Coil: Love’s Secret Domain (30th Anniversary CD, Vinyl LP or 2LP Versions)

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CD and 2LP Versions –
1. Disco Hospital (2:18)
2. Teenage Lightning 1 (1:50)
3. Things Happen (4:22)
4. The Snow (6:41)
5. Dark River (6:30)
6. Where Even The Darkness Is Something To See (3:06)
7. Teenage Lightning 2 (5:09)
8. Windowpane (6:12)
9. Further Back And Faster (7:56)
10. Titan Arch (5:02)
11. Chaostrophy (5:37)
12. Lorca Not Orca (2:04)
13. Love’s Secret Domain (3:56)

LP Version –
1. Disco Hospital (2:19)
2. Teenage Lightning (5:09)
3. Windowpane (5:46)
4. The Snow (5:59)
5. Dark River (6:28)
6. Further Back And Faster (7:56)
8. Titan Arch (5:02)
9. Chaostrophy (5:37)
10. Love’s Secret Domain (3:55)

The allure of Coil has been sustained by the incredible quality of their consistently innovative music, their poetic lyrics worthy of contemplation and the difficulty to actually obtain their recorded music. Coil releasing an album on Wax Trax! Records should have solved the availability issue. But Wax Trax! Records in 1991 was not the Wax Trax! Records of 1985 when Coil sought out Jim and Dannie, knowing that they would understand their music and their vision. By 1991 Wax Trax! Records had lost so many of their iconic artists; Front 242, Front Line Assembly and The KLF. The label was struggling when it should have been flourishing.

But it was at this time that Coil delivered what some consider their best album Love’s Secret Domain to Wax Trax! Records. An album that redefines them and points the way toward their future. It is a cohesive dark journey through post-industrial, ambient, and acid house. Delivering the thrilling club classics “The Snow” and “Windowpane”, the raw confessional vocals of Annie Anxiety on “Things Happen”, the industrial clang of “Titan Arch” with it’s torchy vocal performance by Marc Almond, and two instrumental tracks that point to Coil’s future “Dark River” and “Further Back and Faster”. It’s only with hindsight that we know that these tracks are a preview of the somnambulant beauty of Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 1. The album ends with the title track which courts camp and the abyss in equal quantities as it quotes both William Blake and Roy Orbison. It is a beautiful entrance into a world of pagan delights and hedonistic peril that are behind Steve Stapleton’s outhouse door.

In 2021 on the Summer Equinox, Wax Trax! Records will now give Love’s Secret Domain the release that this treasure deserves.

Remastered by Josh Bonati from original source materials, the Deluxe Edition includes a booklet with liner notes from Drew Daniel (Matmos) and quotes from Stephen Thrower, Rose McDowall, Steven Stapleton, Charles Hayward, Billy McGee, Marc Almond, Andy Wombwell and Annie Bandez.

This release is available in 5 different configurations:

CD: Includes the remastered 13 tracks and reproduces the original Wax Trax! booklet utilizing new photographs of the Steven Stapleton painting.
2LP (Amber Colored Vinyl): Includes the 13 CD tracks across 2 LPs limited to 2,900 copies.
2LP (Black Vinyl): Same as above but limited to 1,000 copies.
LP (Dark River Red Colored Vinyl): The 1LP version contains the original 9 tracks from the original 1991 vinyl version, limited to 2,000 copies.
LP (Black Vinyl): Same as above but in an unlimited version.

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