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1. Hélène Vogelsinger – Incantation 06:27
2. Raffael Seyfried – Iterations 06:06
3. Stephan Whitlan – Waving and Drowning 06:46
4. Johnny Woods – Cuckoo 06:41
5. Polypores – Clocks, Unravelling 06:44
6. Lisa Bella Donna – Electronic Study #26 08:51
7. Matths – Delusion 06:29
8. Chuck van Zyl – The Zanti Misfits 07:02
9. Philippe Petit – Delicate Elementum 06:39

Tone Science sub-label, from DiN records, continues to explore the world of modular synth music.

Following the success and critical acclaim of the first four Tone Science compilation albums, DiN label boss Ian Boddy has collated another nine tracks from musicians of varying backgrounds working in the realms of modular synthesis.

One of the things that is so delightful about artists working with modular synthesizers is the sheer variety of styles on show. These instruments more than any other can be personalized for each musician who can then express themselves within their own sonic world.

The journey on this fifth volume gets under way with the gentle, layered tapestry of “Incantation” by Hélène Vogelsinger followed by the beautiful, glitched piano treatments of “Iterations” from Raffael Seyfried. These two opening tracks compliment each other with their melodic soothing tones before entering deep space territory with the cosmic soundscape of the track “Waving And Drowning” from Stephan Whitlan.

The next two pieces very much put the modular synth in the foreground with their sound and technique. “Cuckoo” by Johnny Woods is a hypnotic, cyclical track featuring his Wiard 300 series modular system. This is followed by “Clocks, Unraveling” by Polypores which shows an astonishing command of the modular environment with its ever evolving rhythmic acrobatics.

Lisa Bella Donna then takes us back into deep space with the beautifully authentic vintage synth soundscape “Electronic Study #26” featuring her venerable ARP 2600. The next two tracks re-establish the rhythmic side of modular with firstly Matths playfully combining the techno and ambient genres in the wonderful “Delusion”. This is followed by Chuck van Zyl who goes all out with his Berlin School piece “The Zanti Misfits”. The album then comes to a rest and closes out with the static dronescape of “Delicate Elementum” by Philippe Petit with the pure sound of Buchla synthesizers.

“Tone Science Module No.5 Integers and Quotients” continues the journey down the rabbit hole of possibilities and sound worlds inhabited by artists and musicians working in this ever fascinating and varied musical field.

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