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1 NIGHT 1 – April 15 2014 – 73:30
2 NIGHT 2 – October 8 2014 – 70:04
3 NIGHT 3 – April 4 2015 – 73:30
4 NIGHT 4 – September 28 2015 – 73:40


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Limited edition, signed & numbered repress of 250 copies.

Bloodmoon Rising: The Complete 5-Hour Collection is a tour-de-force of deep-ambient noir. These long-form ultra deep sound immersion zones were created for the four consecutive Blood Moon lunar eclipses which started in April of 2014, and will complete on September 28 2015. This collection holds the four 70-minute Bloodmoon Rising pieces, and is presented in a beautiful, 4-disc limited edition (1000) ecoWallet. All pieces have been carefully mastered for this CD release by Howard Givens of Spotted Peccary Studios.

Disc 1: The first “Bloodmoon Rising” piece that started the project. Previously unreleased, recorded in April 2014 for the first eclipse, and further enhanced during the summer of 2015.

Disc 2: The October 14 2014 piece. Originally released as a Bandcamp exclusive.

Disc 3: The April 4 2015 piece. Originally released as a Bandcamp exclusive.

Disc 4: The final piece for the September 28, 2015 Blood Moon eclipse. Previously unreleased. Created Summer 2015.

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  1. Richard Gurtler

    From Richard Gurtler

    The whole odyssey started Steve Roach quite clandestinely back in the April of 2014, when recording a long-form piece for the first eclipse at April 15th. Then followed another three compositions with, in the meantime announced, 4CD release, wrapping the final eclipse at September 28th, 2015, when four lunar eclipses in a row, visible to sky watchers across the North America, were completed. So after highly celebrated 30th anniversary 3CD remastered edition Structures From Silence (released during April 2014), all fellow travelers and connoisseurs of more droning, splendorously oracular soundcarving were eagerly awaiting another colossal journey by this genius sound architect. Over the course of officially announced three Bloodmoon Rising parts, we have been experiencing extraordinarily enrapturing compositions, meticulously portraying these latest lunar phenomenons. So no wonder, as a huge aficionado of physical releases, I couldn’t wait to hold Bloodmoon Rising 4CD in my hands. This long awaited beauty was released through Steve’s Timeroom Editions at September 12th, 2015 in limited edition of 1000 copies. So all those happy journeyers and spectators could fully experience the final eclipse of the lunar tetrad. Each 8-panel eco wallet is signed and hand-numbered. Additional credits are given to Sam Rosenthal for design and to Spotted Peccary’s Howard Givens for mastering.

    April 15th, 2014 marks the first eclipse and “Night 1” clocks to 73 and half minutes. This composition was recorded during April 2014, then enhanced during the summer of 2015, yet still kept in secret for a very long time, actually until the official release of the complete 5-hour collection. Steve Roach straightly dives with his soundcarving into the deepest ends of celestial emptiness, where he masterfully layers ultra deep flatlined drones with cyclically emerging enigmas and transcendentally sinuous ear-tickling reverberations. After phenomenally nebulous spectacle entitled “Invisible”, here comes another intriguingly mindscaping listening and scientifically magnificent sky-viewing experience. This immensely infinite dronescaping scenario is utterly powerful and eternally enrapturing. Cyber-tech insignias continuously permeate across grandiosely magmatic flow and relentlessly commingle with warmer helixes and ambiguously flavored nuances. A top-notch amalgamate exhibiting ethereally light and unfathomably dark audible insignias in absolute equilibrium. And no matter, if giving a serious workout to your speaker system or voyaging with your headphones on. A quite jaw-dropping transmutation follows after about 52 minutes, when the composition shifts from endless spaciousness into more earthy, heartwarmingly inviting panoramic realms, yet again profoundly enveloping the listener with intensely sweeping quintessences, holding undisputable signatures of the soulful oases known as The Timeroom and The Timehouse. A sonic ambrosia!!!

