Steve Roach: Fever Dreams III (Digital)

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    Disk One
  1. Electro Erotic | MP3 Excerpt
  2. MetaSense
  3. Polyopsia | MP3 Excerpt
  4. Pulse Current
  5. Pulse Impulse | MP3 Excerpt
  6. Borderland | MP3 Excerpt
  7. Moonshroud | MP3 Excerpt
  8. Phantom Fever Rising
    Disk Two
  1. Melted Mantra

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Psychoactive music for the body, mind and soul, this conclusion to the Fever Dreams series expresses a craving to dwell within the places inbetween… at the borderland of undefined perceptions and amber colored emotions. Starting two years ago and then evolving simultaneously with the immersion : three project this episode of the Fever evolved into a double CD. The languid, sensual and hypnotic aspects of the first two Editions of the Fever Dreams series are distilled to a frothy surreal brew. The interplay between a rhythmic Möbius strip-like sensation fused with organic atmospheres and soundworlds offers up a fascinating sense of emotional, psychological, and physical space nearly impossible to define.

This conclusion resolves with disk two: “Melted Mantra,” a 73 minute groove-soundworld mantra that give full resonation to the words hypnotic and mesmerizing.

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