Loveliescrushing: Xuvetyn (Black Vinyl 2LP)


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A1 Valerian (her voice honeyed)
A2 aquan 1
A3 Mandragora louvareen
A4 staticburst
A5 Xarella almandyne
A6 milkysoft
B1 Blooded and blossom-brown
B2 hum vibralux
B3 Virgin blue-eyed*
B4 seesaw
B5 Flavored smother
B6 monar
C1 Silver (fairy threaded)
C2 luma (web-like and crescent)
C3 Golden-handed
D1 Bones of angels
D2 a. Bronze lit feathers
D3 b. Her tongue pulled out
D4 Ghosts that swirl
D5 Mother of pearl

“A beautiful wrestling of ethereal noise, Lovesliescrushing emerged in the early 90s as America’s answer to Britain’s My Bloody Valentine and the nascent shoegazer scene. LLC’s first two Projekt releases of captivating low-fi sonic atmospheres invoked a tangled palette of noisy guitar textures, frenzied distortion and longing ethereal vocals. From milky softness to a blasting metallic roar, instrumentalist Scott Cortez took the shoegaze genre to it’s furthest regions, far removed from song-structured pop. On these two albums, Lovesliescrushing originated a sound still reckoned with today”.

– Taken from the 1996 CD description

• Limited edition 2LP on black vinyl.
• Self-released by the band.

Projekt Records CD available in Jewel Box with thick booklet

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