Robert Rich: Travelers’ Cloth (CD)


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1. Writing on Water 6:45
2. Loom of Origins 7:20
3. Feathers on a Barefoot Path 8:37
4. What Is Home? 7:19
5. High Mountain Shelter 9:47
6. Shadow Mist Beneath 3:56
7. Memory Like Blowing Sand 6:41
8. Gaps in the Roof Show Sky 7:20
9. Footprints Fade in the Rain 6:54

Inspired by David Hinton’s translations of T’ang dynasty Chinese poet Tu Fu, whose writing conveyed fundamental Taoist insights during a time of rebellion and chaos. Tu Fu was forced to wander for most of his life, in ill health and poverty, unable to return to his ancestral home. “Travelers’ Cloth” refers to the fabric of vibrating creation that surrounds us, the fabric of life that sustains us, the fragility of comfort and stability. This album explores a question, What is Home?

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