th anniversary.
Order limited edition CD for $20 || Digital: Bandcamp or iTunes.


Erik Wollo: Star’s End 2015 (Silent Currents 4)

Limited edition of 300. “During these late-night sonic excursions, time, for the musician, seems longer and wider. Each vignette builds slowly, performed with perfect assurance, flowing beautifully across this hour-long realization.” -Chuck van Zyl/ Star’s End blog.                        
Order CD for $16 || Digital: Bandcamp or iTunes or Spotted Peccary High Res.


Black tape for a blue girl: The Rope Tshirt

Back in print for 2016, available in S – XXL. Printed in North Carolina on American-made American Apparel #2001 fitted shirts. See image below.                        
order t-shirt for $19    


Erik Wollo & Byron Metcalf: Earth Luminous

An elegant album weaving melodic, vibrant soundscapes with subtle, grounding rhythms. Byron’s tight-to-the-grid substratum pulse serves as a conduit to Erik’s lush, emotive and expansive atmospheres.                        
Order CD for $14 || Digital: Bandcamp or iTunes or Spotted Peccary High Res.

#6 Steve Roach: Shadow of Time Order CD for $14
#7 Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook: Dark Side Of The Moog Vol. 9-11 (5CD Box) Order for $3
#8 Lycia:Quiet Moments (LAST COPIES!) Order CD for $14 #9 10 Projekt CDs for $25 (2014) Order box for $25                   
#10 Erik Wollo:Silent Currents (Live at Star’s End) 2-CD (50% Off) Order for $10
Black Tape For A Blue Girl The Rope t-shirts lined up by size and ready to stuff into pre-Order customers’ packages. Joe does the Projekt webstore fulfilment out of his Digital Underground retail store in Philadelphia. Stop by when in town. OrderThe Rope t-shirt for $19  


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