Aurelio Voltaire: What are the Oddz? (CD)


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1) Come Sweet Death (Official Album Version)
2) MySpace Me
3) Girlfriend (Official Album Version)
4) Medicated Girl’s Brigade (Official Album Version)
5) Sellout (Official Album Version)
6) She’s Glowing
7) One Semester Lesbian
8) So, You’re Offended
9) When the Lambs Became the Wolves
10) Firestorms of Venus (Official Album Version)
11) Brand New Time

“What are the Oddz?” is largely comprised of the songs Aurelio Voltaire wrote with his 2005 “New wave” side project, The Oddz. He was very far along recording an Oddz album in 2005 but had to ultimately (and sadly) abandon the project to fulfill other responsibilities at the time, such as the recording of Ooky Spooky. He’s gotten back to the album recently, a lot of the tracks were recorded with original members, while some portion of the album has been recorded more recently.

Check out an early version of the track “Girlfriend” on YouTube:

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