Robert Rich & Luca Formentini: For Sundays When It Rains (CD)


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1 First Day 3:43
2 For Sundays When It Rains 4:38
3 Passacaglia 4:15
4 Motes Float in Window Light 7:05
5 Rune 4:16
6 Second Day 4:14
7 Finding Lights 6:14
8 Book Without Pages 3:00
9 Initiation 4:20
10 Murmurs 3:17
11 Clouds Into Drops 4:37
12 Memento 7:28

In an empty room, beams of sunlight peak through gaps. Small motes of dust shimmer calmly as they float, meaningless specs hovering in the dance of energy that permeates our vivid world.

We find common ground in the oscillating fields of connection and creation, between ourselves and our perceived realities, and our desire to invent an idealized world from those perceptions.

We pare down our musical language to its simple essence to allow a listener to enter between the cracks, to participate in the subjective theater of an ancient alliance between sound and imagination.

We began this album during three intense days at Robert’s new home in Carmel, CA, and we finished during the following months in our respective studios near Lake Garda, Italy and near the California coast.

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