    70-minute “Night 2” from October 8th, 2014, was the first officially presented Bloodmoon Rising recording available as digital download, later remastered for the complete 4CD collection. Continuously cascading dronescape, where intensely peaking drone walls persistently alternate with tranquilly diminuendoing humming sheets, exquisitely pervaded by glimpses of ever embracing silence. Capturing all the magical essences of deep nocturnal immersion and subsequent reactions of kindred journeyers (and there was a tremendous amount of them) led to the final decision of Steve Roach to continue to reveal the lunar tetrad through his virtuosic sonic canvas. Billowy drones, efficiently coalesced with hauntingly dissonant subtleties, are breathlessly gargantuan and tenaciously dense, yet always dissolving on the blankets of ephemeral quietudes. Atmospheric grace at its most monumental, this must be no one else but Steve Roach!!! And undeniably a triggering point for releasing Bloodmoon Rising tetralogy on a CD format, so we all must be really thankful for such sonic gift!!!

    “Night 3” from the April 4th, 2015, was released on Bandcamp April 2nd, on the CD available in a newly remastered version, which clocks to the same length as “Night 1”. On this long-form piece Steve Roach delves into the deepest ends of his perplexingly-driven droneforging. Mega desolate drone hums insistently oscillate, intermingle with evanescent cybernetic fragments and paint thrillingly solitary sceneries during the first 20 minutes. Then warmer imageries surreptitiously sneak in and guide the composition through relatively earthier terrains, emphasized by abundantly expansive undulations constantly bridged with transiently climaxing ear-piercing resonations. Voluminously enthralling soundscape awaits here!!! All those fascinating metamorphoses are intriguingly clandestine and continuously exhibit intangible symmetry between abysmally tenebrous dronescapes and balmily introspective vistas. The listener is endlessly immersed by sheer atmospheric beauty of monumental blankets merged with magnifying movements. Majestically magmatic flow at its most infinite, graceful and spellbinding!!!

    To nearly 74 minutes clocking “Night 4” continues voyaging through ultra gargantuan space depths with its monstrously nebulous and mind-blowingly helixing drones. The woofer certainly gets here another overtime!!! The 20th minute seems to be again a crucially transmutable, when shifting from breathtakingly immersing void into blossoming, primordial-driven pageant. Rumbling artifacts with organic dissonances are constantly guarded by intensely drifting, nuancing and climaxing unfathomable layers, before quietly dissolving into the enveloping stillness towards the 26th minute. Utterly enrapturing transition from deeply profound terrains into breathtakingly expansive desert insignias, meticulously evoking the stunning desert surroundings and precisely interacting with the magic of the fourth and final lunar eclipse. A true sonic and visual Eden keeps on unfolding throughout the following 24 minutes. A gracefully undulating medley with a colossally orchestral warmness, where awe-inspiring aural energies coexist in eternal equilibrium with incredibly expansive quietudes. The closing 23 minutes inconspicuously sneak into more serene, ethereal trajectories, although still gliding and meandering towards the pinnacling nocturnal stillness, exquisitely rewarding!!! “Night 4” undoubtedly shows Steve Roach at the very top of his intriguingly enigmatic long-form soundcarving, obviously an epic grand finale!!!

    During 2014 and 2015, when crafting Bloodmoon Rising, Steve Roach has explored many fascinatingly enveloping territories and shared his immeasurable passion with his dedicated audience across the globe. The end of 2015 has culminated into another amazing batch of soundworlds, which immediately need to be examined and experienced. Thank you so much, Maestro, and all the best for 2016, may this new year be as much fruitful for you!!! This might be the message from all of us, who are deeply focused with an ear to the ground. With Bloodmoon Rising, connect deeply to the genius’ artistic visions and amalgamate them with your own skywatching experiences of this spectacular celestial event. Reawake your memories, as the next lunar tetrad won’t happen before 2032-2033. I do it quite often, even with some tasteful IPA, because Bloodmoon Rising 4CD was shipped with additional Bloodmoon Rising printed coaster!!! Cheers!!!

    Richard Gürtler (Jan 01, 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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