black tape for a blue girl: with my sorrows (3″ CD)

The physical CD is out-of-print; but the tracks are available digitally as #11 & #12 on Remnants of a deeper purity (deluxe edition)

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1. with my sorrows (part 2)
2. with my sorrows (part 3)
(later renamed “the apotheosis”)

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There is also a 10″ vinyl version of this release.

This concerns the physical release:

An ambient sound excursion. Limited Edition of 1000. The Italian Amplexus label released this artfully packaged 3″ cd in 1997. This disc contains 20 minutes of material created from minimal electronics and stripped bare string passages from Remnants of a deeper purity. Sam went back to the original master tapes, and reworked / reprocessed material; basically creating all new material from those sources (revealing that which had been hidden). The CD also includes a short Oscar vocal track recorded just for this release. The track “Apotheosis” off As one aflame laid bare by desire first appeared on this cd as “With My Sorrows (part 3).”

liner notes:

Sam Rosenthal, the leader of the band, said: “in 1996, stefano of Italy’s amplexus label asked if I’d like to release a CD in his limited edition series. My initial idea was to remix songs from Remnants of a Deeper Purity, focusing on the string sections; a recycling program of sorts. When I started working on ‘With My Sorrows parts 2 + 3,’ I heard ‘new songs’ evolving out of the suddenly stripped bare string tracks. I feel there is a very interesting passion and intensity in these pieces, thus the emotions outweigh any perceived imperfections. I have always believed this to be true.”

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