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SIDE A – The Early Days
A1. The Early Days 0:37
A2. Daytia 3:17
A3. Aperlae 11:19
A4. Dolphins 2:47
SIDE B – The Town of Five Rings
B1. Agharti 6:30
B2. Fountains 5:19
B3. Mu-land 2:37
B4. Oduarpa 7:04
SIDE C – Departure
C1. Lost Atlantis 5:26
C2. The Land Of Sand Of Gold Of Ruin 4:34
C3. Departure 1:18
C4. To Be Without Being 5:54 (Bonus Track)
SIDE D – A Calliope
D1. Arcana Eco 5:05 (Bonus Track)
D2. A Calliope 5:58 (Bonus Track)

After the release of “Suenos” οn LP, it’s time for another masterpiece of Ataraxia to be released on vinyl. “Lost Atlantis” is an amalgam of sounds and images, a mystical descent into an “aquatic” world, a poetic rendering of reality and fiction. It has been 22 years since the album was released and it still seems so timely and at the same time lost somewhere in the distant past, without anyone can determine its temporality. After all, imagination and dreams extend to infinity.

Fragile whispers, dreamy recitations and the personal music stamp of Ataraxia, haunt the listener and make him the companion in this beautiful fairytale.

Indulge in the appetites and experienced hands of Ataraxia, turn down the lights and travel…

This vinyl release is currently available in three colors:
– Black vinyl limited to 100 copies
– White vinyl limited to 200 copies
– Aqua Blue vinyl limited to 200 copies

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