Steve Roach: Places Beyond : The Lost Pieces 4 (Digital)

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  1. Distant Signals
  2. Trancefusion
  3. Serpent’s Birth
  4. Resolution Point
  5. Calm before the Storm
  6. Slow Rapture
  7. Contained…Sustained
  8. Light of Day

“With this 4th edition of the Lost Pieces series at hand, it’s clear more than ever that these unique releases seem to have a curious way of taking on an interconnected life of their own. An undercurrent of congruency between the pieces is consistently apparent in these projects and in this release, even though the pieces were created over a longer span of time and under unique and seemingly disparate situations. As a starting point, I will draw from a large pool of unreleased and lost tracks. It’s like shuffling through a large box of puzzle pieces looking for the shapes and colors from which to begin telling a particular story that I’m discovering along the way. It’s very much a mosaic, formed out of the richness that each piece or soundworld passage holds on its own. From there the combined resonance of the pieces starts to take over and fully reveals itself as a whole. Making the outcome more than simply a collection of pieces, this kind of process results in a structure, theme, and sonic storyline that could not be arrived at through other routes traveled on a tighter timeframe with specific intentions.” – Steve Roach, November 2004

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