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1 Glow of Light 9:31
2 Visions of Delphi 10:55
3 Stillwind Ways 14:50
4 Somna 6:49
5 In Another Time 12:21
6 Spaces in Between 6:33
7 Heaven and Earth 10:24

This third collaboration from Steve and Serena was drawn from the desire to create sound and music for the divinatory experience. To support this intention, divination, the practice of seeking knowledge of the unknown by various natural, psychological and other techniques, was actively engaged in the birthing of the music.

In the process of creating the Temple of the Melting Dawn, a bridge and unique access point to a powerfully lucid and creative space was discovered. Through this experience, this enchanting set of seven sonic offerings manifested.

The divinatory tools for this project, musical instruments of ancient and modern origin, seamlessly blend to invite the listener into a time suspended place where connection to a deep sense of one’s inner wisdom is enhanced. The sound of the lyre, flute, kalimba, harmonium and stone metate magically merge with a gathering of synthesizers and inventive recording techniques. The result of this sonic alchemy reveals an ever changing unfoldment of perception upon each listen.

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  1. padmin

    From Exposé

    This one is somewhat different from most of what emerges from Steve Roach’s studio, and that’s most likely due to the involvement of Serena Gabriel. The seven compositions herein were created by both, Roach’s input being the elements created from analog, digital and Eurorack modular synths, Gabriel’s contributions being primarily various acoustic instruments, though often heavily processed and looped beyond recognition. Both of their sounds folded and blended together into a deep and spiritual alchemy that opens portals to new sonic paths that the listener will find as they travel along its immersive corridor.

    Each of the seven pieces stands alone, with a clear separation between them, distinctively different from Roach’s 74-minute long-form epics; these range anywhere from seven to fifteen minutes and only exist long enough to make their statement and then fade away into obscurity, often evoking different emotions and responses with each piece, sometimes changing along the way in a single piece. “In Another Time” presents a dreamy fogscape with the recurring distant sound of a bell, though it may well be something else processed into a new sound altogether; the effect the piece produces is soothing and beautiful, and at certain points some whispering voices can be heard under the swirling cauldron of ever-present sound loops. Stretching far into the distance in every direction, “Somna” is just seven minutes, a piece for sleep, prayer, or spiritual awakening, with deep overlapping synth loops and very distant subtle flutes caressing the soul. Opener “Glow of Light” shimmers and swirls with colors as the gentle and heavily processed sound of the kalimba pushes the piece along its trajectory, with harmonium adding some beautiful overtones. The soft shimmering labyrinth that is “Visions of Delphi” is blessed with the sound of the lyre, adding elements of melodic color and depth as the piece unfolds. While Temple of the Melting Dawn is dreamy and completely immersive, it remains interesting enough to hold the listener’s attention throughout. -Peter Thelen

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